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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Hey guys,

Finally created a new zine. It's called Strangury. It's, I guess, kind of a lit zine, although the target of the writing is satire. It's 12 pages, and totally free! All you have to do is send me an address (only in an email to theenigmanj@yahoo.com), and I'll send a copy. Also, you can send questions, suggestions, encouragement, contributions, concerns, complaints, etc. to my email.

Piltdownlad #10 – Behind the Wheel: A Lyft Driver’s Log

From the trenches of San Francisco’s sharing economy: A Lyft confessional.

Ever wonder what the deal was with those pink mustaches you've been seeing on cars around town?
Or what it's like to a passenger in a Lyft car? A driver?

Ride shotgun with me as I cruise through San Francisco’s latest Tech Boom, detailing the Lyft process, the numerous changes in the city and the stories, conversations and opinions of the passengers I pick up along the way. 

Click here for more info/ordering/excerpts/trades/etc. etc. etc.

These are going fast! The first print run is almost sold out and the majority of the second printing will be at the SF Zine Fest on 8/30-31. I'm sending out trade copies as quickly as I can. So if you want a copy, get in touch! And if I owe you a trade, please please let me know. I moved at the first of the year and there was a post office snafu that made the normal mayhem of transition even worse. 




Did you know that the August edition of The Last Word - our long-running fanzine of freedom - is now pub? Indeedaroony!

The latest ish discusses these important topics...

• My newest battle with bad computer speakers.

• The uproarious rise of mapping software.

• Kings Island ridiculousness.

• Another funny poo-poo story.

So point your proboscis here...


Issue #9 of "Welcome to the Cultural Aether" is done and ready to ship! The largest issue yet, containing 48 pages crammed full of collages.

Orders can be sent to:

The Cultural Aether

2440 E. Tudor Rd #364

Anchorage, AK 99507

The cost for the newest issue is 1$.  And as always for an extra 3$ we will send off the oldest three issues we still have.

Shipping is included in the cost, unless you are outside of the U.S.  If you are just drop an extra dollar in the order.

Also if you run a zine library or want to review the zine we are more than happy to send you one for free, just send us a message on here.

We've also decided we are willing to trades from now on, but only if you are okay with us potentially collaging in stuff from your zine into future issues.

celestial nightmare volume 2

playlists, drawings, fashion collages. goth, metalcore, and whatever bjork and xiu xiu are.

this nice carcrash of a zine wants yer soul. send me yer zine or $1. black n white on lightblue paper halfsize

have a heart. take carrie to the prom. (and I am talkin' 1976 carrie. don't bullshit me.)

celestial nightmare volume 1

playlists, short stories, drawings. people in black clothes who wear weird makeup.

if you'd like to burn yer eyes out with some lime green paper printed zine let's trade. black n white halfsize.

stella, your designated ghoul, not driver

a homeschooled teenager who cuts up paper and glues it on other paper.

Hey, I'm a photgrapher/filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland that's finally gotten around to doing a zine called Memory Theatre and currently have two issues available!

Issue #1 is based around photos taken at Dublin punk & hardcore shows in 2012 and 2013. Bands featured include Bang Bros, Crows, Crowd Control, Rotting Out, La Dispute, Nibiriu, Cornered & more. 28 pages of black & white photography with full spreads and photo print on the cover.

Issue #2 features personal and project photography all shot on 35mm film. 32 pages of black & white photography with print on the cover.

Issues are €4 each + postage. Buy here: http://noisenotmusic.bigcartel.com/category/zines

I am also more than willing to trade for other similar style zines (photozines or any zines with moviemaking/film content), email me at label@noisenotmusic.org to set up a trade.

TWO Announcements, one old and one new. 

"FUCK” is a 4x2” Black & White 20-Page Zine / Digital Single.

