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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Author of cult classic Snowblind, Robert Sabbag talks exclusively to Moon Rocks. Plus art from Mark Wigan and loads of criminally inspired illustration, photography and writing.


The Muse, the News, and the Noose: Shortages (issue 5) is out as of July 2009.

It collects random short stories, submissions to other zines/publications, and blog enteries.
A quick read.

To get a copy either send $2 to
4839 W. 99th St. Oak Lawn, IL 60453
email: johnnymisfit@gmail.com
or send me a PM here.

Back issues of the Muse, the News and the Noose still available:
Dear Me (Issue 3),
Sig Transit Gloria (Issue 4)

Issue 3 of Portaging in Purgatory quarter zine 28 pages

2.00 or trade (hotweinerdog.etsy.com)

This is I named as my 'inspirational zine.' Basically, I discuss things that inspire me to keep doing what I do and be creative. Ashtanga yoga and Pattahbi Jois, 'Flow' and being active, story telling, vermicomposting, reviews on zine and books, my best friend as a child, recipe for energy bars, and cartoon crushes.

I should have really made this zine bigger! Sigh-there's always issue 4 to come!
Hello Everyone!

I just finished Dreams of Donuts #6! It's a kinda small 18 page issue, half letter, and is a comic zine about my life, with stories of late night beach trips in tribute to t.v.'s shark week, being bummed on Sacramento, and more! It's available for $1 or trade (I hella love trades!), so if you would like a copy you can mail me at:

Heather R.
4315 4th Ave
Sacramento CA 95817
New Zine! Paper Crush #3

Paper Crush #3 is the story of me at 15 and the first prom I went to and everything else surrounding it. You will hear about the religious school I went to until that year, my first love, Southern California shenanigans and lots of other 1980 memories.

Includes a couple actual diary entries (embarrassing) and illustrations (including a few truly inspired ones that are not by me).

18 pages. Half-Size. 2 bucks at Etsy. Sorry, not doing trades at this time. I have scads of zines to get through from PZS.

Hi all,
MIshap #27, The Special Book Issue wherein various people talk about their favorite books or even the ones that changed their lives.

Trade or $1 plus $.61postage--I love all types of zines
PO Box 5841
Eugene, OR 97405 usa
Another issue of Miranda, my zine about motherhood and other adventures, is hot off the copier. Here’s a preview of Number Nineteen:

The Clothes Off Her Back - Vintage garments. So hip, right? Not when they’re maternity clothes. Your mother’s maternity clothes.

Rochambeau – A new town, a first job, a whole mess of uncertainty.

Frivolous – True confessions: I love the New York Times wedding announcements. And so does my nine-year-old boy.

The Tintin Effect – how a series of classic comics can give a kid a very odd outlook on life.

The Passion – The good teachers had it. I did not.

Plus, the Motel of Lost Companions encounters a Ghost; lots more book reviews; Mama’s Stray Thoughts (featuring hipsters vs. hippies, the toddler love of sticks, just how well Simon knows his mother and an April Fool joke you really shouldn’t try). Also, things overheard in the blueberry field and an excellent recipe for Challah.


Ordering information at www.mirandazine.com
yf 8 12 1.JPG
This is the zine I made for the 24hr challenge in July. 24 pages in 24 hours. It's a cute square pocket sized zine with 24 pages and articles about:

* buying a ridiculously impractical bike
* trying to learn to like gin
* vegan stirfry recipe
* assorted top 5s about important stuff like the Fall and cakes
* doing a stall at the London Zine Symposium
* accidentally eating bacon when I got given the wrong order (I've been vege for 10 years)

It's $1 USD or 50p GBP, if you order two zines from my Etsy shop, I'll throw it in free.

I'm also up for trades for any and all of my zines . I like trading perzines that aren't just misery, indie music zines, vegetarian cookery zines, art & craft zines, vintage dress patterns (34" bust), cute stationery or haberdashery bits.


yf 8 12 3.JPG

yf 8 12 2.JPG

I have three new zines ready!

You can see details and / or buy with paypal at rebelgrrlzine.co.uk or contact me on here if you are interested in trading, or just send trades (for similar) to me at
PO Box 4663
S1 9FN
United Kingdom.

Basically, the three zines are:
Rebel Grrl Zine: The Survive Issue
This is a feminist zine aimed at survivors of sexual abuse and sexual violence. It is mainly aimed at women and girls, and is a 24 page A5 size zine, photocopied.

This is ostensibly about the process of creating a zine, but is really all about procrastination - its joys and frustrations, and contains various procrastination tools and ideas within :)
This was written for the 24 hour zine project. It is a 24 page A6 zine, photocopied.

50:50 Zine #1
Double sided A4 page, 50 things I love on one side, 50 things I hate on the other. Simple as!

Photos to follow when I find my USB cable.


this issue of YOUR PRETTY FACE is mainly about work & worries. or how unhappy it was making me during the month of july. i wrote this zine during the last two weeks of the month, trying to get something finished in time for alternative press fair, and i was having an especially bad time. so the zine is quite angry and tearful (i cry when i'm angry. scream and cry. but mostly cry, especially when in public/at work) there's also a bunch about harry potter, which was eating my brain a little bit. & my love for luna lovegood. with drawings by the amazing frl.zucker!

it comes with a 10 page minizine because i thought it was a bit too angry and mopey, and i wanted to just say that it's not that bad all the time. but i'm not sure i succeeded in that.

handcoloured covers, as usual.

1/4 size, 26 pages + 10 page minizine


i also do trades: similar size perzines, mixtapes / mixed cds, caramel flavoured cigarettes, stationery etc..

Dreams of Donuts #7 is done! This issue is kinda different, since it's all about my short traveling stint in the Northwest this summer. $1 or trade, but I prefer trades:

4315 4th Ave
Sacramento Ca 95817

Blackguard #2 : Father issue

Second issue of comix zine anthology from creator of Sick Puppy Comix [1996-2003].

One year in the making!

52 pages, full colour cover with art and comix by Josh Simmons, Neale Blanden, Anton Emdin and Glenn Smith.
Interior pages heavy gloss B&W featuring new three-page strip by Mike Diana, plus comix by Ben Hutchings, SCAR, D. Rat, Doug Iannucci, Dexter Cockburn, Michael Aushenker, Gerard Ashworth, Ross Radiation, David Puckeridge, Julie Doye, Chris Mikul, Ryan Vella, Lark and Stratu. Plus a 4-page story by Henry L. Racicot (with illos by Doug Iannucci). Plus a huge seven-page comix and zine reviews section.

250 copies, each hand-numbered.

$10.00 USD for North America and Europe by PayPal to sstratu@gmail.com (that might seem steep but these comics are HEAVY, and the postage to send to US/Europe is $6.30 - believe me, I'm not making money off of these.)

$8.00 USD for Asia

$8.00 AUSD for New Zealand

$5.00 for Australia

or email to arrange cash payment >>> sstratu@gmail.com

You definitely want one of these to arrive in your mailbox. Plus I use REAL postage stamps, not those awful, bland post office postage stickers.

Thanks for reading!




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