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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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yf 18 1

I've got a new zine out. It's got:

* 80s video machines
* Giant list of small pleasures
* Really delicious lasagne recipe

yf 18 2

yf 18 3

It's available in my Etsy shop, along with multi-packs and back issues

I've also re-done my website with information about my zines. I've still got some left to scan, but all the text information is there.

It's taken me a while, but I've just finished issue 4 of Journeyman. It's different to previous editions in that I've published in via Lulu - this is because I wanted to reproduce a lot of colour in it and it's the best method available to me. It's a toy camera special - it consists of over 30 images from 4 different toy cameras in both colour and black and white. The cameras are illustrated and reviewed, and there's some resources and info for budding toy camera users. I hope you like it.

It's available here - enjoy!

Hot off the press: it's TOASTYCATS 6. Look here for more info and to order a copy.

I've finally got some freshly pressed copies of my new 'zine Notes and Bolts. While I know this won't be most everyone's thing, I know there are a few of you who may enjoy it. $5 ppd gets it to yr mailbox by the end of the coming week!

Here's the synopsis being used to sell the thing:"Notes and Bolts is a small press publication devoted to exploring the disparate avenues where art, music and food co-exist in varying ways. Issue 1 features 60 pages of content ruminating on the Futurist Manifesto of Cooking, wonderings on the obsessive nature of record collectors, the bad reputation of okra, the early 90's period of indie godparents Sonic Youth as well as an interview with synth horror musician Umberto, an essay by Jonni Greth on the best bad album in his collection with an intro by 'zine celebrity Jetta Vegas (there's other stuff too - you'll have to get a copy to find out what)!"

Photos of the cover as well as a small bit of the content can be found in my photos section.

If you'd like, you can purchase a copy or three via http://notesandbolts.storenvy.com/ :)

I was wondering what FM is about; what's inside?

We'll Never Have Paris said:

I just made my first cut-n-paste perzine, now at age 40, 5 years after starting the computer printed and print shop collated run We'll Never Have Paris.

It is called FEWER MANNEQUINS vol 1.  I am excited to have joined the zine world in a whole new way.

It is for sale for only $2, or trade.

email: neverhaveparis@gmail.com   I can't have another email address in my life, so this will have to do.  Vol 2 is ready to go in a new months.  God, why did I wait this long to do this?

Issue # 2 of my zine, Chainsaw Vertebra, is now on sale!!! It is 20 pages in length and contains drawings, collages, poems, short-stories etc. It's black n' white A5 size. 

It is $2.00 with FREE US Shipping.



Ebay: Seller Name: AndressArts

Or Paypal to SeanAndress@yahoo.com

Here's some previews. Thanks for looking.

King-Cat Comics #72 is available now!  Featuring heartbreak, lonely skies, woodchucks, bats, cats, dreams, and radioactive squirrels; Top 40, more. 32 digest pages.

USA: $4 check/cash/mo; $4.28 via paypal
CANADA: $5 USD via paypal
EVERYWHERE ELSE: $6.50 USD via paypal

*Illinois residents, please add an additional 7.25% sales tax.



John Porcellino

PO Box 142

South Beloit, IL  61080


Or PAYPAL to: kingcat_paypal AT hotmail DOT com


Thanks everyone!  Cover image/more info at www.king-cat.net

OBSOLETE! #5 is Out!

This issue is our biggest yet, with more essays, fiction, poetry and artwork than ever before. It includes work by Bob Pfeifer, Spike Vrusho, Diana “The Doc” Thomas, City of Strangers, Cheryl Ammeter, Lenny Zenith, Michael X. Rose,Karim Hetherington, Chuck Miller, Chris Schipper and Walter Sun Chien, and more.

OBSOLETE! Magazine is a quarterly tabloid publication in the tradition of the International Times, OZ, The East Village Other, The Berkely Barb, The Chicago Seed, The Whole Earth Catalog, PUNK! and the other great underground rags of days past....
OBSOLETE! is distributed FREE OF CHARGE, thanks to donations of readers, friends and fans. You can get it mailed to your door for a small charge to cover shipping, OR, request a free bundle to distribute to your area bookshops, music stores, coffee shops and other independently-owned businesses. Help us keep the underground press alive!

4 years in the making, my first ever zine is now a reality! Its a collection of things I've been writing with the intent of publishing a zine, and subsequently a collection of the past few years of my life. Stories, pictures, poems, and lists galore! $2 to jilliancottage@gmail.com will have it sent off your way in no time, though I certainly prefer trades.

Hello Zine types,

Issue 1 of Now In Lemon is out, illustration, art, drawing and a bit of writing. Please check it out, take a look, cheers.


Check out the brand new issue of Fanzine Pez, with loads of zine reviews and interviews !

(in Spanish only, sorry)


First issue of Craigslist Missed Connections available now! For purchase or trade.

See profile for more details. :)



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