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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Hey zinesters, we just released a new issue of MONGREL ZINE. You can buy it at http://www.freewebstore.org/mongrelzine or check our website at http://www.mongrelzine.ca.


Here's the blurb:



Six months have breezed by since we released our last issue and we’re back with a new flipzine! Cartoonist Colin Upton gives us an in-depth history of underground comics over tea at his East Van apartment, Piero Ilov from Jack of Heart (France), considered the “chaos element” in Hell Shovel, thinks we’re crass, electronic artist with a new LP out on Goner Records Mr. Quintron gets paper thrown at him by little shits while working as a living exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Strange Attractor ponders the mystery of The Gruesomes’ wigs, Human Eye’s Johnny LZR waxes poetic on composers and astrophysics, and from Vancouver The Jolts and The Spreads, from Montreal Primitive Hands, Cherie French, and Shortpants Romance, The Shrapnelles from Calgary, retrospectives on ’60s garage band The Reekers & The Hangmen and ’70s punk band The Zellots, plus columns, reviews, and a SXSW Journal!


Included: Mongrel Zine No. 10 CD Comp with 25 mostly unreleased tracks from Indian Wars, Yung Mums, The Spreads, Strange Attractor, plus Quintron, The Reekers, Jack of Heart, Hell Shovel, LZR/LZR, Skip Jensen, and more! Click here for tracklist.


(102 pages, 6″ x 7.5″) CLICK TO BUY


We are Paper Monster Press, a literary art folio/zine based in the Philippines.

For our third (and sexiest) release, we aimed to recreate, redefine, and record the lazy, sexy, cool ambiance of trip hop and jazz.
The end-product is 24 pages of literary and visual art works reproduced through the classic method of Xeroxography. This is also the first release of Paper Monster Press with a compilation CD featuring 10 tracks of music inspired by trip-hop and jazz.

For inquiries, send us an email:


Feel free to like and follow!

If interested in purchasing a copy, visit:







my zine titled: hell's half (vol 1)

cardstock color cover, photocopied inner.

a conceptual collage of images, textures, ideas and sorts

... 16 pages with a fold-out insert.

sewn bound.




(sideways pic)....front and back cover


trade or $2+post email: deadhair (at) gmail (dot) com or message me thru here.


East Village Inky #47 reporting for duty!


IIn which a 46-year-old Hoos Yorker has much to teach you despite an utter lack of credentials, vocation and time!

Empty Threats! 
Astounding Feats! 
Poorly Hand Drawn Hands!

one minor point of culinary business as pertains to the sourdough recipe: add 2 tablespoons more water to the sourdough "sponge" (ie, 1/2 C + 2 T H2O, not 1/2 C H2O)


Available on etsy, or by sending $3 cash (or the usual) to Ayun Halliday, PO Box 22754, Brooklyn NY 11202



An 8pager created as part of the NYPL's zine themed crafternoon, May 2011.

Celebrate 100 years of library loving - with stops in Juneau Alaska, Indianapolis Indiana, Evanston Illinois, Gasparilla Island Florida, Wellfleet MA, and of course NEW.YORK.fckn'CITY.

A perfect low budget gift for the special librarian (or library) in your life.

Relive the glory here.

Available on etsy 

Hey! Why not make a library zine of your own and send it to the New York Public Library's Zine Collection, in honor of the library's centennial?


Issue #3 of Reclusive Obscenities is now available.  Email me for trades or if you have any questions.
In this issue
  • Blackout Poetry
  • Anxiety, Depression & Suicide
  • Speak the VIRUS Podcast
  • grrrlVIRUS and Riot Grrrl
  • I've Been... Lists
  • Censoring Ourselves
  • Personal Interactions in the Zine Community
  • Zine Reviews

After almost a year, I am putting out a new issue of Gathered Years- my perzine about gardening, cats, love, poetry, trying to write my way out of this madness and finding a place to call home. 

Issue three is about losing things and finding better replacements. I write about what has happened in the past year, explore poetry as a career option, and admit to my city and myself that I have to leave for a while.

1/4 size, 24 pages, black and white, typewritten.

$2 Canada and US, $3.50 International

you can contact me here for a trade :) or if you'd like to purchase through paypal

or purchase through my etsy shop

Here. In My Head. #8, a feminist perzine from the UK, is now available to buy or trade!

This issue was written for the zine anthology being published by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Inside, I write about blood, sex, abortion, religion, choice, shame, and growth. Black and white, with a hand-coloured front cover.

Want to buy a copy from me? Just Paypal £1.00 to blatant_blitheAThotmail.co.uk, and I’ll send the zine out to you the next day, with no delivery charge. If you would like me to include one of my free minizines, Twt, just leave me a note when you send me the money and I’ll put it in for you. Don’t forget, you can read more about my zines on my zinewiki page - http://zinewiki.com/Catherine_Elms.
Copies of the Crazed Mazes #1 are finally available for sale!
20 pgs./ Full color cover/ 8 x 10.5

$4 US/ $5 Canada and Mexico/ $6 Int'l
Send cash, check, or money order to:
Myron Smith
PO Box 354
Ridgeway, VA 24148.

All copies come in a poly bag and backing board for protection!

Sorry, I can't do trades on this one due to printing costs. However I am still willing to trade copies of Crazed Mazes #1 (20 page preview) which is basically a less fancy version of Crazed Mazes #1.
It's not really an issue, but New Reviews up at http://resumeofcharm.blogspot.com/

The third issue of my zine Printaissance is cut, pasted, and ready for consumption! Once again this is a per/lit zine mixing personal anecdotes, original poetry, and some truly personal insights into my writing and the muses that guide my pen to fill the chapters of this new issue. It is titled This is for my Muses and is focused on those literary inspirers of the written word!


Issue 3 (26 half page pages / available strictly for trade)


**Note** : I have decided that this latest issue will only be available for trade, but if you do not have a zine to trade then I am open to taking stickers, patches, art (ATC's etc), letters, buttons, or nearly anything you want to trade as long as it's vegan! ;)

Ideological Hypocrisy is a socio-political zine, the first issue of which covers anti-choice activists who choose to have abortions. The zine contains many accounts from abortion doctors who have preformed abortions for pro-life activists, as well as accounts of violence perpetuated by the pro-life movement.


email me for trades



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