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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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My first ever zine ever ever ever! I am a little bit excited about this :D

Available here - this is a handwritten perzine, half size, 16 pages, relatively text heavy with cut and paste details. I talk about art, zines, crossdressing and other things that I like in a way that I hope is interesting and relatable.

New mini issue of Brainscan!

Brainscan Adventure Zine #1 & #2: $1 only available at Portland Button Works and Zine Distro.

2 day of Alex Wrekk's adventures at Coachella helping Zine Works teach the glory of zines to the masses and sleep in the desert. This is two short mini zines about about meeting new friends, getting yelled at for climbing lemon trees, seeing awesome music, and amusing observations about the sights and sounds of Coachella.

Scriptor Press Sampler | 13 | 2011 Annual *Just released*
Download Link: http://www.scriptorpress.com/sampler/13_2011.html
[Size = 2.7 MB]

Hello everyone,

The Sampler has been coming out annually for thirteen years now, distilling the issues of The Cenacle for a given year into one chapbook of highlights. I always like to see the combination of new contributors and frequent contributors, mixed together. And I like the thought of how far this publication might travel online & in print. I intend it will travel even farther & wider this year.

The contents of this new issue include:
•    Poetry by Joe Ciccone, Ric Amante, Tom Sheehan, Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Martina Newberry, Judih Haggai, & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
•    Fixtion by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
•    Language essay by Ralph Emerson
•    Letters by Jim Burke III & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
•    Belize Journal by Charlie Beyer
•    Photography by Jeremy Kilar, & by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.


We'll Never Have Paris new issue! WNHP9 - "New to You"  nonfiction memoir stories about elementary school hockey games, hand me down Buicks, obituaries and Gutenberg Bibles.  $4 - neverhaveparis.blogspot.com

Pieces #7: On Belief, Delusion & Love
Perzine 1/4 size : 86 pages
An account of a turbulent relationship and its psychological effects. Includes pieces on internal archetypes, elements of a M/s relationship, and questioning what was delusion, what was belief, and what was--in fact--reality.

Available for $3 or equal trade. Trades do not have to be all zines. Leave a message on my profile if you would like to set something up.

East Village Inky #50 - Golden Jubilee.

Our zine-iest issue yet, with reports from 3 zine fests, a smattering of zine reviews, and all manner of zinester glitterati and rising stars rendered in pen, ink, and massive amounts of white out.

contact and ordering info here.

Hello everyone,

I just finished Alex issue four, which is a crafty personal mini-zine.  I'm happy to trade; just email me details about your own zine and we can make it happen.  My zine is feminist and queer by nature (or by nurture), but I write about topics ranging from bike accidents to finding inner peace (no puns) to living gender ambiguously to seeing a play at BAM.

Here is the link to my website, with more details:  http://www.sleepingcreatures.com/Alex%20Site/order.html


Anne (alex zine)  alexgenderzine(at)gmail(dot)com




Today I Started Slogging Again - Can truth and fiction coexist in the perzine?
The Nasty Oh-Dear - A true narrative
2012 LA Zine Fest - What and who I sat at the Los Angeles Zine Fest
What's In A Name? - Origins of the name "piltdownlad" and the impact of Dischord Records
The Zines I Read - Zine reviews

4.25x7 . 40pp.

Trades preferred! 

Kelly Dessaint

PO BOX 86714

LA, CA 90086


this is the sobriety issue.

i recently reached two years sober & felt it was time to share my story of alcoholism & my recovery. this is the story of how i hit rock bottom & how i got (am getting) better. it may be triggering or it may be comforting, probably both. 

from sub rosa #7:

I laid in my bed and stared at my wrists trying to ignore the pounding in my head and ache in my belly that was telling me it was time to start drinking. I laid in what was actually a bed in the spare room of my mother's house that I called my own after being kicked out of my apartment almost a year before. I laid there and thought about how my mom and my sisters were on the other side of that door and how they had been woken up at three am by the police all because I had once again got black out drunk.

I had gone to my local dive bar for trivia and whiskey, a weekly routine (the trivia part, the whiskey part was a daily routine). I’m not sure what happened that night but it involved me drinking way too much and instead of trying to find a place to sleep I crossed Main St. and waited for a bus. But the bus never came or maybe it did, I don’t know. I was passed out drunk in the gutter of my postcard perfect town until about three am when I was awoken by cops. My memory is so hazy. I know they asked me what I was doing and I know I said “waiting for the bus” because I remember her saying “it’s three, there is no bus” and I remember being handcuffed and helped into the back of the police car. Then nothing until I woke up handcuffed to the wall in the holding cell. The cop was asking me if there was someone she could call and I told her “no”. There wasn’t. All my friends were probably drunk. She took my phone, scrolled through it and dialed “Mom”.

this zine is 1/4 size & 32p

available for a suggested price of $4ppd (if you can't afford that please let me know & if you can afford more please feel free to send more) via paypal to tarynhipp@gmail.com 

or on etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/102755835/sub-rosa-zine-7

Issue three is the newest issue of Cadillac Girl zine. It is about how my life has changed in the past six years since the last time I published Cadillac Girl; being a mother, a wife, and finding myself again. My zine includes writing and artwork from outside contributors/fans/readers. I should be hitting the copier up on Thursday so I can get some copies out. I also submitted it to a few distros, so hopefully it will get picked up. Check out the website http://cadillacgirlzine.webs.com

This latest zine is a nice improvement over the previous three issues I have done.  I've taken the lessons I learned over the years, and have added pages, printed it on quality paper, and it is now in full color.  Each one is printed with care, by me, in my studio.

The quick details:
-22 pages, quarter sized, full-color, staple-bound, art zine (mostly drawings, some text)

The issue:
This issue focuses on my sketchbooks.  It includes drawings, paintings, quotes, and thoughts that I have collected in many sketchbooks over many years. Instead of being about my finished artwork, this zine is about the body of work that quietly supports my final posters and cartoons.

Right here on Etsy.

(or see the postal option in the photo)

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