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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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I put out #2 of Ordinary out a while ago, but it's still available for $2 or trade. There's a description on my profile.

also, I've got an 8 page mini with cute kitten pictures ($1 or trade, and it wouldn't even be $1 except the postage is so darn expensive here) and JUST OUT: a 30 page 1/4 size very text heavy zine about the death of my great aunt and how that affected me, called Death Never Says My Dear. There's also lines of e e cummings poetry, and pictures of dinosaurs. it's a weird little thing, but I kinda like it. I'd love to share :)

A 24 page B&W zine measuring 15cm x 11cm / 6" x 4", filled with assorted interesting rubbish

That time I didn't dance with Kathleen Hanna
Thinking about charity shops- things I always look for, special things I'm currently looking for, things I would like complete sets of
Tribute to those 2p machines on piers
Review of my childhood ambitions- how far have I got with them?


Available on Etsy or for trade
Proof I Exist #10 is out, and as you can see, sales are booming! Chapters such as "The Vampire Movie", "The Cell Phone", and "The Vegas Wedding". A zine about my life, aren't you even a bit curious? Dave liked it, you will too!

(the first issue in nearly a year!)

32 pages / quarter-sized / $1 US ($2 international)
unfortunately, no trades at the moment

all typewritten and with a few illustrations by yours truly, this issue is about goals, summer romances, identity, being queer and self-love. email motorcity_kitty@yahoo.com for info on how to order!
Noisy issue 9 is out now. It's a music fanzine about the local scene in Essex, UK and this issue comes with a 15 track CD too. Full contents and ordering info can be found at this site www.noisyzine.co.uk/issue.html or on my blog on this site.
a-z zine a-z zine

Illustrated zine of an A to Z list of sweet stuff.

Available on: Folksy / Etsy, or by trade
i have a new zine out called hello alabama: a one shot disaster. it's all about my move to alabama to go to library grad school, but it contains writing on race, place, history, free speech, recycling, and a lot more.

text heavy, 34 pages with map inserts, hand colored covers. $2.44 (includes postage in US) or $2.75 (for postage in canada). paypal me at talknrrrdy2me@gmail.com or send well concealed cash to 307 cedar crest/apt c/tuscaloosa, al 35401

i used to do a zine called muse and i also did a one shot called my heart the doormat. those were awhile ago.

my new issue, issue nine of pulse zine is out! it's 26 pages black and white photocopied on colored paper. issue nine includes...

an interview with ashley, a male who is transgendered (was born a male but feel she IS female)

a piece on having a vaginal cyst and not knowing what to do

state of sexuality-my desire to expand my sexuality and move beyond my past

falling in love with cooking-recipe for healthy pizza

choose your power-piece on the power of feminism
and much more. i love trading so please message me if you would like to trade :) 2.50 a copy in the U.S. and 3.50 a copy international which includes shipping. or cash snail mail is cool too :)

Doctrinal Expletives #5 is out now! Hell yeah! I wrote about getting an IUD, being a history student, growing up and changing my worldview a little, and the idea of a collective living situation being a surrogate family (not a fan). Oh yeah, and there's a pie crust recipe too. It's quarter-sized, 38 pages, and costs $1.50 or a comparable trade. Paypal hwalden19ATgmailDOTcom or send well-concealed cash/trades to: Helen W./39 Greenleaf St. #1/Portland ME 04101. You also will be able to get it from Learning to Leave a Paper Trail shortly.
Uncurl, Squirrel: very tiny (1/8th size, I guess?) 30 pages, plus coloured cover with a flying squirrel on it.

30 tips for getting through the dreaded winter months. for example: 1. drink your weight in tea 7. learn to make paper cranes (plus a little how to) 11. build a blanket fort 17. take vitamin D 23. take a walk on the wild side 26. listen to the beatles 28. knit

$1 or trade, anywhere.
Late Night Thinking, Issue 4: Progression

* On The Thompson Block
* Random Photos
* The Bicycle Thief
* Oregon or Bust
* Spur Studios Interview

A second issue with a long interview, this time with three of the people behind Spur Studios, an amazingly awesome creative space here in Ypsilanti.

$2 or Trade, send me a message for more details.
I just finished the first issue of Concisely, a (maga)zine of stories under 500 words. It's got eight stories and it's 20 pages and 8.5x5.5 inches. It's $3 shipped, +$1 for copies shipped outside the United States. There's some samples and ordering info on the website: http://conciselymagazine.blogspot.com/. Submissions are also be collected for the second issue, though people should understand that it's being approached with a traditional magazine approach of only accepting a portion of what's sent in.


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