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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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this issue of YOUR PRETTY FACE is mainly about work & worries. or how unhappy it was making me during the month of july. i wrote this zine during the last two weeks of the month, trying to get something finished in time for alternative press fair, and i was having an especially bad time. so the zine is quite angry and tearful (i cry when i'm angry. scream and cry. but mostly cry, especially when in public/at work) there's also a bunch about harry potter, which was eating my brain a little bit. & my love for luna lovegood. with drawings by the amazing frl.zucker!

it comes with a 10 page minizine because i thought it was a bit too angry and mopey, and i wanted to just say that it's not that bad all the time. but i'm not sure i succeeded in that.

handcoloured covers, as usual.

1/4 size, 26 pages + 10 page minizine


i also do trades: similar size perzines, mixtapes / mixed cds, caramel flavoured cigarettes, stationery etc..

Dreams of Donuts #7 is done! This issue is kinda different, since it's all about my short traveling stint in the Northwest this summer. $1 or trade, but I prefer trades:

4315 4th Ave
Sacramento Ca 95817

Blackguard #2 : Father issue

Second issue of comix zine anthology from creator of Sick Puppy Comix [1996-2003].

One year in the making!

52 pages, full colour cover with art and comix by Josh Simmons, Neale Blanden, Anton Emdin and Glenn Smith.
Interior pages heavy gloss B&W featuring new three-page strip by Mike Diana, plus comix by Ben Hutchings, SCAR, D. Rat, Doug Iannucci, Dexter Cockburn, Michael Aushenker, Gerard Ashworth, Ross Radiation, David Puckeridge, Julie Doye, Chris Mikul, Ryan Vella, Lark and Stratu. Plus a 4-page story by Henry L. Racicot (with illos by Doug Iannucci). Plus a huge seven-page comix and zine reviews section.

250 copies, each hand-numbered.

$10.00 USD for North America and Europe by PayPal to sstratu@gmail.com (that might seem steep but these comics are HEAVY, and the postage to send to US/Europe is $6.30 - believe me, I'm not making money off of these.)

$8.00 USD for Asia

$8.00 AUSD for New Zealand

$5.00 for Australia

or email to arrange cash payment >>> sstratu@gmail.com

You definitely want one of these to arrive in your mailbox. Plus I use REAL postage stamps, not those awful, bland post office postage stickers.

Thanks for reading!

The October/November issue of Musea is out. Will trade or free with a SASE normal size.
It is the biology issue with a look at the Catabolic / Anabolic split, and it's influence on life
Will also be posted on musea.us

In This Issue: Greetings & Mailing Comments. What I'm Working On,
Have Recently Done, or Am Contemplating. The Internet's Informational
Morass, Searching the Net, Ditto Legibility, Alternomes, The Semantics
of Various Self-PublicatIon Forms (several comments from Jim Stumm & My
Reply). A Phylogeny of Internetters and Amateur Communicators.
Blogs, E-Zines, Web Forums (Etc.) Vs. Zines (a reply to "Blogs Vs.
Zines" on We Make Zines). Do You Have a Physical Address Inside Your
Zine? (a further reply to this discussion on WMZ). What Do I Want?
My Never-Ending Discontent---In the Zine & Internet Stars....or
Myself? Some ads & a couple relevant e-mail reprints.

.Zap!!omania is my apa-zine for .zap!!, the APA of alt.zines on Google Groups. 18
pgs., 8 1/2 x 11, text heavy, $1, trade, or the usual to: James N.
Dawson, P.O. Box 292, Malden, WA 99149
Gaming Insurrection has launched for the Fourth Quarter 2009.

Featured in this quarter:

1. Prince of the Iron Fist: Contributing Editor Jamie Mosley, a former employee of the Namco Cybertainement, talks about his time learning to play Soulcalibur and Tekken while working for the gaming giant. Videos and a photogallery are available for viewing.

2. Retrograde: We tackle Super Castlevania IV, Double Dribble, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Videos for these stories can be found at our Youtube site.

3. What We’re Playing: Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds and Vampire Chronicles round out our selections for what we’re jumping into for the quarter. A photogallery and video is available for Vampire Chronicles.

4. Tech Geeks: This quarter we highlight desktop publishing program Microsoft Publisher and Firefox add-ons we can’t live without.

5. Columns: Editor Lyndsey Mosley talks about the impact of the video game industry’s premier event E3 in Cry of War and Jamie Mosley gives advice on using creativity and imagination to further enjoyment of D&D sessions in From the Dungeon.

As always, this quarter’s issue is available free of charge on the main page of the site. Download it, tell us what you think! We want to hear from you so send an e-mail to gaminginsurrection (at) gaminginsurrection.com. Remember to substitute the at with the @.
Now available: East Village Inky No. 42


In which a 44-year-old Hoos-Yorker makes a temporary return to Neverland, ostensibly to provide an economically feasible way for the feral young to spend 4 weeks at sleepaway camp.

Missing Counselor Drama in Real Life!
A Special Dessert for the Lactose Intolerant!
The Weenie Man!

40 jam-packed, fun-filled, handwritten and illustrated pages in a handy pocket-sized format. Unparalleled reading for toilet, subway, nursing in public places, and that long car ride to New Hampshire.

$3 to
Ayun Halliday
PO Box 22754
Brooklyn NY 11202

or, order on Etsy!

mélange (2009) is a perzine full of pictures, design & words on becoming yourself as you grow up. It’s a slice of getting older, evolving, as you say goodbye to old habits. Quarter-size (a DL fit), b&w, stapled, about 16g.

AUD$3.50 to anywhere in the world (paypal)

I've just finished up my first two zines and plan to start distribution through trades. Email me if you are interested. myzine@myway.com

The two titles are "My Grandma's on Facebook" and "Confessions of a Non-Recycler"
i have in my sweaty hands the latest issue of Sprak! (issue #5) full of b-grade fun, rock n roll exploitation flicks, ozploitation, zombies, nuns in their undies, werewolves and tomata du plenty on the cover! what more could you want? coupla bux or stamps or trade or whatever...

and then there's Amphetamine Wolverine Blues #0 - a cut'n'paste assortment of goodies including hobbies for young and old, 30s and 40s ads and a solution to vietnam from a radio geek! (his solution - capitalism!) oh yeah, and there's a cdr or cassette of noise from andy scott's shit magnet to boot!! stamps, trade, yr noise etc etc

kami PO Box 278 Edwardstown SA 5039 Australia (that's down under)
Issue two of my Joe Strummer/The Clash fanzine Hopelessly Romantic has finally come out
(only over a year late)

includes: a tribute to the Hammersmith Palais/thoughts on its closing,
an eyewitness account of the chaos of the Clash's 1979 gig at the O'Keefe Centre, Toronto,
Antony Genn of The Hours on Joe Strummer,
track by track reviews and information for the Planet Of Friends anti-fascist benefit compilation and Clash Tribute cds.
Zine reviews of Fuck Shit Up and SnailXCore + anti-racist/fascist resources, lyrics, art and quote, & Woody Guthrie lyrics.

32 pages of b/w A4
£1 + postage or trades
(zines, cds, Joe/Clash cuttings, odd graphics that could be used for a zine...)
cocoa/puss zine #3 "the hoes and heartbreak issue" is out now. yes that is me on the cover. more info on my page.




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