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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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“My god how did we survive the paper scars” - Lovedrug

Paper Scars is somewhat of a first perzine, but more of a remembrance of defining times over the past few years of my life. I write about my first crush on a girl and how my uncomfortableness with my sexual identity lead me to lose her, the stigma that surrounded a recent one week hospitalization for bipolar disorder that I endured recently and how one can be an ally to those who struggle with their mental illness. I also write about my relapse into an eating disorder and the overcoming that followed, my struggles with my gender identity and a recount of the time when I ran away from home following a relapse into drugs and how I learned about love from the people that took me under their wing and into their care for the week that followed.
I also have included lists, how to make the perfect tea latte, ideas on things to do when you are sad and other little pages.

Paper Scars comes from a place that was once dark but now offers hope, however despite this some content may be triggering. Please read in a safe space.

32 pages, quarter sized.

available here

"The Itinerant Postcard #2" is a 24-page 1/4-sized perzine containing some of my thoughts on language, food, and race; there are Filipino recipes, some Philippine mythology, and illustrations by Edward Gorey.

$1 or trades welcome. Available on Etsy.

issue #4 of deafula is out!

this issue is all about EMPLOYMENT. 

read about my one miserable failed attempt to get SSDI, blatant discrimination against me during job searching, my intense anxiety and fear of requesting ADA accommodations, trying to disclose that i am deaf by smushing “i’m deaf” into the middle of a non-related sentence during a job interview, and more! please note the amazeballs badass cover, which was lovingly drawn for me by my older brother. 

want to get your mitts on a copy? you can:

1. paypal me $4 (postage paid) to thecityonfire@gmail.com. include a little note that it’s for issue #4 and your addy.

2. send me four bucks in the mail. deafula // po box 1665 // southampton, pa 18966

3. buy it on etsy.

i also love trades! message me to set one up - or just mail me your zine with a little letter you'd like to trade for #4 and i will send it on out to you! 

The Stay At Home Girlfriend has a mini issue out in time for Halloween. Vegan pizza, crafts and costume ideas + more!


Hey i dont have a pic but i want everyone to kno APOLLO JONES : GOD OF ROCK # 1 is out now and it comes with an inter view with the creators of web-comic Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell order or trade at  moralesramon35@yahoo.com

Dreams of Donuts #15 is available for $2.  You can order it from me by mail, at:

Heather Wreckage

3913 Boyle Ct.

Sacramento CA 95817

My latest is out now:


KING-CAT COMICS #73 with that rascally Mr. Bowser, cat fun, In Search of the Cuckoo Bird, a Comix Dream (with cameos by Kevin H. and Anders N.), letters, a poem, Top 40, and more!  32 digest pages, in glorious black and white.

USA: $4 check/mo; $4.28 via paypal
CANADA: $5 USD via paypal
EVERYWHERE ELSE: $6.50 USD va paypal

Payable to:
John Porcellino
PO Box 142
South Beloit, IL 61080

or via paypal to: kingcat_paypal AT hotmail DOT com


More info here: http://johnporcellino.blogspot.com/2012/09/king-cat-73-september-to...



John P.

does it have a storyline or is it just art?

SubTales, by (Abuno) said:

A greek sci-fi, horror, fantasy short stories and artwork zine. SubTales isuue #2


-Interview with local skateboarder Sam Marino

-Art by local artist Aaron Hafemeister

-Interview with local band Peter Pants

-Animal Collective-Centepide Hz album review

-Short story by A.U. Han-Holdren

send a couple bucks via paypal to gregorydlittlejohn@gmail.com


email paperdolldistro@gmail.com for trades and to be put on the subscription list!!

also for money orders.

(issue 4 well on its way!)

This quarter sized zine is the whole tale of hitchhiking in northern california for a show. one of the best times of my life couldnt be left un-publushed. FREEEE

Small zine of offensive collages and a poem.

paperdolldistro@gmail.com. LETS TRADEEE!!!!

The second and last (at least for a while, whilst we work on a bigger one-off project) issue of Vacant Minds. Like the last issue it’s an anything and everything zine.

It’s free - if you want a copy just message us or email vacantmindszine@gmail.com

Or if anyone wants to trade?

Black and white - 16 pages.

Mainly art and doodles

I don't think I ever posted about this new issue of Paper Crush done summer of 2012. You can find it at my Etsy store

or at Ms Valerie Park Distro.

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