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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Issue 5 of my zine "Lights Go Out" hits the world next week!
We are a music zine and the new issues features interviews with Thursday, Babar Luck, Fight Like Apes, Lostboyfound, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man and Karyn Parsons. You may think who is Karyn Parsons? But you'll know her better as Hilary from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!
And then we have cd reviews, zine reviews, gig reviews and columns too!
Just £1.50 postage paid in the UK.
Overseas would be more.
Check us out on - www.myspace.com/lightsgooutpunkzine
lil laika likesa RIOT's Russia: Target 168 is out NOW!!!

I've never been to Russia, in fact I've never even left Australia..
but Russia was the country randomly picked for me (from the finalist countries in Eurovision) to write a zine on in 168 hours or less.. I reckon I did pretty well! It's even been copied and put together by the majesty that is Sticky's new photocopier... *drool* and WOW! :O

It is a 12 half page, black and white, text heavy, low on pictures, hand written zine, covering subjects such as:
The Georgian Entry to Eurovision
The Protest for Gay Rights in Russia held outside Eurovision
Leo Tolstoy and his school at Yasnaya Polyana
An Interview with a Russian Librarian
A Demon from Tatar Mythology
Polar Bears
Siberian Yupiks (a group of people indigenous to North East Russia)
Russian Cosmism, Federov and Tsiolkovsky
A page of quotes from Mikhail Bakunin
and another from Peter Kropotkin, 'The Anarchist Prince'
Not to mention, who the winners of Eurovision were according to me

Trades only!

Or, if you're in Melbourne... you can head into Sticky for it :), or if you took part in Target 168 - expect it in your mail box soon!! :D
New issue of BETRAYED is online, and a new print of the mini-zine is available.
ssue #1 of my new zine now complete! I prefer trades if possible, or 50p & postage. Message me if you want a copy1

This issue includes:

Book Review

Lots of stuff about Queer Control Records

Rants about stuff like sexuality & religion

Cartoon-like drawings by me

Section on compasses by James

"How to"

Vagina Euphemism related competition!

Personal stuff



Whew!! - The folding and staple-fest is over...for now.
#2 of The INFINATE Zine is finally complete!! WITH nifty send-along buttons/badges!!

46 pages
LOTS of pictures - but good text-balance
Completely written by local students/community
Covers cd review, WA sports update, film-director bio, poetry, photography, recipe, quiz, a nice carrot...EVERYTHING RANDOM!

I love love love trades - but will sell for $1 or so. Contact me..
In The City Fanzine - Issue One
Andrew Lips and Golden Silvers album review plus more.

You can see photos of the pages here

I am hoping to give this first issue away for free but obviously wouldn't mind a trade aswell. Please e-mail me or message via the myspace if possible.

In this issue:
1. Early Warning Signs of Ill Health
2. Go To Points (acupressure)
3. Stimulate That Cat!
4. What Does An Animal Reiki Session Look Like?
5. Feeding Pets With Cancer
6. Mason Jar of Medicine…Tea for Two
7. Nails – don’t let them go!
8. A Few Notes on Why Fresh Is Best

Details at the RADICAL PET website, or email radicalpet@margaratnee.com

Attack!!!! 12 is a collection of original creative writing, artwork and (on the CD, not pictured) music all made in response to Lawrence Bradby's poem "The Call" from issue 5.

Because Lawrence's poem is about a figtree growing out of a phonebox, everything in the zine is about figtrees and phoneboxes. Here for more details, if you please.


Part Four of my Two Heads project of twelve collaborations for this year is now up online here - and you can buy a copy too if you want one. It's all about keys.
fat girl # 14 is copied up and ready to go, for those of you fat girls (or admirers) who are jonesing for another body positive fix!

fat girl # fourteen - front cover

fat girl # fourteen - guts (fat is bold) fat girl # fourteen - guts (ang west) fat girl # fourteen - guts (pro food) fat girl # fourteen - back cover

for more information on content and pricing (as well as my other zines), please see: ye olde etsy shop

In the mid 90s a few pals and I ran a zine from where we lived in the Scottish Borders, named Sun Zoom Spark (after a Captain Beefheart song). We ended up getting it distributed throughout the uk. It was full of absurdist humour, trashy artwork and photography, bizarre stories, stuff about female sexuality + interviews with old time punkers like The Ramones & Jonathan Richman, the up 'n' coming Brit Pop whippersnappers (Blur, Radiohead, Pulp, Manic Street Preachers etc), noisy Americans (Sonic Youth, Beck, Pavement etc) and many riot grrrl influenced female-powered acts (from Sleeper and Elastica to Hole and L7).

I've recently been building a website, Sparks From The Mothership, to act as a kind of sequel to Sun Zoom Spark and I'm planning to upload samplers of each issue (maybe one every month or two). Issue 1's sampler is now uploaded. Just click on the appropriate cover:



my ning site:

The East Village Inky #41

In which a fledgling children's book author attempts to move more magazines by splashing her REKINDLED AFFAIR with a certain NYC CELEBRITY* all over the cover in a misleading sort of way.

Hugh Jackman's Hair Transplant!
Chicken Wings and Chicken Butt!
A Buncha Superheroes I've Never Heard Of & Can't Draw Either!

* strictly non-sexual, in fact not 100 percent human

40 jam-packed, fun-filled, handwritten and illustrated pages in a handy pocket-sized format. Unparalleled reading for toilet, subway, and nursing in public places. Now in our 10th year of publishing!

Now vailable for postal and online purchase!
here's one portal:
here's another:
etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5522886

Also live in person at the NYC zinefest!

WTF? Issue #1: Jetset Analog Future is now available.

Issue #1 contains: the correspondence of a madman (c'est moi), many picture comics, visions of a bleak dystopian future, visions of a bleak dystopian present, details on what really happened to Alice Pleasance after the Looking-Glass Incident, and a pin-up centerfold!

WTF? is 24 pages of mostly humor, mostly twisted. It contains alot of visual jokes and a couple pieces of short fiction and poetry. All of it written by yours truly.

Despite what it says on the cover, the zine is $2. Willing to trade for funny and/or bizarre zines.


DJ Burnett
PO Box 131
Fryburg, PA 16326

or email:




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