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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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'Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women' is a zine of posters made by artists and DIY creative folk within Europe, each poster highlighting the (often hidden) history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe, as a way of connecting us with the past, the present, and to help us to make sure that there will be a future which contains such creative and pioneering female action and activity. The zine aims to activate feminist cultural memory, to inspire in the present and to visually bring women’s social and political history to life.

Posters by: Erica Smith, Rachael House, Melanie Maddison, Michelle Mendonca, Anna Knowles, Verity Hall, Kathryn Taylor, Nina Nijsten, Peter Willis, Emily Aoibheann, Ed Webb-Ingall, Cara Corden, Patrick Staff, R Clout, Kathleen Teadrinker, Marylou Anderson, Flo Brooks, Charlotte Cooper, Cendrine Rovini, Gladys Badhands, James Clayton, and John Davison.

28 pages (23 posters)
A5 size zine.
Black and white illustrations throughout.

Printed on recycled 100gsm paper. Covers printed on 200gsm paper.


[If you'd like to stock or carry the zine on your distro/in your shop drop me a line!]

Shape & Situate issue #2 is now available to buy from the following distros:

*Marching Stars (http://www.marchingstars.co.uk/)

*Ricochet! Ricochet!

*Dead Trees & Dye (http://www.deadtreesanddye.com)

*Cherry Bomb (http://www.cherrybombcomics.co.nz/)

*Space Station 65 (http://www.spacestationsixtyfive.com/)

*Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/COTL?ref=si_shop) or search COTL or Shape & Situate on Etsy.

* [Soon] Ms Valerie Park Distro (USA) (http://msvalerieparkdistro.com)

It's irreverent! It's snotty! It's got a goddamn PENGUIN on the cover! It might even be EVIL:


Penguin F@cker #1 now on sale at Etsy. Trades with other personal zines, bizarre/unclassifiable weirdness zines welcome. Message me for details.

Penguin F@cker #1. Now annoying the zine-reading community for fun and profit. Got trades? Get in touch.


Undestructable #1 is a 24 hour zine! Its twenty-four quarter-size pages are chock full of cut-and-paste content, including a tutorial on rubber cement art, a rant about being pregnant, a page on gender synesthesia, a collage centerpiece featuring an octopus tentacle (one of several original illustrations), and much more. You can get it on my Etsy, or PayPal $2 to saellys@gmail.com ($2.50 if you're not in the US), or send $2 concealed cash to:

PO Box 1458
Springfield, MO 65801

I also do trades!

The next installment of SYNDICATE PRODUCT 18.2: SYNDICATE CONSUMPTION Q2 is ready! 24 1/4-legal (vertical) pages of commentary about what I read, listened to, watched, etc. over the past three month.


Here's the listing at my Etsy Store: Syndicate Product 18.2 (and pick up Syndicate Product 18.1 when you're there!)


Here. In My Head. #9 now for sale!
48 pages, 1/4 sized – £1.00

Here In My Head #9

Inside, I write about technology, thealogy (goddess worship), common anti-feminist arguments, and being a graduate.  There’s also some lists and similarly fluffy little things scattered throughout.  Black and white, with a hand-coloured front cover.

Want to buy a copy from me?  Just Paypal £1.00 to blatant_blitheAThotmail.co.uk, and I’ll send the zine out to you the next day, with no delivery charge.  If you would like me to include one of my free minizines, Twt, just leave me a note when you send me the money and I’ll put it in for you.  Don’t forget, you can read more about my zines on my zinewiki page - http://zinewiki.com/Catherine_Elms.

xXXXx: straight edge erotic fiction, volume 2. Four short stories about punks having sex. Must include age statement that you are over 18, as these are straight-up smutty.


I also still have copies of the first volume, which also contains four short stories.


$6 ppd. each, to addresses within the US, either by PayPal to artnoose at yahoo or in well-wrapped cash to the Cyberpunk Apocalypse, 5431 Carnegie St., Pittsburgh PA 15201. Make sure you say which volume you want (or both)


To order from outside the US, go to littleblackcart.com

roots of hope #4 is done, via the 24 hour IPRC zine challenge.

i also set up an etsy account where i sell all roots of hope 1-4.



for more info on roots of hope #4, check on the tumblr blog;



Hey guys,


The first issue of my new zine is out, called 'Culture is not your friend'. You can find pictures over at http://zine.macabremagpie.net


40 pages long, quite text-heavy with a lot of original artwork. Black and white (though this is a deliberate design choice, not a cheapskate thing!). I talk about the anxieties of working as an artist, not 'growing up', cynical ideas for inventions, valid forms of art, censorship in language, why I should never go Ice Skating ever again and a few other silly things. Hopefully there's something in there for everyone.


Price is £1 (including p+p) which you can send to paul@macabremagpie.net via paypal, or I will trade.


I'm also doing audio versions of the zines which serve as a little free preview, featuring excerpt readings and a little extra content. The podcast is on its way to iTunes but for now the first Audio Zine is available here: http://www.macabremagpie.net/Culture_Ep1.mp3

Just finished my split zine with Mrs. Noggle!  *Celebrity Obsessions*


You get 2 zines for the price of one :)


Available for trade or purchase ($2.00 www.blambert1.etsy.com)






























Mini zine #2 - Oh For The Love of Music!  is now available for purchase or trade.



Check it out – a new issue of All I Want is Everything, finished just in time for the end of International Zine Month!

This half-size zine, subtitled “Travels With Myself and Another,” is a collection of personal essays written over a six-month period of my life when I traveled all around the United States with my husband.  Join me as I feel overwhelmed with awe and envy in New York City, battle seasickness while traveling from Key West to the Dry Tortugas in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, am less than impressed by the Hollywood sign but otherwise smitten with Los Angeles, lose money while smugly hating Las Vegas and have a crisis of non-faith in Salt Lake City, and more.

The zine is 44 pages and costs $2.50.  You can send me money via PayPal to saltonmyskin at gmail dot com, or you can buy it from Stranger Danger Distro.

All I Want is Everything #1 is still available from the following distros:

And if you ask nicely, I still have copies of I Was a Teenage Mormon available.

Not Afraid of Ruins #3 is finally done. Go go gadget sense of achievement. It's mostly about my adventures in Europe: squats, anarchist social centres, vegan eats, Jewish history, castles, books, bunnies, anxiety disorder etc. I'll put the pdf online when I have time but if you want a hard copy get in touch. I heart swaps.

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