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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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i'm too tired to do a fancy post about recinerated #3 (new job! started today! exciting two hours of daily commuting!!), so i'm linking all the pertinent details, photos, etc. here, ok?

Our first issue of the zine is complete. Get it for free or trade. Just send us a message.

or email vacantmindszine@gmail.com

Vacant Minds is a mix of text, doodles, ramblings and art.

It's 16 pages, black and white, A5 size.

Hey! I finally got around to putting List 15 and Everydaypants #2 on-line for sale. I mean, right here.

List 15 is $4.
This issue is about moving to a new city to try to move on from a past relationship and to try to find a place that feels like home. It's about new figuring myself out, saying goodbye to the past, and opening new chapters. Some list samples are: big plans, things i miss/don't miss about chicago, being a confident introvert, adventures in dating, all the things that have happened since list 14, traits i admire in other people, how i ended up in a relationship, the things i think are most important, places i've been and what i remember about them, and many more!

(see sample pages here)

Everydaypants #2 is $3. 
I drew all of these comics throughout the year 2011, for various things, and wanted to see them all in one place and in print! This includes a selection of pages from a 115 page, long-term comic series I've been working on about my first year in Philadelphia (to be printed at the end of 2012). 
Everydaypants #2 is filled with short comics about music, diy, nannying, and moving to a new city. 
This is 24 pages, black and white, and saddle stitched!

(see sample pages here)

If you wanna order one, you can paypal monies to everydaypants@gmail.com or send me an email (everydaypants@gmail.com) if you want to order through the mail, and I'll give you my address. 

It's also for sale on my etsy, but if you wanna just buy through me directly it saves me dumb etsy fees and I won't charge for shipping. How about that?

If you prefer etsy, however, my etsy shop is at http://everydaypants.etsy.com

Got my package today (thanks!) Taking it with me on vacation for a few weeks.

Rae Logios said:

i'm too tired to do a fancy post about recinerated #3 (new job! started today! exciting two hours of daily commuting!!), so i'm linking all the pertinent details, photos, etc. here, ok?

Copies of the Young Blood Zine are available for sale! All proceeds support the independent film "Young Blood", currently in production.
12 pages- $1 US/ $2 WORLD
Myron Smith
PO Box 354
Ridgeway, VA 24148.
Here's a link to the unofficial trailer:
Here's a link to the official website:www.youngbloodmovie.com
Here's a link to our facebook: www.facebook.com/YoungBloodMovie
Help support independent press and cinema!

My newest zine is out now! The Stay At Home Girlfriend is a bit personal: I talk about the misconception that if your vegan you are skinny, my fear of driving and some daily mantras of positivity! Then there is some home stuff like vegan-gluten free recipes that anyone can make, cat care (allergy/rashes info), crafty stuff and more!

Please order your copy now! Each copy is hand colored with random sticker surprises throughout!ETSY or email me me at missmuffcake@aol.com for trades!

Days 1 through 30 in a new post-apocalyptic survival epic that will be stretching for years!


Amane is one of the last people standing and she has no idea why. Everyone has either fallen off the face of the Earth or they're shambling around as flesh eating ghouls. Margin Walker follows Amane as she daily grapples and adapts with the new world she has been thrown into. Each issue covers a 30 day cycle - prepare for a new kind of survival epic! - Rice Paper Cover, 72 pages



Available now!!!

Stranger Two Stranger Volume 3

The third volume of my mini comic comprised of illustrations and stories of real Craigslist missed connections from the cities of Detroit, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

You can purchase it here.

Also all orders will receive a special bonus gift!

If you enjoy reading tales of people's real life missed connections, or think they are funny, sweet, or downright strange, I think you would enjoy this comic.


Read reviews for Volume 2 at the optical sloth and poopsheet foundation


Read reviews for Volume 1 at the optical sloth, sdd zine and poopsheet foundation


The fifth issue of Printaissance, Five by Five, has been scripted, snipp'd, and pasted together. A fun and fairly personal issue of the zine is full of original poetry and personal insights into my life. The tales and themes of the sections have all come from fives! You will have to arrange a trade and get your hands on Five by Five to find out exactly what the hell that even means.

Issue 5 (37 half pages / available for trade)

Sandy is enjoying the newest issue...you could be too if you wanna trade!! ;)

A compilation zine about loving your body.
Spring 2012
$1.50/20 pages/Half size
by Sage & contributors

Issue #2 of FAT-TASTIC! includes submissions regarding body image, being fat & healthy, a thank you letter to Beth Ditto; plus a lengthy interview with yoga instructor, writer & Curvy Yoga founder, Anna Guest-Jelley. Photo submissions: “can you hear my cries”, genders speak out," and “going underground.”

From the interview, Yoga For Every Body: My mom took me to my first Weight Watchers meeting when I was 11. So for me to be in my body – to just feel good and not self-conscious or self-loathing – well, that was monumental. It was from that moment that I got hooked on yoga.

Issues #1 & #2 of FAT-TASTIC! can be purchased at my Etsy shop or at my zine distro, Sweet Candy!

The third volume of my mini comic Stranger Two Stranger was recently reviewed by the Optical Sloth. Here is a snippet:

For those of you who haven’t been reading this series, a quick recap: R. Hendricks finds some of the more ridiculous/heartbreaking/bizarre Craigslist ads about missed connections and illustrates them. His illustrations generally elevate these ads into another art form entirely, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with his efforts so far.

Read the whole review and pick up a copy today!


A6, 34p w/ color cover. français : nice, culture DIY & un noël de punk / english : bad luck french tour x2, up the scholar punx & berlin. prix libre en personne, 2€PPD ou échange/trade.

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