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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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To buy in the UK, see the paypal button at: http://www.myspace.com/colouringoutsidethelines (£2 postage paid)

For international buyers, please see: http://www.cotl.etsy.com

If you're in Leeds, I'm gonna be like a bag lady over the coming month, with stashes of zines on my person, so do grab one from me (£1.50 each)

They'll soon be availabe from the following UK distros too:
Richochet! Ricochet!, Dear Soeurs, Marching Stars, Manifesta.

All the details:

Reassess Your Weapons is a collective feminist/queer zine from Leeds, UK.

This issue (#10, March 2009) is the latetst one.

A5 zine, colour cover, 80plus pages.

This issue features:
A big section on Boundaries,
Poetry by Jackie Hagan,
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's 'LostMissing' project,
Grassroots Feminism website,
Short stories by Carissa Halston,
Interviews with those whose jobs don't suck,
Queer Control Records,
How to make a bag garden,
Writing by Wendy-O Matik,
Plus more.

love letters to monsters #2 is finished! just in time for spring! this is the description i wrote up for my zine distro:

the newest issue of my personal zine is a clear descendant of my former zine "a renegade's handbook to love & sabotage" (five issues were published beteen 2000 & 2002). the zine is comprised of ten pieces ranging from three to seven pages each, pretty heavy on the text, but illustrated throughout with cute comic drawings or people, scenes, & things (& a smidgen of very weird victorian clip art too--cats playing the piano?!). in addition to a letter to a sea monster & a letter from a sea monster, & a page of book recommendations, there is writing on the role of creativity in my life since i dropped out of most political collectives i was in, the events (personal, physical, & clinical) leading up to my abortion last summer (this is split into three parts, each documenting a specific piece of the abortion experience, from finding out i was pregnant to understanding the role of anti-choice activists), my experiences with the boston skillshare collective over the course of six years, a gentle critique of youth liberation, my thoughts on consent & social justice around issues of healthy sexuality, unpacking the concept of "radical relationships" to re-frame the idea on all kinds of health relationships & not just polyamory, struggling to challenge myself creatively & politically, & my frustrations with radical partisanship. this sounds kind of heavy, huh? but hopefully i was effective at writing everything through the prism of my own personal experiences, & the zine is a series of thought-provoking stories as opposed to strident ideological dogma. it definitely puts forth a fairly clear anarcha-feminist politic predicated on my decade-plus doing political collective organizing, but i hope it's also funny, vulnerable, charming...you know, all the good stuff that makes perzines personal. all typewritten with a cut & paste layout.

the zine is quarter-legal-sized, 48 pages, with cream-colored cardstock covers hand-colored (front & back).

other zines i have available:
you live for the fight when that's all that you've got #1 (perzine from february 2006 about death, suicidal ideation, traveling, minneapolis, france, & more) -- $2
up the logic punks! #1 (logic puzzles about punks, anarchists, & zinesters) -- $1.50
up the logic punks! #2 (more logic puzzles about punks, anarchists, & zinesters -- $2

the zine costs $2 anywhere in the world (that includes postage). i accept cash at:
ciara xyerra
12 lincoln ave. #3
somerville MA 02145 USA

or you can pay via paypal: learningtoleaveapapertrail@hotmail.com

or you can include with a larger distro order from learning to leave a paper trail zine distro (over 100 different zines to choose from, & an especially great resource if the above zine description appealed to you, because i write pretty much exactly the kind of zines i like to carry--personal/political, feminist & thought-provoking, a mix of good writing & smart-looking layout)

It's been a long, long time since my last zine (roughly 2-3 years), but I've been writing a lot & have finally managed to get myself out to the copy shop & am making up for my years of inactivity by releasing two zines at once!

A Million Birthdays is a perzine that tends toward short creative non-fiction. Each issue contains a number of short stories/essays (honestly, I'm not exactly sure what to call them) about my life. I live in northeastern Ohio & recently finished my undergraduate work at a university in southwestern Ohio. These zines cover the bulk of my college years and serve as an exploration of emotional and geographical identity. Over time, my zine has become a way for me to create and interrogate an understanding of self through the exploration of place, people, and circumstance. A simpler way of looking at it is: I'm a girl who writes stories about what it means to be young, to be in the middle of class boundaries, to live on the outskirts of a fading industrial city, to struggle with anxiety and validity and recovery.

