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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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I've finished issue 6 now. There's a long article with pictures about when I went to the Explosions in the Sky curated ATP festival this year, an interview with Pete Hefferan of Pete and the Pirates, and assorted stuff like comparisons of places I have lived and a very very delicious brownie recipe.

You can get it here

This zine was certainly fun to make, considering how many countless hours I spend happily working on arts and crafts projects anyway. Art is a huge part of my life: It is a way for me to express the things I don't have the words for, an excuse to start up a conversation, a way to spend time doing something constructive, and a source of ideas that help me make sense of the world. I wanted to try and take some of the magic that I feel when I'm totally absorbed in some creative project and share it the best way I know how, which is through a zine.

Monsters In Our Heavens #2 - Art Class
Quarter- sheet size
32 pages (plus 3 coloring pages!)
$2.50 ppd. US/ $3.50 ppd. Int'l
Paypal: arcadedistro@gmail.com
Send cash: 4115 Still Glade Ln./ Kingwood, TX 77345
Email me about trades

Teacher pages (3-13) Some of my art teachers were so great that I use the projects and techniques they taught me to this day, but some of the teachers were so awful that they almost killed my creative spirit.
Artwork pages (14-20) There are times when, for no reason at all, I have no choice but to drop what I am doing and just go create something. These are some drawings and collages that I am particularly proud of.
Project pages (21-31) The projects are shown on the page after the page that they are explained on. Not sure where I got the ideas for most of these projects, but they are all fun to make and usually come out looking good, no matter what age or skill level you are at.

(PS- Arcade Distro November updates coming soon! Check the blog on my page!)
BEAT MOTEL #8 is out now!

The best issue of Beat Motel yet in our humble opinion, every column has something to say (bar one), we've cut out a lot of the chaff (the stuff being submitted to us that we didn't like). There's now far more of the stuff we really love, and we know you really like. So that's more tales of drunkenness, more anger directed at racist fools, reviews written by people that appear to actually give a fuck and interviews with bands that we're totally enamored with. So we've cut out the shite, and crow barred in more of the good stuff! We really mean it when we say we're proud of this issue, we put a ton of thought into every single page and there's more detail than ever before. If you thought previous issues of Beat Motel were crammed full, well this one won't disappoint! Here's a quick run down of the contents page;

A little birdie told me (columns)
They want our priests
What filth teaches us
Puke plates (tales of drunken debauchery)
Billy Riot
Careless talk costs lives
Crime in Stereo
Inner Terrestrials
Pros and cons of drug smuggling
Save St. George, save England (a riposte to nationalism)
International rules of manhood
Cuntry TV
The BNP know they're C**ts!
Ink and Imagination (zine reviews)
DvDeviant (DVD reviews)
Pama International
Aunty Em (shite advice)
Innocent Civilian (Ed from the BiG)
Contacts (tons of useful stuff for bands/ zinesters)
Rabbit Reviews
Indonesian Punk
I swear I was there (live reviews)
Booksmarts (book reviews)
Letters Page

Beat Motel issue #8 is 80 pages, 67 zine reviews, 142 cd reviews, 10 live reviews, 18 columnists and 69,400 words!

That's a helluva lot of stuff for a measly £1.50 so get and order a copy (or two) right away! Actually on a more serious note, Beat Motel actually manages to sell out it's print run pretty fast these days so if you want one then shift yer bum into gear!

Pay by Card
By going to CornDog Distro HERE

Pay by Coinage
Stick £2/ $3/ €3 (post paid) to a bit of card and lob it in the post to the address below.

Beat Motel
PO BOX 773
I don't have a great pic like the other posts but I thought I'd let everyone know that you can download the second issue of Story To...: Pod People from our blog (as well as the first issue) from this coming Monday (17 November). Have a read and let us know what you think: www.storyto.wordpress.com.

Hey! I finally got around to making more copies of Diatribe Issue Five and finished Diatribe Issue Six!

Issue five (25 copies were released in 2006) covers such fantastic topics as my conflicting views on religion (and the value voters folks), drunk dialing, the short list of things that really ire up my blood (nationalists, "manly" men, and and rockabilly to name a few) along with some contributions from my good friend Will (a history professor at the University of Madison) and a few other pieces.

Issue six (released October 2008) features info on the Large Hadron Collider, God's views on politics, bit about why adulthood and seriousness are ridiculous ideas, more flashes into the lifestyle of a blackout drunk, and a big middle finger to Dick Clark.

Paypal/Email me at aaroncynic@gmail.com and I'll send them right out to you. $5.00 for both including postage. Plus, I'll send you a fun and exciting surprise.

