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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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fy 10a.JPG
Fanzine Ynfytyn 10
Ireland Special!

This one's about my road/rail/boat trip to Co Cork in Ireland in the September of 2009 with a 11 piece country band called Dolly & the Clothespegs. Features midnight ferry rides, colcannon and wonky Dolly Parton covers. 24 pages 1/4 size b&w.

It's $2/£1 on Etsy, plus postage to wherever you live (I'm in the UK). I love trading, but at the moment I can only afford to do trades within the UK, so international people, I'm afraid you international lovelies will have to order instead. Free mini zine about Canterbury with all orders.

fy 10b.JPG

Polaroid Month 32 page and full colour. Every photo from when I took a Polaroid every day for 30 days. £4

Doodlezine issue one (to be renamed "tiny doodles" in the next print run). Small, 24 page zine with just lots of unplanned, straight-to-paper drawings. Black and white with various hand-coloured bits through it. 50p

On Etsy or email vickeh@gmail.com to buy straight from me
P.S. Ignore the number 5 on the cover, it really is issue 4!

WinterMuse said:
#4 of my perzine 'Cats Teeth' is ready. This issue is about living on my own, empowerment and independence, taking on a lover, my first three-way relationship, desire and addiction, darkness, succubi, the

night-time realm.
new zine out and ready for download.
email me if you want a real issue!
simply pay for postage and its yours!
Hey ya, I haven't visited for months and months!

Anyways my new issue is out now.

Lights Go Out Zine # 6
A Karate Kid Special!

Starring interviews with bowling for soup, voodoo glow skulls, americam steel, the loved ones, 2 of the karate kid movie stars and more!
a halloween dress up, columns, cd/zine/gig reviews, a spice girls adventure story!

just £1.50 postage paid in the UK.
go to www.lightsgoout.co.uk to order and stuff,

info on all issues are up there now, and soon we'll have a whole shop full of other zines!

also if anyone wants to trade please drop me a line - email is mrt[at]secondinline.co.uk

Hope to hear from people!!!!!


The second issue of Concisely Magazine, a zine of stories under 500 words, is now out. It's $3 shipped to the US. Check out ConciselyMagazine.com to see some samples or to buy it. There are also submission guidelines on the site if you're interested in submitting to the third issue.

Long awaited follow up to the classic first issue. The VIT team are back this time teaching you how to obtain that beverley hills lifestyle on a budget, Spelling's top sex tips, how to give that boy the boot, problem pages, an intense quiz, a bake off and obvs loads more

A gilmore grrrls fanzine. Includes Stars Hollow traditions, slash fiction, fashion pages and a drinking game.

paypal £1.20/$3 for VIT. 80p/$2 for Bledel of Filth. Obvs £2/$5ish for both. colly@ricochet-ricochet.co.uk
trades/cash through post etc at a bit cheaper
The latest issue of Cats Teeth is finished. I completed it quite quick, and it links alot to the previous issue. (Possibly works best to read them together? I dunno)

It's called 'Flux' and is about persistent feelings of restlessness, wanting to travel, living abroad, travelling as a kid and sleeping in the footwell of a van, change and movement, changing feelings towards people, non-monogamy, more thoughts about this 'three-way' situation I've found myself in, a small mention of my mum (she passed away recently and I can't really bring myself to write about her), being open to life and love even if it makes you vulnerable.

i have just completed the first issue of my personal-litzine: "Saling-Pusa"! More info here.

it's 16 pages half-sized zine (4 sheets, letter sized). b&w. message me if you're interested. AND it will also be available in the distro soon.
Sinead: Back to the Start
--this is a collaboration litzine. for more info, visit my blog.

some of the collaborators are giving these out in a few zine fairs... but you can also get it from my distro :)
24 page full colour zine- 10cm/4" square pages
This time I've concentrated on pictures.

Longing for spring
Pic n mix sweets

$2 USD + postage





Also, I've got a new place to do printing (whoo, go Brighton Resource Centre) so now I can afford to sell all my b&w zines at $1, as opposed to the $2 it was before, with super packs for $7 . They will also be on coloured paper. I've changed the etsy prices, but I haven't redone the photos yet. The postage prices have changed and simplified here in the UK, so I've also changed the postage on Etsy accordingly. It's now $1 UK, $3 Int for as many zines as you want. Check out my Etsy for what I've got available.

Not Lonely is a perzine and #1 has a a mental health emphasis - ramblings about the medications I have taken and why I've decided not to take them any longer, what it feels like to have lived in 5 different places by the age of 25, how I always procrastinate instead of getting work done, how I never seem to say the right thing and a few other wee rants and thoughts.

Please PM me or email not_lonely_zine @ yahoo.co.uk (without the spaces) if you would like a copy, it's £1 plus postage or we can discuss trading.



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