Be forewarned, these zines are extremely, extremely text heavy!

A Million Birthdays #8 is 5.5 X 5.x" (it's square), 44pgs -- $2 + 2 stamps via mail, $3 via PayPal (sewtrue[at]gmail.com)

A Million Birthdays #9 is half size, 40pgs -- $2 + 2 stamps via mail, $3 via PayPal (sewtrue[at]gmail.com)

To order both at once, $5 & no stamps via mail or $5.50 via PayPal (sewtrue[at]gmail.com)

I'm sorry if the prices seem steep, I'm just charging cost of copying + postage. The PayPal price is higher because it accounts for both PayPal fees and shipping.

PayPal payments can be sent to sewtrue[at]gmail.com

If you're interested in ordering via snailmail, please e-mail me (sewtrue[at]gmail.com) or send me a message via WMZ for my shipping address.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the financial position to trade right now. When I'm able to accept trades, I'll edit this post.
Yipee! My second issue of "What We Aren't?" is out! :D I actually did this partially for a school project. The assignment was to write 5 poems. I wrote twelve (plus visuals) and put them in a zine on better-then-printer-paper paper. yeah. overboard. but it was three days late so the extra effort can't hurt. I'm planning on having it up for sale or trade as soon as I get a PO box.

What I learned: don't trust fancy copy machines and don't work under a deadline.

I've just finished issue 1 of my compilation zine on re-reading favourite childhood books, Four Eyes. It includes articles on Maurice Sendak's Outside Over There, Norman Hunter's Professor Branestawm, Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods, Tessa Duder's Alex in Winter and L M Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables plus an interview with Diana Wynne Jones and bits on Pippi Longstocking and the Phantom Tollbooth.

It's a 20 page A5 zine and I'm happy to accept trades although obviously I may have to include extras if yours is a big colour zine since mine is little and B&W. If you simply want to purchase a copy please send £1/$3 US via paypal to me at patsydecline @ gmail.com and email me at the same address if you have any questions.

I'll hopefully be doing a second issue if anyone is interested in contributing too. All contributors to the first will have their issue on the way as soon as the post offices are open (it's a bank holiday as I write!)


And here's a picture of the above zine!
i just recently put out Carrots and Condoms #2
this issue is about dealing with abuse and mental illness in my family while trying to find sanity in an insane world
it's kinda sad, kinda hopeful
color cover with pen-and-ink drawings throughout.

send $2, trade, or a really nice letter to:
Coco Negro
P.O. Box 163327
Sacramento, CA 95816


ABSENT PRESENT takes an anti-moderntity / Outsider stance - includes an article on horror and the aesthetics of the abject, a review of Eric Drooker's anarchist artwork, the remake of the film 'Funny Games' (and the audience as a voyeur), creepy nihilistic fiction.

CATS TEETH is a perzine which pieces together fragments from my collection of diaries. The first issue is themed 'Mislead Me' and focuses on power relations in love and sex, innocence and corruption, dark fantasies.

Photos on my profile.
Dear WeMakeZines,

Issue #2 of WHIP is ready!
It's a little A6 folded down from A3 zine perfect for pockets and picnics and trades and anything (everything?) else.

This issue features splendid poems from shy writers on the theme of living in places. We've got a diagram, a map, long poems, short poems, poems about sex, cooking, a turtle and lots lots more.

We would love to trade with anyone, for anything, always.
And NOW we are looking for contributors for our THIRD zine, the theme of which is animals are not your friends.


YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #7 is all about me and carl's two week trip back home to finland in beginning of february 2009. it has bits i scribbled in my notebook and snapshots taken while travelling, recount of what happened / was done and some thoughts on my family, my former self, the concept of home and where it is and memories from child. there's also a list of things i miss / think are better in finland. and a recipe for a finnish rhubarb curd pie. <3

comes with handcoloured covers.

