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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Syndicate Product 19: DETRITUS (Fragments and Scraps)
1/4-letter size / 32 pages / Cardstock covers with coffee-stained tag / $3 (US)

Order it here.

A collection of pieces that have been published in other places, rejected, or just never got out of draft stage, sprinkled with transcribed notebook scribbles. A true perzine, in that all the content is by me, as opposed to the compilation zines that I usually publish.

There are four types of content in this collection:

+ Reprints: Pieces that have appeared in other zines.

+ Fragments: Items written for other zines, but either not published or never submitted, along with notes, ideas, and scribbles from many notebooks.

+ Originals: Essays written for intended theme of Issue 19.

+ Snapshots: Silly little pictures snapped over the years.

Looks really interesting; hope I'm on on your mailing list.

Some friends and I created a compzine called FREE.

The first Issue of free can be found in Print at Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia, or

readable online on it's face book page @ FREE, the free zine.

Either way it won't cost you a thing.

All Things Ordinary #5, "my 10 month vacation in Buffalo", is a 28 page half size (5.5" x 8.5") personal zine about what I did throughout the 10 months I lived in Buffalo. The zine chronicles my adventures from May 2010-February 2011, leading up to my move back to Portland, OR. Highlights include:

"Why I was interviewed on FoxNews.com"

"Thou/Wolves in the Throne Room show in the woods of Vermont"

The Fest 10, working at Fun Fun Fun Fest, being on tour with Lemuria, seeing Despise You, and much more!

It's available this weekend at Chicago Zine Fest, or you can pre-order it here: http://bitpartbuttons.storenvy.com/products/284369-pre-order-all-th...

Hello hello; 'Larry' issue five is A5, 32 pages long, and photocopied in black and white. As always, each copy is hand-tied, numbered, and has a little window cut out of the cartridge paper cover. It's an illustrated perzine, and there are more piccies of it on my profile. I'd love to trade, so feel free to drop me a message if you'd like to :)

A new issue of Miss Sequential! This issue is called Miss Sequential's Sketchbook, and is a collection of comics and drawings on no particular theme, except maybe the theme of I Drew Them All. The comics are a combination of real happenings, things that happened in dreams, and things I imagined, which is kind of fun. It's 28 pages of good stuff that you will enjoy, and you can get a copy from my Etsy shop here:


Hi, I finally did an english version of my mini-zine woodchuck #1 from last summer (issue #2 is in the making).I like to call it "outdoor zine", because I usually spread it in the streets, parks and woods of my hometown, hiding it in hollow trees, under rocks and park benches(I check from time to time and "restock" if necessary).

It's about music (Kylesa, Les Savy Fav, Blue Note/Swing Kids,...), how not getting completly consumed and fucked up by your jobs and the mysteriously revolutionary organisation called The Red Squirrel Friends (and how you become a member...), which is also the official organ of that secret organisation;)

If you you are interested and like to swap, just put a note in my inbox!

'Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational European Women' Issue #3

Shape & Situate is a zine of posters made by artists and DIY creative folk from within Europe, each poster highlighting the (often hidden) history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe, as a way of connecting us with the past and the present through a dynamic cultural (re-)articulation of these women’s lives.

The zine aims to activate feminist cultural memory, to inspire in the present, and to visually bring women’s social and political history to life and into view.

See links on the right hand side of my blog for where issues can be found/ordered: http://remember-who-u-are.blogspot.com

Also available via etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/COTL?ref=si_shop

Featuring posters of: Grace Darling, Margaret McMillan, Lucy Whitman, Gloria Fuertes, Zorras, Anneke Van Baalen, Elizabeth Fry, Annie Londonderry, Tove Jansson, Artemisia Gentileschi, The Raincoats, Ada Lovelace, Tessa Boffin, Hedy Lamarr, Jane Drew, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, Monique Wittig, Madge Gill, Catherine Of Aragon, Bryant & May Matchwomen, Amy Johnson, Marie Duval, Beryl Cook, Virginia Woolf, Beverley Skeggs.

Contributing artists: Dimitri Antorka-Pieri (aka jimi gherkin), Amy Wright, Rachael House, Zoraida de Torres Burgos, Marylou Anderson, Nina Nijsten, James Clayton , A-K Pirata, Gladys Badhands, Jen Chung, Matthew Evans, Claira Turvey, Red and Nu, Chella Quint, Jo Harrison, Soya Le Gato, Julia Downes, Seleena Laverne Daye, Verity Hall, Bill Savage, John Bishop, Benjamin L. Cooney, Kathryn Taylor, Leah Mathos, Charlotte Cooper.

(2012) A5 size zine. 34 pages (25 posters)
Black and white illustrations throughout.

SMOG CITY #3 is now available for purchase or fair trade. 40 pages of purple pulplit and offbeat humor.

You can buy it directly from my blog at http://eddiemulnix.blogspot.com/


Send $5 concealed cash, or your own publication, to:


PO BOX 29753


Do NOT address your mail to "Smog City" as it will be returned by the P.O. Thanks.

Released at the 2012 Chicago Zine Fest

A split zine with Brainscan #29 and no More Coffee #4

Brainscan #29 - Ben Spies (no more coffee zine) threw out the challenge of fiction to my land of perzines and this is the grim result. These three short stories are my stab at fiction wrapped in the usual high contrast cut and paste layout you would expect in and issue of Brainscan. One story is about leaving a hometown for greener pastures only to make a stop half way there to visit an old friend and includes thoughts and reflections about the past. The second story is about a weird housemate and his strange perception of the world through Woody Allen tinted glasses and odd notions about art. The third story is about weighing the value of our short lives against the rock wall embankment of a cemetery. I admit that the voice is similar to mine and the subject matter doesn't stray too far from what you would expect to find in an issue of Brainscan, but it was a really fun experiment and I'm glad that Ben talked me into doing this split.

No More Coffee is a zine of fiction for people who stay up too late. Stories like these are how I get the black bile out of my system, so to speak. Alex and I agreed to do a fiction split not knowing how morose it would end up, but we're on similar wavelengths, I guess. I'm still writing fiction because I love it and because I'm too scared to write about my own life, but even if these stories never happened, the people in them did. "Photographs of the Dead" is about what the residents of a suburban apartment complex doesn't know about their neighbors. "Exit 121" is about an impetuous woman living at a truck stop. The untitled story is about Sunday breakfast at a diner.

44 pages, half sized, 2 color risograph printed card stock covers

Available in my Etsy Shop here

or for $3 US ($4US rest of the world) put into an envelope and sent to:

Alex Wrekk

5307 N Minnesota Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97217

New issue of Baby Brain. I've been gone for far too long. This issue has taken longer than it should. But here it is!

28 pages
1/4 size
If you're interested please Email me at: Myles.word2@hotmail.com
I accept well concealed cash or trade of any kind.
I can print your cover on colored paper if you'd like, just let me know what color in your Email. :)

Myles Leon 

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - The Frightening Church


A little book of my dreams, hallucinations and thoughts expressed through drawings, words, photography and collage. Alien like creatures, spinal columns, wires connecting the layers of worlds, the darkness who watches all and many more images splatted onto the pages. A5 sized, black and white photocopied 20 page zine

Zine: £2

Postage to uk: £1.00

Europe: £1.50

World: £2.00

To order the zine contact me at: hissingframes@gmail.com

To view more images of the zine and other zines visit: http://hissingframes.blogspot.co.uk/



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