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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Incidental Afterthought's 8th installment will be out on Christmas eve. On the other hand, Eargasm's maiden issue is finally released.
This one sounds interesting to me. I like the 'sexy'.

Whip-ette said:
in the spirit of neatness and order, i'll post this here.

our first zine "WHIP" is printed and stapled and ready for anyone who wants one!

it's a lit zine with the occasional photograph or drawing. (and a bizarre cube-with-an-eye picture that just needs to be included in a short story sometime.) it's choc-a-bloc with sad, funny, sexy writing (although not usually all at the same time...) and it's giving a voice to all those not-so-pretentious, secret writers who need a bit of an outlet for all that writing they so fantastically produce.

if you want to trade, let us know.

O Gosh! This shit is right up my alley!

e.war said:
New issue of Fag Punk available, 12 pages of glorious stories of sex with punks, skinheads and radicals. contact me for info on ordering... about a buck an issue. and I'm also up for trading!
In the MINI ZINE FOLKS GROUP we just did a trade where all involved created new mini zines to trade.
Mine is called DOGEAR (issue #0) which has four stories of supernatural experiences from my childhood.
Mini size (1/4 size) 22 pages, limited to 25 copies. 12 went out in trade, and 1 for myself. The rest are up for trade
only, especially if you have a similar zine, or a comics/illustration zine. Message me for trading.



This is a mini zine that I created for the Mini Zine Folks group swap (09). It fits into a standard envelope, is black and white and 16 pages. Because it's shiny an new, I've put it in a foil embossed koi envelope I found at the asian grocery.

The zine features pages from my sketchbook drawn especially for the occasion.

Now Available!
Absent Cause #2: DUALITY

bisexual bipolar body-conscious dead or alive
dialectical doppelganger gendered
identified mirrored radical
schizophrenic vampires


Amanda Palmer interview on music, madness and the ReBELLYon

* Walaa Quisay, Egyptian student activist
* Laura-Marie Taylor, Functionally Ill zine
* Breaking To Top, Maoist punk band from China

“Arab in the American World” by Andria Alefhi
“Changeling” new fiction from James Rush
“The un-american aesthetic” by Brandi Lee

* Mademoiselle Aly Basterr
* Tonia Bellon
* Boo
* Stephanie Eversole
* Oscar Fuentes
* Jessika
* Vondora Jordan
* Druscilla Morgan
* Jolie Noggle
* Eman Rimawi
* Alison Roh Park
* JC Reilly
* zeraph

“Do You Know My Story?” by Lailati Nar

* Jessica Amorelli
* Heidi "bluegirl" Calvert
* Diane Carroll
* chasterwebb
* Toni Lynn Crane
* Disdane
* Brad Hemmelgarn
* Kelushka
* Christine Stoddard
* Beverleyann Wilson
* zowolf

... and much more!

Plus essays, reviews, and comix from redguard.

Absent Cause includes artwork IN COLOR.

Order for $4 including shipping from my Etsy shop at:

By mail to: Absent Cause, PO Box 1568, New York, NY 10276

To arrange a trade email redguard@gmail.com

underground cultures, hidden histories, feminist and queer sexualities, chosen families and radical politics; vampirism, the gothic, horror and the macabre; surviving abuse, coping with mental illness/dangerous gifts, self-harm and suicide.

this is not your average zine. no interviews or reviews, but just a collection of stories about how i managed to see every single movie that came out during my first year of university... for free. it's not really about the movies themselves, but more about the excitement, how i did it, the troubles, the adventures of sneaking around in the movie theatre,...
printed on glossy paper with heavy cover.
pictures are on my profile page!

more info about me here: www.cellardoor.be
the guy that did the drawings: www.ridekites.blogspot.com

2 euro if you come get it
3 euro if you're in belgium
4.5 euro if you're in europe
5 euro if you're in the world

sorry about the high prices, shipping in belgium is amazing.

just message me here!

get in touch if you want to buy multiple copies, i'll see what i can do!
Issue #4​ of Threa​t N Ink is final​ly out and ready​ for your consu​mptio​n.​
Cover​ is by Nick Sedil​los and has comic​s from:
Nick Sedil​los
Alex Chiu
Kate Dicki​nson
Mark Jiro okui
Kyle MacKe​nzie
Tina/​Cough​ Zine
Amber​ Dawn
Jason​ White​
Ben Snake​pit
Midor​i Kamba​
Jethr​o Wall
38 pages​ of illus​trate​d Songs​.​
If you would​ like to buy the new issue​,​ send me a messa​ge and
I will give you all the info you need!​ New issue​ is $​3ppd.​ WOW! What a barga​in!​

threat n ink #4
hey, the new issue of my zine, LIGHTS GO OUT come out at the end of the month.
we're a music based zine, packed full of reviews and columns. The new issue features interviews with Strike Anywhere, Kid Carpet, Just Panic and Diane Youdale - aka Jet from Gladiators!!!!
Just £1.50 post paid in the UK via www.myspace.com/lightsgooutpunkzine or paypal to mrt@secondinline.co.uk please!


a personal zine about freedom, friendship, love, and loss. 32 pages, half-size.

check my page for prices and contact information!
ReWrite #4 is out! You can get it here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20454336
I've begun a collaboration project this year in which I'm working (primarily as a writer) with 12 other artists, musicians, writers and film-makers. The plan is to make one new thing with a different collaborator each month, and for each collaboration to seek inspiration from one or all of those that have gone before.

The project is called "Two Heads". The website for it, incorporating the list of people I'm collaborating with (and if you click through you can read a bit about them) is up at http://www.ecartilage.co.uk/twoheads.htm - and -

Part One is now done!

Click on the cover for Two Heads part one's own page which includes scans of the text. What I've produced with Ben is a sprawling diary of the last few weeks which deals with the future, past, stolen bikes and the Celebrity Big Brother house. You can order a copy of the booklet online in a numbered edition of 150.


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