Back in the day, I used to work in a bookstore. One night, we got robbed. It was a very freaky experience that I've tried to write about several times, and this time I finally got all the way through it. It's a strange, entertaining story. Also included in this 20-page zine are thoughts about the terror of non-linear narrative, naughty bookstore customers, and criminals who worked for the bookstore. Rubber stamp images punctuate the action.

I'm also planning a second issue of this zine and would welcome your short vignettes about working in a bookstore (you don't have to have a robbery story) or library, or just something really quirky or interesting about your reading life. Please email me at findingjimmy [!at] comcast.net if you're interested. I have a loose deadline of Feb. 2009.

You can get it here
in the spirit of neatness and order, i'll post this here.

our first zine "WHIP" is printed and stapled and ready for anyone who wants one!

it's a lit zine with the occasional photograph or drawing. (and a bizarre cube-with-an-eye picture that just needs to be included in a short story sometime.) it's choc-a-bloc with sad, funny, sexy writing (although not usually all at the same time...) and it's giving a voice to all those not-so-pretentious, secret writers who need a bit of an outlet for all that writing they so fantastically produce.

if you want to trade, let us know.


A zine about rough sex, childhood & sexuality, "punk porn" & its "relation" to feminism.

paypal $3 to axwoundzine@yahoo.com
or email me for other purchase options:

56 pages

original screenprint cover (limited original covers left)

comes with a 28 page micro mini inside called PIG GIRL

*made in Halifax, NS @ Roberts Street Social Centre

Attack!!!! 11

Is a collection of writing, artwork and music inspired by the poem Wood by Andrew Murray, which appeared in issue 5.
Contributors include Alexander Bertram-Powell, Lawrence Bradby, Gethan Dick, Johanna van Fessem, Andrew Murray, Owl Project, Benjamin Platts-Mills, Robh Hokum, Steve Leighton, Mark Lewis, Ian Duncan Smith, Emma Tinker, and Wes White.

Here are some of their own websites:

Alex - http://rachisandbarb.blogspot.com
Lawrence - http://www.axisweb.org/seCVPG.aspx?ARTISTID=12215
Gethan - http://www.gethan.org
Owl Project - http://www.owlproject.com and http://www.myspace.com/myowlproject
Robh Hokum - http://www.myspace.com/robhhokum
Ian - http://www.iandsmith.com
Wes - http://www.ecartilage.co.uk

Conveniently the latter one is my own site and thus also the very same place you can get yourself a copy of the zine. Here's the shop if you don't want to have to click all through the website to get through to it.

Just finished issue two of my zine "Creatures and Dreams". It's a kidzine (if there is such a thing) and has lots of holiday activities, stories and drawings to keep one entertained. Technically it is for kids, but adults buy it too. One of my customers brought in her copy to show me last markets, she'd used watercolours, was lovely.

For the cover I ripped up all my old art magazines and made paper cranes from the images. The cranes are removeable.

At my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18068507

This is the second issue of my zine Book Art.

Each double page spread is comprised of two pages from the book, complimentary in colour, but each page of the zine also stands as an artwork of it’s own. The artworks are from my sketchbooks and a whole book I made called "The Sic Idea", created in my old music textbook.

Materials used in the creation of this artwork include: card stock, ink, printer, staples, book, acrylic paint, shellac, artline pen, glue, comics, wire, leaf, rice paper, and many more, too many to list.

The Book Art zine is printed on a lazer printer on 100 gsm paper for durability and clartity. Images are full colour. Zine is A5 in size and has sixteen pages of original artworks.

Review for the first volume of "Book Art" by Estelle Tang on the Story To blog:

"There’s something about the unsullied propriety of a book that makes me feel both at ease and on edge. Clearly, effort and care go into the creation of a book in truckloads. But the more difficult or deified the contents, the more I wonder what it would be like to tear it up and shake it around. Emma Stronach’s Book Art zine is a gorgeous reminder of this feeling. Emma has taken the pages of her old music textbook and ripped them up, creating sixteen pages of collage and catastrophe that are sometimes delicate and sometimes irreverent. In this way, a book that used to convey information in one way has been transformed with browns, blues, greens, shellac, pen and glue into something totally different and delightful. Book Art comes in two sizes – A6 ($5) and A5 ($10). I have the little version, but the larger version is printed on cardstock and can be taken apart as individual artworks."

I've made this issue more content rich, a bit more of a read for you, with extracts from Barbara Hanraham, Kate Chopin, Nagai Kafu's "Hydrangea", Catullus and my own writing.

Take a look :)




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