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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Candy or Medicine Volume Thirteen is out now for just $1. Order here.


Candy or Medicine Volume Thirteen is out now. For just one doll hair, you receive sixteen pages of comix goodness from Ray N, Willard Herman, Chris Tupa (a Candy or Medicine newcomer!), Brad W. Foster, Katie Omberg, William Cardini, Cameron Callahan and Carl Alessi. Click the button below to order.

Sometimes I'm Dreaming #5 is now available.


(38 pages, black & white, 1/4 size)


This issue is something of a continuation from the previous one;  I am still unhappy with my living situation and still trying my best to some to terms with it, while at the same time planning my escape. I write about the coming of spring, feeling unmotivated, personality types and having fun with my camera.


It is available to purchase through my Etsy shop.  If you would be interested in trading, please do not hesitate to ask.  My email address is sometimesimdreamingAThotmail.co.uk.  Alternatively, feel free to send me a message on here.

oh yes. with a lovely cover drawn by the lovely jen cooney.(sorry the picture is sideways, i don't know how to flip it)

this issue is more sad/despairing than most of the zines i’ve done. i wrote about:

my time working at child protective services (trigger warning), trauma stewardship, “another zinester goes on a lengthy bike trip”, some ruminations on how self-publishing is just as valid as getting a MFA, even though the mainstream writing world says otherwise, two essays from an unreleased decade-in-review zine (one about being genderqueer & one about falling in love) and a sestina for team dresch!

this zine won’t be available through any distros, as it’s intensely personal, moreso than most of the zines i’ve done (i think) and i need, for my own safety and peace of mind, to control who gets their hands on it. i have NO problem with strangers reading it, so don’t be afraid to order it if you’re a stranger! i love strangers!

this zine is $2.50 (us/canada) or $3.50 (int’l) including postage. for the first time in my zine life, i have a paypal! it’s attached to an email address i don’t really use: many_headed_hydraAThotmailDOTcom. i can't really accept trades that aren't pre-arranged right now, sorry.


if you're old fashioned and hate paypal, that's cool! just mail $2 cash or US postage stamps to me at:

ocean c.

po box 40144

pittsburgh, pa 15201

Lights Go Out Zine # 12 is out NOW!!!!

44 packed pages of interviews (The Get Up Kids, the Undertones, Lillix, Audio Karate, Man Overboard, We Ride, Lockjaw records, Voodoo Queens Part 2, Fights And Fires, Hancock, Lower Than Atlantis, The Story So Far, Further Seems Forever, Laughing In the Face Of and 80's one hit wonders: Boy Meets Girl!!!), music reviews, zine reviews, gig reviews, columns galore and even a Spice Girls Poll.


Costs just £1 (with 70p for p&p) over at www.lightsgoout.co.uk - or drop me a line, I'm more than happy to trade as well, thanks!


Mr. T


The first issue of my 'zine "Let's Do It For Johnny" is out. I used to make 'zines in high school (a very long time ago) and decided to try and get another one going. It's a perzine. This first issue has stories about living in Los Angeles, my DJ gig, a book & music review, and some other stuff.

If you'd like a copy or would like to trade, shoot me a message. This first issue is free.


Just a little quick mini-zine entitled "Sjokolade", afrikaans for Chocolate. Zine includes two chocolate related recipies, chocolate trivia and drawings/illustrations of chocolate :)

8 pages, .50 or trade. 

Virgin #2

Virgin #2 has been a long time in the making but it’s finally here! This issue is mostly a compilation zine with 6 fantastic virginity-related submissions ranging from sexual abuse and disability to feminism, ‘virginity is a myth’ and asexuality.


1/2 sized, 18 pages


UK: £1.50 including postage

Europe: £2.00/2.25 euros including postage

Rest of World: £2.75/$4.50 including postage


Paypal to: virginzine@gmail.com


Unfortunately I can’t really do trades due to the anonymity of this zine... it was very stressful last time!

i've got a few new zines out!


I'M DRAWING A BLANK #1 - 16 pages, quarter size, £1

my little 'comic' zine, a collection of somewhat random drawings, with text.


YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #14 / HERE. IN MY HEAD #7 - 54 pages, quarter size, £2

split issue with cath of here. in my head. both sides sort of are about self improvement.


i dont even know when i've last said here i have a new issue out but both the zines mentioned above, and older issues are available at my distro, VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. i also do selected trades.

i'm pretty crap at describing my own zines, sorry.

Copies of the Crazed Mazes Issue #1 (20 page preview) are available for sale or trade! Order a copy before May 30th 2011 and receive $1 off on Crazed Mazes Issue #1!
8.5 x 11
Send $2 US/ $3 Int'l
Send cash, check, or trade to:
Myron Smith
PO Box 354
Ridgeway, VA 24148.

PS Crazed Mazes #1 (20 page preview) does not have a color cover but the completed version of Crazed Mazes #1 will.

Hirnplatzt Zine: Limited run magazine dedicated
to underground art, illustrations, drawings, comics,
collages, scrapbook scum & other visual vomit.


[HIRNPLATZT02] Slacks by Benedikt Rugar

Limited 100 copies, A5 size, 40 pages, hand-numbered


SLACKS is a collection of works by benedikt
Rugar and presents some of his unreleased
works. A abstract series of black and white
drawings, paintings and collages.

[HIRNPLATZT03] Gladland by Oliver Schulze

Limited 200 copies, A5 size, 40 pages, hand-numbered

GLADLAND is a weird nightmarish
underground comic by oliver Schulze.
Intense fear, sluts, crystal faces, good
girls and "der Döctor" on 40 pages.

Price per zine is 5 EUR/4 GBP/6.5 USD
+ shipping to your city, suburb, country.

Pleaze get in touch for info/orders/wholesale:
Contact: infect[attt]hirntrust[dot]at

More vinyl, tapes, zines, others here:



Miss Sequential #4 is now available!


Subtitled Outgoing: My Life in Mail, this issue of Miss Sequential chronicles the way in which the mail (the US Postal Service, pen pals, etc.) has figured prominently in my life from birth to the present. It is an autobiography framed by the act of correspondence. It is entirely hand-written, as though a letter from me to you.



5.5" x 7.5", 24 pages, $5 (includes postage in the USA, add another $1 for post to elsewhere)

You can get my zine through my shop on Etsy, although if you need to arrange purchase another way just contact me at thimblewinder {at} gmail {dot} com and we'll work something out.



If Destroyed Still True #6 is about my visit in February 2011 to Iraqi Kurdistan. It's 28 pages, A5, landscape, entirely handwritten and with photos from my trip. It's about hitch-hiking experiences good and bad, encounters with Kurdish and American soldiers, the kindness of strangers, being stranded, death threats, and the protests in the region that have been largely unreported in the western press.

I also still have copies of If Destroyed Still True #5, which was written last June when I lived in Berlin, and is half about the Eurovision Song Contest and half personal stuff.

IDST#6: £2.25 within Australia, £2.50 to Asia-Pacific and £3.00 to the rest of the world

IDST#5: £1.75 within Australia, £2.00 to Asia-Pacific and £2.50 to the rest of the world

Both zines: £2.75 within Australia, £4.00 to Asia-Pacific and £5.00 to the rest of the world.

My paypal address is paypal at jinxremoving dot org.



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