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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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In a time all the information about hardcore seems to be reduced to ones and zeros, fanzines have been pushed to the background. In order to prevent all this information to go lost when a couple of servers crash, Twisted Wrongs & Crooked Rights is back with a third printed issue.

This is what we have in store: we had a chat with Dave Dictor of the American hardcore veterans MDC, about what was so cool about the romantic era when hardcore started, but also popped the bubble about the less cooler stuff. Check it out! We have talked to the German metal collective The Ocean, who have been showing their own interpretation of inventive metal music. We spoke with the Canadian band Cursed, only weeks before they were robbed on tour and decided to split up. Reign Supreme and Cruel Hand are two bands representing the heavy sound in hardcore today, both of them coming from a background of well-known bands (Blacklisted and Outbreak). This issue has two Dutch bands in store for you. There is a group of young kids bringing new life to the hardcore punk in Amsterdam and we had a chat with two main figures, who both play in the bands Gewapend Beton and Sick Mormons. Besides the bands we have a column by Paul from the British Initonit zine and an interview with record collector Joachim Gaertner, who has written a book about now defunct record labels.

The cover was drawn by Aaron Crawford, who has done artwork for Necro, HIMSA and Stick To Your Guns among many others.

Other contents are a photo report of the final Malkovich show, a band graveyard 08 and a whole lotta reviews.

A4, 64 pages
€3 excl. postage (get in touch for wholesale prices)

Tattooed Memoirs 6
$1/16 pages/Half size
by Sage

As my 30th birthday approached I felt as though a cycle of my life came full circle. Inside you will find writing regarding my marriage (the ups & downs), being a mother and finding clarity. I currently feel like I am going through life now with a vision that is clear which makes each day fulfilling. I touch briefly on the sudden death of my step-dad, the recent election and lists about good stuff ~ All of the graphics used in this issue came from the 1975 Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating.

Order Info:

Within the US you can send $1 plus 2 stamps or Pay Pal $2 to sweetcandydistro [AT] gmail DOT com
Outside of the US you can Pay Pal $3 to the e-mail above.

Mailing Info:
Sage A.
PO Box 1833
Dallas, GA 30132

I will also have this zine available in my distro’s catalog:

Sweet Candy: http://www. myspace. com/sweetcandymailorder

Or also at my Etsy shop: http://www.sage. etsy. com
New issue of Fag Punk available, 12 pages of glorious stories of sex with punks, skinheads and radicals. contact me for info on ordering... about a buck an issue. and I'm also up for trading!
Hi I have just printed Morgenmuffel no 17, its 28 pages plus cover and the usual mix of personal comics, travel tales, gratuitous lists and polemic. So get in touch if you would like a copy, or some for distro, or for trade!
oh man everyone puts up a picture apart from me.
I just put out a mini-zine that started out as a letter to someone I didn't really know. Now I don't really know what it is anymore.

Girl Photographer 3 Finished at last!

girl photographer three.
quarter sized.
64 full colour glossy pages (this one is a monster!) about running away on a whim, taking control, feeling happysad, modifying a holga to take 35mm film and being haunted by the perfect image.
two pages of welsh content.

£4.50 via paypal
£5.00 internationally
or available at my etsy shop.

Moon Rocks is a Brighton-based hand-made cosmic periodical. No agenda, no adverts, no cost, no colour. Free if you live in Brighton, the price of a stamp if you don't.

Issue #3 has an exclusive interview with ex-KLF frontman Bill Drummond, talking about his recent trip to Sao Paulo and his efforts to make the Brazilians respect No Music Day. Plus art, illustration, fiction, non-fiction and more.

Email moonrocksmagazine@gmail.com to request a copy (or grab one from a pub in the North Laines if in Brighton).

Over and out.

Issue 1 of Portaging in Purgatory. A perzine about dreams, raves, x-boyfriends, veganism, school, and decisions. Purchase on my etsy account:


or contact me via email. I accept paypal or concealed cash. Trades welcome.
Hey dudes, mine and Sarah's split zine Processed Junk/See the Sky issue 1 is out now!

It's got rants, articles and rambles on; Protests, Veganism, Recipes, DIY, Growing Potatoes, Book Reviews, Manchester Zine Fest, Gig Reviews and rubbish Boyfriends. Check it out!

Here's just a pic of the front cover(s) -



It'll be bout 50p, if we could send you a few copies for distros that'd be cool, trades are awesome also as I'd love to get my zine distro a bit more full!

Message me on here, or email juderz@hotmail.com or write to

22 St.Mark's Road

Incidental Afterthought's 8th installment will be out on Christmas eve. On the other hand, Eargasm's maiden issue is finally released.
This one sounds interesting to me. I like the 'sexy'.

Whip-ette said:
in the spirit of neatness and order, i'll post this here.

our first zine "WHIP" is printed and stapled and ready for anyone who wants one!

it's a lit zine with the occasional photograph or drawing. (and a bizarre cube-with-an-eye picture that just needs to be included in a short story sometime.) it's choc-a-bloc with sad, funny, sexy writing (although not usually all at the same time...) and it's giving a voice to all those not-so-pretentious, secret writers who need a bit of an outlet for all that writing they so fantastically produce.

if you want to trade, let us know.

O Gosh! This shit is right up my alley!

e.war said:
New issue of Fag Punk available, 12 pages of glorious stories of sex with punks, skinheads and radicals. contact me for info on ordering... about a buck an issue. and I'm also up for trading!



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