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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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The East Village Inky #41

In which a fledgling children's book author attempts to move more magazines by splashing her REKINDLED AFFAIR with a certain NYC CELEBRITY* all over the cover in a misleading sort of way.

Hugh Jackman's Hair Transplant!
Chicken Wings and Chicken Butt!
A Buncha Superheroes I've Never Heard Of & Can't Draw Either!

* strictly non-sexual, in fact not 100 percent human

40 jam-packed, fun-filled, handwritten and illustrated pages in a handy pocket-sized format. Unparalleled reading for toilet, subway, and nursing in public places. Now in our 10th year of publishing!

Now vailable for postal and online purchase!
here's one portal:
here's another:
etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5522886

Also live in person at the NYC zinefest!

WTF? Issue #1: Jetset Analog Future is now available.

Issue #1 contains: the correspondence of a madman (c'est moi), many picture comics, visions of a bleak dystopian future, visions of a bleak dystopian present, details on what really happened to Alice Pleasance after the Looking-Glass Incident, and a pin-up centerfold!

WTF? is 24 pages of mostly humor, mostly twisted. It contains alot of visual jokes and a couple pieces of short fiction and poetry. All of it written by yours truly.

Despite what it says on the cover, the zine is $2. Willing to trade for funny and/or bizarre zines.


DJ Burnett
PO Box 131
Fryburg, PA 16326

or email:

Queerbait #14. Articles include Why Evangelicals are Wrong and Will Always Be Wrong, How Prop. 8 Destroyed My Life, What's Wrong With Hairy Women, Anyway?, 100 Little Reasons Why Wal-Mart is Evil (And One Really Big One), and Meat-Eaters, Go Straight Down to the Hot Place. There are also tips on bicycle repair, vegan recipes, and other useful, informative information.

Issues are three dollars. Please email joanqueerbait@gmail.com.

Josh Blair, Pete Borrebach and Noah Van Sciver all live in apartment 307. Not in the same apartment, mind you. Not in the same city, the same state or even the same region of the country. Yet they all, nevertheless, live in apartment 307. These are their stories.

Featuring three semi-autobiographical tales by underground comix sensation Noah Van Sciver (MOME, The Comics Journal, Mineshaft), Josh Blair and Pete Borrebach (with Nick Marino) along with a back cover jam featuring all of the artists, Apartment 307 is twenty half-sized pages , with covers printed on ivory-colored cardstock paper and interior pages printed on bright premium paper, for $3. Available at http://candyormedicine.blogspot.com or on Etsy at http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

I've just finished the first issue of my zine Estrones and I would love to trade. It's not much: quarter A4 sized (A6 I guess it would be), 12 pages and a pretty cover. I'm into card making so I used up some of my paper stash to make covers. As soon as I finished it, I could see the flaws, so I'll be working on the next issue soon!

If you'd like to trade, send me your snail mail address to serennau@gmail.com.

Forever Analog zine

Forever Analog is an illustrated zine about typewriters, vinyl records and film photography and the reasons why people still use them.

A5 size, 12 pages of content (not incl the cover). Edition of 50. Covers come in pink, green, teal, blue and orange.

£2 + postage through myself or etsy. There's more images on my page :)
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that issue 5 of Dreams of Donuts is available. It is a comic perzine about my life, and it is $1 or Trade, although I really prefer trades.

If you want to order, you can mail your buck or trade to:

Heather R
4315 4th Ave
Sacramento Ca 95817
Marked For Life #5
$.50/8 pages/Mini size
by Sage

Sage writes, "I created a text heavy mini that deals with my thoughts on self-censorship, social anxiety and the attempt (and sometimes success) at carrying on with my creative pursuits regardless of the judgment that I happen to fear from others."

Available at my distro: Sweet Candy Distro

you can also order this zine by doing the following:

Send PayPal payment to sweetcandydistro AT gmail DOT com

$1 ppd within the US
$1.50 ppd to Canada
$2 ppd Everywhere Else

Or you can send US cash to:

Sage A.
PO Box 1833
Dallas, GA 30132

You can also find this mini zine along with some other stuff I make at my Etsy shop.
The zine from my recent ZiNES 101 workshop!!!! fun little 10pg digest we made in two hours! We had a lot of fun!
"InZINEbriated"#1 2009
I'd be happy to send out some copies for workshops (as examples?) or if you just want one for your collection let me know!

My very first perzine is finally and officially out! WOOO! It took a while trying to find a copier/printing place that's cheap enough... blargh. anyways, here it is... and I apologize about the crapy photo quality... i took it with my phone and the lighting in my room is horrible.

so here is it: A Long Process of Letting Go (ALPOLG1). Click HERE to learn more about the zine--what it's about, the format, and what brought it about.

Other info:
-Every page is a photocopy of the original hand-written accounts and letters.
-pages are not bound, but is held together by collaged pockets, making each unique
- there will only be 50 copies and each is numbered and signed.

Payment method:
$3 Paypal OR 1.50 + stamps through mail.
email me at:i_reply@live.com before making any payments or to get my physical address

Every cent I'll earn from zines and crafts from today onwards, will be saved for a plane ticket. Why? Because i am dying to get back home. So consider this as helping me visit home again.
Just finished my first zine, Pantie$ 4 $ale. Humor/Documentary. It's about trying to sell panties via Craigs List to raise money for a non profit bookstore. also, all the proceeds go to keeping greencup books running www.Greencupbooks.org
$3.00 (includes shipping)

greencup books
105 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233

Adult Themes is half size, with 49 pages of poetry and prose, fact and fiction. I am asking $2 or trade for it. The writing is sexually explicit and intended for a mature audience, so consider yourself warned. If you want a copy, please send an age statement along with your order. (I just want to cover my ass here.)

My address is

PO Box 1483
Lawrence, KS 66044 USA



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