1/4 size (landscape), 38 pages

knifecrime.etsy.com or email me about trades etc = tukrulovesyou at gmail.com
Mongrel Zine #5 is out now and for sale online at ​​www.​​mongrelzine.​​ca (May 2009, 120 pages, 6″ x 7.5″)

It's another flipzine! Mongrel Zine #5 has interviews with King Khan, The Spits, Pierced Arrows, the directors of Unknown Passage : The Dead Moon Story, Skip Jensen, Ratas del Vaticano, Chuck Violence, B-Lines, Rupert Bottenberg, CM Ruiz, The Speaking Tongues, The Girls of Beehive, Ayden Gallery, plus an article on Stef Petticoat and a tribute to the late Cramps frontman Lux Interior.

Also: Gary Pig Gold, Kirsten Easthope, Rot N Hell, Fingers, an exclusive introduction by Bobby Beaton, reviews, more!


“I Hate Being In Love” by Amy and the Angels from Making Waves LP (Girlfriend Records) 1981. Stef Petticoat article in MZ#5

“Army Life” by The Spits from Demos, Filler, and More. The Spits interview in MZ#5. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Esquema Social” by Ratas del Vaticano from Matado por la Muerte (españa) 2008. Ratas interview in MZ#5

“Acostúmbrate” by Ratas del Vaticano from Matado por la Muerte (españa) 2008

“She Likes It” by Dead Ghosts from Dead Ghosts/The Smith Westerns split 7” (Bachelor Records BR-24) 2009. Dead Ghosts interview in MZ#2

“Shut It” by Manic Attracts from Shut It/Teenage Teenage 7” (Yakisakana Sazae-035) 2009

“My Brother” by Thee B-Sides (unreleased) 2009. Thee B-Sides interview in MZ#4. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“You're the Man” by Thee B-Sides (unreleased) 2009. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Get Outta My Hair” by The Gruesomes from Tyrants of Teen Trash (Ricochet Sound) 2008 reissue. The Gruesomes interview in MZ#4

“Whirlpool” by The Gruesomes from Gruesomania (Ricochet Sound) 2008 reissue

“Who's Gonna Tell Mary?” by Tranzmitors from Busy Singles (Deranged) 2009. Tranzmitors interview in MZ#3

“No Good For Me” by White Wires from Girly Girly Girly LP (GOING GAGA RECORDS) 2008

“Back by 9” by The Trap Doors” from Don't Talk Shit Demo CDR 2009. The Trap Doors interview in MZ#2. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Old Marble” by The Trap Doors” from Don't Talk Shit Demo CDR 2009. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“La Pomata” by Chuck Violence (unreleased) 2009. Chuck Violence interview in MZ#5. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Ain’t Got Money” by Petroleum By-Products (unreleased) 2008. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Busy Man” by B-LINES (unreleased) 2007. B-LINES interview in MZ#5. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Chemtrails” by The Spits from Demos, Filler, and More. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Cannot Calm Down” by Sedatives from Cannot Calm Down 7" (GOING GAGA RECORDS) 2009

“Girlfriend” by The Angry Dragons (unreleased) 2008. Angry Dragons article in MZ#4. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Black Alibi” by The Aversions from Black Alibi 7" (Die in Style Records) 2006

“Can You Rock With Me?” by Choyce and the Sharks from s/t CDR (K.Y.B. Records KYB-010) 2008. CPC Gangbangs interview in MZ#2

“Go Home” by Fried Clams (unreleased) 2008. YOU'LL ONLY HEAR IT ON CD HERE!

“Darbi and Tarlton” by Skip Jensen w/ Seb Normal from s/t CD 2006. Skip Jensen interview in MZ#5

Buy it at ​www.​​​mongrelzine.​ca

I just finished #2 of 'Cat's Teeth'. This one is titled 'She'd match my spit with spite'. It contains reflections, memories, diary snippets about my first relationship / sexual experience / girlfriend / blood-sister at 16 - plunging myself in to vampirism, self-harm, satanism, bdsm - the concluding betrayal and our reunion 6 years later. (Turned a bit epic, twice as long as #1.)

I prefer to trade. If you're interested, contact me on wintermuse@gmail.com


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