This piece of literature expresses the word FUCK with a new and innovative definition to the potent term. Each page weighs in prominence, distress, and curiousness with unique imagery and texture, gratuitously accompanied with the word FUCK.
“FUCK” is packaged with a Download Code to receive the audio single. The digital single is an abrasive (yet subtle) piece that goes hand-in-hand to the “FUCK” reading material. This zine is an edition of 50 numbered copies and is available to download as PDF.

$1.50 US
$2 World

Digital Purchase is “Pay What You Want” Donation




"This Is Me"

"This Is Me" is a 4x5in. Black & White 24 Page Zine
Packaged with a 3" CDR. 50 Numbered Copies.

The Zine Profiles Serial Murderers in a different light, other than how they are typically archived (e.g. Repetitive writings, or glorification from Goregrind bands and such)

This publishing shows you their personalities and vulnerabilities, something that tends to be voided and overlooked in other documentations.
The ambient music that comes with the book is made to create an ominous environment as the pages are read. 

Includes Digital Version of Zine 

$4 US
$9 World




Bill Murray Tapes
5738 Worth St
Dallas, TX  75214





Bloomer zine, #1

by Ben Barker

Bloomer is a personal and political zine full of prose, stories, and images.

This issue features:
- A review of "Blankets", a graphic novel by Craig Thompson
- A review of six great pop-punk bands
- Anecdotes of heartbreak and personal growth
- Anecdotes of political injustice and social change
- A feature article on "hip style" and humility
- A feature article on the radical scene of West Bend, WI
- A quote by Barbara Kingsolver
- More!

Format information:
-40 pages
-8.5' x 5.5'
-Color inner-cover
-Vellum outer-cover
-Machine-sewn binding
-High-contrast b&w aesthetics

The first issue of my zine called BlackEye Magazine will be published soon. Every issue will feature an artist of a different area. The first one is all about the Berlin tattooer Chaim Machlev. 
I hope you have time to step by on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackeyemagazine
Have a nice day!

Hello! New issue announcement of my zine & Octopus. Volume 2, issue 2 summer 2014.

Illustrated and handwritten, black and white pages filled mostly with lighthearted content about personal memories and thoughts.

2.2's issue contents include:
+ A silly Scavenger Hunt
+ Things I Miss (that were still around in the early 90s)
+ Things I Think are Okay (despite their usual negative connotation)
+ Favorite Comfort Foods
+ Personal stories
+ Things I Think are Worth Learning

More info and photos here. Purchase through Etsy or Paypal (contact me for address). Well-concealed cash is okay US-only: $2 + .49¢ stamp or $3 flat if no stamp (contact me for address).

It was tough, but this year's Back-to-School edition of The Last Word is pub!

Our schools haven't been very funny lately - with all the racism and violent crime exposed in this issue - so I'm in a rather humorless mood. Nonetheless, there are a few amusing reminisces about my high school years in the latest edition.

So point your pooper here...


Hello zinesters! I am 20 years old, live in San Francisco and publish a music magazine called TEENAGE NEWS. I would love to trade, sell or give you fine folks a copy.

In short, "TEENAGE NEWS is based around an unceasing desire to rediscover long-lost, favorite records. TEENAGE NEWS is not limited to a specific audience; it is for those who are trying to recreate that initial captivation of falling for an album, artist, song, era, ideology, etc. TEENAGE NEWS is about the reader getting lost in the moment, learning about themselves, and learning about the STARS that created much more than pieces of merchandise."  

Issue #2 proves that TEENAGE NEWS always hits you full force. Back with educating and entertaining interviews, prepare to lose yourself in this teenage paradise.

Features: Cherie Currie (Runaways), Gary Powell (Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things), Jennifer Clavin (Bleached), Klaus Nomi, Dave Davies (The Kinks), Cherry Vanilla's Pop Tart Compositions, Joey Pinter, Bobby Jameson, Tommy James (the Shondells), Desert Island Discs by the STARS, The Mutants, Vinnie Kircher (Jaill), album reviews.




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