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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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The second issue of Crime Unlimited Inc. Co. has flown the coop and is now available FINALLY. I started work on it back in August which is very apparent by the cover. I really need to stop putting dates on these books so people don't notice how much I procrastinate. This was a real challenge for me but I am proud of the final product and I hope you do too.


This a split zine I did with my friend tOM.


It’s a split zine about each other’s lives. Adrian is 15 and just started high school.  Tom is 28 and has high school in his past. Adrian’s side is about his life at the moment in a small town and looks to the future. Tom looks back at his past growing up in small town and recounts his experiences.

You can get it here.

Adrian Glickman

501 Madrone Canyon Dr.

Dripping Springs,Texas 78620



Also you can get some of tOM's zines here


Issue #3 of Thrice is now available. Free download to your computer, or Kindle or as a pdf. Hard copy is $ though we see none of that.




Also, contact bob@thricefiction.com for guidelines. Issue 4, due in March, will be without our usual theme approach. We open it up to the writers. Take a look & thanks.

Just finished my first issue of Superstructure- a film theory fanzine. Contact me for a copy!

Hello Erik

There will be a review on my blog in about 24 hours from now.


Erik Guttman said:

Drastic Frivol 1) Travel is 46 pages of stories and ruminations on diverse travel experiences and difficult return. There's also an essay on the German notion of Fernweh. The interior art was mainly clipped from 19th century geography books. 

It is available for USD $2 or €1.50 plus postage and can be sent either from the US or Germany. Contact me at erik@spybeam.org if you'd like a copy.

i have a new zine, and it's called nostalgia bombs (or, wild tigers i used to know: number two).  i've enclosed all of the pertinent information in this handy-dandy space-saving link.

Dear Readers, The new issue of Musea #182 is out and about. The hard copy is available at all the usual suspects , or read it online, or send me a SASE. Here's a preview and intro to the issue. Don't miss the art work at the end of this message! Both are at http://www.musea.us/


Happy Holidays Readers! ! Here is our annual Musea Christmas Story. Take a rest from your busy schedule and find out about SENLIN, the greatest dancer in history. Musea hopes these holidays KEEP YOU DANCING till 2012 - Tom.


Senlin wrote in her diary " What WOULD happen? Later she wrote, "What WILL happen?" We all know who SENLIN is... Strange of me to start off my short story with a first line so obvious. It's like saying we all know that 1+2=3. Why even state the equation? It's like taking a paragraph to describe doves as being white, or crows as being black; summer as being hot, winter as being full of chills. My critics are already sharpening their pencils to write lines like "He states the obvious to try to draw readers in - an amateur writer's trick." And I hear even my fondest reader say, "We breathe, Senlin dances, we know! Now start your story! " I've written about her , the greatest of all our dancers, before...

"SANTA, Our favorite elf!" This is my art work / Christmas Card for this year. http://www.musea.us/

Have just printed out copies of the Christmas edition of my quarterly, Badger's Dozen. Here is a portrait of its editor, Badger:


Yes, that is a pipe in his hand. Badger likes his Baccy.

It's got work by Elizabeth Tan, Robert Conlon, the ever-mysterious St John Nottlesby, Nebsy, and even a recipe by Mrs Isabella Beeton. There's a poem by old SF fanziner John Bangsund (he published a  lot of the original Melbourne SF fanzines and all of the people I know in the Melbourne Sf community speak of him in tones of utter reverence.) And plenty of other ace poems by some brilliant Melbourne poets. And a chest of drawers.


At three bucks I reckon it's a pretty good price, but then, I'm biased. Hit me up at timhtrain at yahoo.com.au if you want a copy.

Hello!  Issue 3 of my zine Alex is now hot off the "press." Alex is a zine that explores gender & sexuality from different angles each issue.  Most of my thoughts in Issue 3 seemed to go back to family stories.  I played with different paper options and like the way this one turned out (as a text-object).  I'm glad to trade.  Here is my blog where you can find my email and info on getting a copy:  http://alexgenderzine.wordpress.com/order-a-copy/

Thanks! -Anne

Issue 10 of my perzine Cats Teeth, is titled Mother of Otherness and focuses on being the other woman, women/femininity as othered,  plus staying in a yurt in the woods, festivals, a drug experience, lots of images of badass women and insights for the new year. It's all pretty and on coloured paper.

Trades prefered. More pics (and descriptions of other issues) on my profile. xxx


Title: SizeQueen
Format: A5, 40 pages, b/w
Copies: 100

Title: Autiste
Format: A5, 12 pages, full color
Copies: 75

Title: Twääng
Format: A5, 40 pages, b/w
Copies: 100

Title: Circle Of Fathers
Format: A5, 16 pages, full color
Copies: 75

each zine EUR 4.00 + shipping to your country

want one? write me:


more info/vinyl/tapes/zines/others:



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