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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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A new issue of Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press is now available! This 40-page, full-size issue features more than 200 reviews of zines (and other self-published media), plus commentary and resources relevant to zine publishers & zine fans. Visit our website for more details about this issue.


Zine World costs $4 in the U.S., $5 to Canada, or $7 to overseas addresses. Visit Ordering Zine World for paypal and subscription options. Special offer: send your order with a copy of your zine for review, and take $1 off the cover price. This is a limited time offer -- must be postmarked by February 28.

Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press

PO Box 330156

Murfreesboro TN 37133

"Title Goes Here"


February 2011

Issue #2


"Title Goes Here" has been created out of curiosity and interest in mini-zines, poetry, doodles, and various other sources.  This is a monthly publishing and I only plan on running it until the world ends (December 21, 2012 for those playing). This means I will have 24 issues total for your reading pleasure.


E-mail me if you would like to trade.

Mathew Lee (erehseogeltit@gmail.com)

Copies of the Crazed Mazes Issue #1 (10 page preview) are available for sale! 10 full size pages of mazes and other assorted activities. Order a copy before March 31st, 2010 and receive $.56 off on Crazed Mazes Issue #1! Send $1 to: Myron Smith P.O. Box 354, Ridgeway, VA 24148. Please note if the envelope is smaller than 8.5 x11 then your copy will be folded.





OHNO!THEROBOT - The First Five Years. I've always wanted to have a collection of my past work, especially since it actually reads well as a novella. I made a whopping 44 copies! Hooray!

New mini CAT ZINE! Colour Cover plus Black and White Text and Illustration of Cats I have known.

16 pages 10 X 15cms

Comes with 8 Cat Kinder Collage Photo-cards 10 X 15cms

Get it Here

Pieces #5: On Change
Perzine 1/4 size : 48 pages

Includes stories of change in one form of another, ranging from my transitioning from freelancing to W2 employment, accepting sexual masochism, situational vegetarianism & food responsibility, my sister's November hospital visit, plans to move to Chicago, New Year's Eve 2010, and some very short, reflective fiction.

Purchase for $3 or set up a trade!

To all zinesters and art appreciators in the Atlanta area: Art show this Friday, February 18th @7pm in Mint Gallery. It's my album/zine release party: art, music, booze & snacks, weee!

I might be wrong, Issue 1. A wee little 4" x5 1/2" arty zine involving only the merest amount of white-collar theft. And not from my employer, no sir.

Limited edition of 60 copies; each one contains a unique, numbered silkscreened collage print. Yep, get em here online while they're hot. OK, they're not hot. They were pretty darn warm fresh out of the copier tho.

Issue 1 is based on a sketchbook themed "It must be..." which was created for the Arthouse Co-op's Sketchbook Project 2011, opening tonight in Brooklyn! (I would link but they are having some server problems...do Google it, tis a worthy project.)


Issue two of my colouring/activity zine A-Z: arts & crafts. This one was fun. I like drawing equipment.


You can get if for £2 via Etsy (I've just put up some sets of zinester themed badges, too!)

Issue 17 of Necronomicon the UK horror fanzine is out now on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/NecroNeil

Its basically my diary through watching old crappy horror films, its 40 A5 pages and its packed with writing, all for a £1!


The new issue of the East Village Inky. Perfect for the traveling gnome lover in your life. Now available on etsy or, in a more roundabout way, my website. Wahoo!



zine #2 for my 2011 output is done; it's a one-shot called wild tigers i used to know.

nostalgia has long been claimed as my favorite wasting disease; it's been a catalyst for many of the zines i tend to write. wild tigers i used to know is just another one of those zines, a one-shot of yet more stories about people from my past - and not rose-colored warm-fuzzy feel-good stories, either. the three tales in this zine are all gritty and tangled and difficult, so there's a trigger warningfor mentions of things like suicidal ideation, drug & alcohol use/abuse, and breakdowns of both the mental and relationship sort. two of the three stories i've been carrying around for eight years or more, and it's well past time to let them go.

an excerpt: "i barricaded myself in your bathroom to take a series of self-portraits on my cell phone camera. [...] i’m wearing that ridiculous black leather jacket, and i look glassy-eyed and tired and miserable and washed out against the backdrop of seafoam-green tile walls of your bathroom. you’re in some of them, too, smiling and laughing, but only because you’re already high as a fucking kite. i only seem to remember you smiling when you were under the influence of some substance or other."

wild tigers
 ... is 20 quarter letter pages full of text with a white vellum cover and pink ribbon binding.  a copy can be yours for a mere $1.50 stateside or $2.50 elsewhere in the world. i'm also up for trades, and distro consideration copies are available on request.

ordering info is as follows:
paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae Logios//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

ps - this zine and two others i have currently in print are available at etsy, too.




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