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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Feminist perzine Here. In My Head. #4 is now available to buy or trade!

This zine features the following pieces:
1. The Importance of Friendships
2. Sister Blister (on jealousy and feminism)
3. Twenty Things (10 things that cheer me up, and 10 things that don’t)
4. The Implications of Casual Sexism
5. Creativity and Happiness

¼ sized, 40 pages, £1.00

Potential Mode #1 is 24 pages of comics, fiction, cartoons and sketches. Kind of sci-fi, literary, horror, humor... a little bit of everything.

Paypal $3.40 to potentialmode@live.com or contact me at that address or on this site for other (much cheaper) options. Up for trades, love them!

A review of the issue is at Syndicated Zine Reviews and I'd love to get comments and critiques from anyone and everyone.

Issue #2 is coming very soon...
Hey ya, the new issue of Lights Go Out hits the stores at the beginning of April.

Issue # 7

Interviews with Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Tony Sly (no use for a name), manda rin (bis), hearts under fire, the dangerous summer, the arteries and ich.
cd reviews, zine reviews, gig reviews, columns, reading festival memories and guilty pleasures!

just £1.50 postage paid in the uk via www.lightsgoout.co.uk
please check it out and we would love to trade copies as well!

thanks, mr. T

It's a per zine. If you ask me it's pretty funny. I don't like hyping up my zine too much. If I have to badger you into spending one measly buck or a trade then what's the bloody point of it all? 24 pages. $1 or trade. Eric Lyden 224 Moraine St Brockton MA 02301-3664.

Any questions e mail me at eric.lyde(at)gmail.com. You can try contacting me here, but I can never do jack shit on this site.

Candy or Medicine Volume Nine is out now. Sixteen quarter-sized pages of more mini-comic madness featuring the likes of daring Daniel McEwen, captivating Cameron Callahan, west coast sensation Alex Chiu, robot
bunnies from Joseph Carlough, the mighty mighty Maggie Morrill, an
inspiring tale by Sean Steward, anthropomorphic breakfast food by Danny
Ferbert and Sarah Bunker and an abstract comic by Tyler Stafford. Plus
a radical cover by jovial Jonny Smeby. All ages.

Order at http://www.candyormedicine.com or http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

And another new one: Collections is a collection (pun intended) of comics conceived while I worked as a bill collector. Includes a special "Bill Collector Bingo" game and a back cover illustration by JB Sapienza. Eight quarter-sized
pages. Order at http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

this has been out for awhile but im just now getting round to telling people! 24 pages of drawings about football from someone who until recently knew nothing about it. it's called One Nil, costs £3 (its full colour and properly printed, hence the diy non-friendly price, sorry) and is available from MY DISTRO WEBSITE here is a picture of the inside, stolen from the review on Fecal Face:

oh and if you go to the illustration side of the website rather than the distro side, you can see all the pages and theres a handy little paypal button too. awesome.

Driving Blind #4 - quarter size - 54 pages.

I write about my town, my first (and only) job - and my dad even wrote a story about the habits of Jersey geese. It's very cut-and-paste, and I swear it's more interesting than I make it sound. You can buy it at my distro - everything is alphabetical, so just look under A-F zines.

Dreams of Donuts #9 is done, all about my november month long trip out east to Milwaukee for friendship and the zinefest and my trip back out west. It's $1, plus I have back issues 1-8.

Heather Wreckage
836 57th st
Oakland, CA 94608
Musea Reader, the April/May issue is out.

This issue has 3 parts. Two for your health, and one for the health of music. The first "LARRY"S SUGAR PILLS" is a one act courtroom 'drama'. See if Larry ends up in jail for selling his miracle pills. Then something for the health of the world of music, the NPR 200 SONG MUSIC CHALLENGE. Be a part of music history and be a bit revolutionary too. Then finally from my sci side, SLEEP a new hypothesis about why we sleep . If I'm right, changing how we sleep may cure more than anyone could have imagined!!!

To find a copy send me a stamp, dollar, or trade, OR get it at the regular spots in Dallas, OR read it on line at musea.us.

Here's the opening of the short short play LARRY'S SUGAR PILLS (One act play in verse.)

Scene: Courtroom.
Characters: Judge , Lawyer for the prosecution, Defendant Larry, Narrator.
Scenery: Judge's bench, two tables, and a witness stand.
(Narrator adds his comments from off stage.)

"Call your first witness,"said the Judge.
The lawyer looked out and saw just one.
"Is he of L's Pills in the court here?
Larry looked at the two and said, "For sure."
"Take the stand and then the oath."
Larry arose and did both.
"Are you the president and CEO
of L's Pills and Larry Pill Co.?"
"I am I am I admit it's so.
"Does Larry's Pills make Larry's Pills?"
"Yes we do. 'It cures your ills'."
"Would you read the label and it's claims?"
"This'll cure almost anything!"
"Now the contents listed there under..."
"Contains 100% first grade sugar."
"So you admit the ingredients are
only sugar and nothing more?"
"Yes indeed, that's all you need.
We had a sugar coating but I'm the first to say
That seemed redundant, and got in the way......

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)
Exploding the Myth #3 - queer punk perzine, featuring writing about moving home, jobs, friendships, music love, "transition, relationships and the NHS" continued - regarding my experiences having a trans boyfriend, plus a special section dedicated to creativity, inspiration and motivation, in which I ask lots of people who or what motivates and inspires them, and a piece by me on how to motivate and inspire yourself, and more! B&W with hand coloured cover, 40pp. £1.50, or I like to trade for perzines or zines with queer/punk/political/feminist/anarchist/crafty contents <3 Either message on here or email at kira_swales@yahoo.co.uk
Fanzine Ynfytyn 12

24 page quarter-sized zine 50p/$1 + postage

*An interview with myself that soon turns into book recommendations
* Haiku ode to Papa Hemingway
* Guide to collective nouns for birds
* My days of selling software to the nuclear industry
* Monthly lists of small pleasures

You can order it from my Etsy

I'm also up for trades, if you live outside the UK I'd prefer to trade multiple issues though to save on postage



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