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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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More Poetic: February 2010

More Poetic, a monthly zine about art and life.

In this issue:
Book Report...thoughts about the state of book publishing, books I've read, female authors.
Recipe...Cottage Pie and a yummy dessert.
Film Reviews...and some TV.
Ragged Philosophy...what I've been thinking about.

*Special full color art zine insert called BY HAND with printed artwork by author.
1/2 size, b&w. 20 pages.

$3.00 at www.morepoetic.etsy.com
technicolour wonder zines

I've got a new (excellent and cheap) printing place, so I've reprinted back issues of all my zines on recycled coloured paper (except for the purple stuff). (The red looking one is actually pink, and the lime looking one mint green too, I should add too, the tungsten wb on my camera doesn't seem to like those shades)

They're all $1 / 50p + postage, and you can get them on my etsy or by paypalling me directly.

I can afford to do trades again now, for international trades I'd prefer to swap several issues at once, because the postage is the same for 1 or 5 copies now.

Also, to anyone who ordered zines in the last few weeks, thanks for your patience. I was away from home more than expected, and got a surprisingly large amount of orders, so I built up a backlog. It's all sent out now, but thanks again for your patience.

Issue #5 of AGCR is out now and in other news, on Sunday evening, April 4th, American Gun Culture Report, the region's only independent gun politics magazine, is sponsoring an evening get together with shooting groups active in Portland.

Participating organizations include the Portland Pink Pistols, local chapter of the national gay gun club, Reed College's gun club, the Reed Shooting Sports Kollectiv (RSSK), and the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) whose founder Kevin Starrett will be appearing. There is no admission, but donations for the Oregon Firearms Federation's Legal Defense Fund are encouraged.

The Plan B Bar in SE Portland is our hosting venue and this event kicks off at 7pm. Each group will present on their activities as well as offering tabling and information sharing. Later in the evening, we will turn this gathering into a dance party with DJ No. 6 playing a setlist of gun themed music. 

So, mark your calendar and get ready to tip back a few beers and dance to Tom Waits, Johnny Cash
and The Clash with the rest of
Portland's shooting community. 

Plan B is located at 1305 SE
8th Portland OR 97214
another issue of Gut Feeling is out. its a collaborative art zine that i make with my friends. consists of whatever art has been sent to me within the month so if you ever want to contribute, please do.
they are free for online download. you can print them out yourself if you want or just browse it with the internet.
i definitely make real copies and ill definitely trade or send them to you for postage cost.
check them out!

Interviews with Justin Pearson, Jordan Darby (Dry-Rot), Sami Begloo (Judas), Joe Harder (Pressvre), Alex Pulisci (At Our Heels), Evan Chambers (Pagan) and a surprise interview. Writings from Cassandra Salazar and anonymous writers. Photography from Melissa Vazquez. 100 printed.
Feminist perzine Here. In My Head. #4 is now available to buy or trade!

This zine features the following pieces:
1. The Importance of Friendships
2. Sister Blister (on jealousy and feminism)
3. Twenty Things (10 things that cheer me up, and 10 things that don’t)
4. The Implications of Casual Sexism
5. Creativity and Happiness

¼ sized, 40 pages, £1.00

Potential Mode #1 is 24 pages of comics, fiction, cartoons and sketches. Kind of sci-fi, literary, horror, humor... a little bit of everything.

Paypal $3.40 to potentialmode@live.com or contact me at that address or on this site for other (much cheaper) options. Up for trades, love them!

A review of the issue is at Syndicated Zine Reviews and I'd love to get comments and critiques from anyone and everyone.

Issue #2 is coming very soon...
Sour Puss #01 is finished, see my blog for details and more pics!

Hey ya, the new issue of Lights Go Out hits the stores at the beginning of April.

Issue # 7

Interviews with Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Tony Sly (no use for a name), manda rin (bis), hearts under fire, the dangerous summer, the arteries and ich.
cd reviews, zine reviews, gig reviews, columns, reading festival memories and guilty pleasures!

just £1.50 postage paid in the uk via www.lightsgoout.co.uk
please check it out and we would love to trade copies as well!

thanks, mr. T

It's a per zine. If you ask me it's pretty funny. I don't like hyping up my zine too much. If I have to badger you into spending one measly buck or a trade then what's the bloody point of it all? 24 pages. $1 or trade. Eric Lyden 224 Moraine St Brockton MA 02301-3664.

Any questions e mail me at eric.lyde(at)gmail.com. You can try contacting me here, but I can never do jack shit on this site.

Candy or Medicine Volume Nine is out now. Sixteen quarter-sized pages of more mini-comic madness featuring the likes of daring Daniel McEwen, captivating Cameron Callahan, west coast sensation Alex Chiu, robot
bunnies from Joseph Carlough, the mighty mighty Maggie Morrill, an
inspiring tale by Sean Steward, anthropomorphic breakfast food by Danny
Ferbert and Sarah Bunker and an abstract comic by Tyler Stafford. Plus
a radical cover by jovial Jonny Smeby. All ages.

Order at http://www.candyormedicine.com or http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

And another new one: Collections is a collection (pun intended) of comics conceived while I worked as a bill collector. Includes a special "Bill Collector Bingo" game and a back cover illustration by JB Sapienza. Eight quarter-sized
pages. Order at http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

this has been out for awhile but im just now getting round to telling people! 24 pages of drawings about football from someone who until recently knew nothing about it. it's called One Nil, costs £3 (its full colour and properly printed, hence the diy non-friendly price, sorry) and is available from MY DISTRO WEBSITE here is a picture of the inside, stolen from the review on Fecal Face:

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