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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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This is the first issue of my body image / sex zine. It's about being misread, shame, BDSM, PTSD, sexual violence, sexual healing, being fat, and being radical. It's available for trade.  Please message me!

My fellow Americans. The June issue of The Last Word is now pub, but it's only a 4-page affair, thanks to the boredom of the past couple months.

Despite this, I still managed to fit some hilarity into this ish, such as a recent trip to Georgia, an uproarious special report on forfeited baseball games, a person peeing on a slide at a local park, and other important news!

So read The Last Word before it reads you...


I have a new Vapour Trails 'zine out. It's called Ethnicity & Existentialism (it's not philosophical, but it is about race and representation, as well as my personal experiences as a mixed person of colour living in Canada and in Western Africa [I'm also not African]). It's a little all over the place, but it took a long time to put together. Each page's background is painted with watercolours and it is 21 half-sized pages.

It's $4 for this 'zine, and I have copies of my cat comics again as well, which are available for $3 and $2:


This is my first zine ever. It's called Sweatpants in Public. It's a punk/hardcore fanzine with some funny stories and opinions about life thrown in. In this issue I have interviews with Wolf-face and Benny the Jet Rodriguez and I also just talk about some of my favorite bands. It is 14 pages not including the front and back cover and it is printed on purple paper. E-mail me at 00laura00123456@gmail.com or message me if you want to trade!

If you're waiting on the edge of your seat for your face to fall off in laughter, the suspense is over, because the July ish of The Last Word is now pub!

This edition talks about a recent road trip full of restroom vandalism, how scary movies helped make America the home of the brave, people defecating on the floor at an EPA office, and more!

So point it here, peeps...


Issue #8 of "Welcome to the Cultural Aether" is done and ready to ship!  This issue is a little different than past issues.  It's quarter size instead of half size like past issues were.  But the biggest difference is the content: the collages inside are made almost entirely of images and word bubbles clipped from old Marvel Comics.  The issue also comes with a button (we had a bunch of superhero themed ones left over from an old project, so each issue has a random one put in).

Orders can be sent to:

The Cultural Aether

2440 E. Tudor Rd #364

Anchorage, AK 99507

The cost for the nest issue is 1$.  And as always for an extra 3$ we will send off the oldest three issues we still have.

Shipping is included in the cost, unless you are outside of the U.S.  If you are just drop an extra dollar in the order.

Also if you run a zine library or want to review the zine we are more than happy to send you one for free, just send us a message on here.

The Stay At Home Girlfriend # 9 - vegan recipes, cat love, vegan guide to nola and more!

Our newest issue of Rasasvada is out and we'd love for you to grab a glance!

Check it out here:


Mishap #33 Vol. 2

Book reviews, book reviews, and more lembas bread, I mean book reviews.

Trade, free, shiny daggers:

PO Box 5841

Eugene OR 97405



Hey guys,

Finally created a new zine. It's called Strangury. It's, I guess, kind of a lit zine, although the target of the writing is satire. It's 12 pages, and totally free! All you have to do is send me an address (only in an email to theenigmanj@yahoo.com), and I'll send a copy. Also, you can send questions, suggestions, encouragement, contributions, concerns, complaints, etc. to my email.

Piltdownlad #10 – Behind the Wheel: A Lyft Driver’s Log

From the trenches of San Francisco’s sharing economy: A Lyft confessional.

Ever wonder what the deal was with those pink mustaches you've been seeing on cars around town?
Or what it's like to a passenger in a Lyft car? A driver?

Ride shotgun with me as I cruise through San Francisco’s latest Tech Boom, detailing the Lyft process, the numerous changes in the city and the stories, conversations and opinions of the passengers I pick up along the way. 

Click here for more info/ordering/excerpts/trades/etc. etc. etc.

These are going fast! The first print run is almost sold out and the majority of the second printing will be at the SF Zine Fest on 8/30-31. I'm sending out trade copies as quickly as I can. So if you want a copy, get in touch! And if I owe you a trade, please please let me know. I moved at the first of the year and there was a post office snafu that made the normal mayhem of transition even worse. 






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