A Visit to Vanity Fair: My glamorous sister dresses me for a night on the town. Just like when Meg goes to visit the Gardiners in Little Women. But without the remorse.

How to Hem Your Jeans (so they won’t look dorky): a step by step guide.

So You Want to Build a Sukkah: Despite my lack of crafty cred, I become strangely obsessed with building a festive harvest hut in the backyard.

The Motel of Lost Companions: No one needs a friend quite like an overwhelmed, exhausted new mother. Allison and I were the only two on the block. I thought we’d be pals forever.

Plus, hitchhiking with kids; thoughts on revisiting Narnia; a double-spread of book recommendations; my family meets a bear, a Moroccan encounter at the grocery store, and the best hamentashen recipe.

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