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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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new issue of WORN Fashion Journal - #11!

The Big Frame-Up Stephanie Wornette sets her sights on a vintage spectacle how-to.

A Glossary of Eyeglasses Putting frames into focus.

To Conserve and Protect
Sarah Scaturro unpacks the multi-layered world of textile conservation.

Flights of Fancy A very un-uniform evolution of stewardess dress.

Jicky Business The lingering legacy of a perfume that defies definition.

Everything I Know About Fashion Clothes belong in your baggage, not the other way around.

Haiku by Emily B.

Books About Looks Workwear does double duty, and a collection of smart reviews from the typing pool.

This Shit Ain’t Free Make-up artist Bella B. puts fine art on your fingertips.

Material Girl Everything you need to know about tweed.

Knowitall Sonya Wornette talks circles around skirts.


Hide and Chic From Waterloo to Jakarta, six fashion bloggers snap up a WORN scavenger challenge.

Field Guided Runaways, a field… and a real live ZEBRA. Yup. Go look.

Heaps on Heaps Artist and collector Grant Heaps shows off his home,

his dog named Fancy, and a whole lot of bowties.


First issue of Baby Brain!

This one is intirely illistrated diary entrys from me.

the cost is 1 dollar (I'm also up for trades)

1/2 size

12 pages

the front cover comes in 10 colors (tell me if you have a prefrence)

E-mail me at Browncow-@hotmail.com if you are interested.



Rockford MI (USA)

The Fury #18 is fullsized and 68 pages.....

It features interviews with: Dez Cadena of Black Flag
Nation of Ulysses(reprint)
Antioch Arrow (reprint)
Touring with Volcano! in Europe, and 97 Shiki in Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and Singapore
The punk photography of Bill Daniel
articles on Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, the CIA's promotion of abstract art, the state of the protest, writings on music, assorted stories, outdated
record reviews, and a ton of photos.

Glowing Reviews? Here and here

Questions? TheFuryZine@hotmail.com

Back Issues? TheFuryZine.livejournal.com

Orders? $4 to:
Mark Novotny
5413 6th Ave
Countryside, IL

Sorry wrong E-mail!

Correct one would be: Myles.word2@hotmail.com

Myles Leon said:


First issue of Baby Brain!

This one is intirely illistrated diary entrys from me.

the cost is 1 dollar (I'm also up for trades)

1/2 size

12 pages

the front cover comes in 10 colors (tell me if you have a prefrence)

E-mail me at Browncow-@hotmail.com if you are interested.



Rockford MI (USA)

  Sometimes I'm Dreaming #4

1/4 size, 34 pages.

This issue mostly focuses on my adjustment to moving back to my parents' house, the negative emotions that were brought on by this change and how I have been trying my best to overcome them by concentrating on creative pursuits, re-evaluating what is truly important to me and taking time to appreciate simple pleasures.

£1 (UK)/$2 (International) via paypal, or else I would be happy to trade.  Please send me a message here or email me (sometimesimdreamingAThotmail.co.uk) for more details.

The Cenacle | 76 | December 2010
Download link: http://www.scriptorpress.com/cenacle/76.html
[Size = 2.5 MB]

Cenacle 76 completes this year’s four-issue run. I remember fighting off doing
this periodical just quarterly but it was a good decision, & it
benefits from the success of doing this, no more trying & failing to
get to six issues in a year. Just doesn’t work.

The contents of this new issue include:
• New fiction by Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Horse Lampner, & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• Poetry by Tom Sheehan, Judih Haggai, & Martina Newberry
• J. D. Salinger tribute by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• Classic fiction by J. D. Salinger
• Psychedelics essay by Dave King
• Artwork by AbandonView, Iris Weinstein Haggai, & Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• From Soulard’s Notebooks commentary

We hope you enjoy this issue. Also, consider becoming a contributor--write to me at editor@scriptorpress.com

New zine/album out called Spiritual Machines. Features original artwork, prose and music from Atlanta artist BOO (that's me). Order yours today: www.hooisboo.com. I'm also into trading (but just to let you know, I prefer zines with artwork). Also, I'm new here so if you're cool you should friend me. piece.
Life, Death, Love & All of the Above is my first zine in over 6 years. A year and a half in the making, I began writing a series of vignettes in the summer of 2009 as I was falling in love with my boyfriend. That winter he was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia and I kept on writing. The latter portion of the zine tells the story of his diagnosis, initial hospitalization and bits of the following months. The zine ends with an explanation of CML and a little bit about where I'm at emotionally a year after his diagnosis.            

This zine is a text-heavy 44 pages, half letter. $4 / paypal to meredith.wallace AT gmail DOT com            

Distros, please feel free to get in touch about wholesale rates!

it's been six years since i last made an issue of 
suburban gothic, and a lot's happened in that time, but i'm finally ready to start talking about it. issue #7 (subtitled "six years in limbo, part one") is the first in a multipart series detailing the (mostly) downward spiral of the course of my life over the span of the six years i've been more or less absent from zinedom.

calling this zine "text-heavy" is pretty generous; it's 24 half-letter pages of almost entirely text and nothing but. (i tried to make up for it by picking nice fonts, at least?) topics in this issue include academic burnout, attendance at a feminist conference and my reflections on it, troubles with friends and my methods of dealing with them, etc. i will also include a 
trigger warning here for a brief discussion of an acquaintance's suicide.

an excerpt: "by the time i was on my way out, i positively hated the university, and i 
loathed the chancellor, and i saw no point in writing some bullshit speech full of false goodwill about what a great experience i'd had. my college experience had been frustrating and faith-breaking. nobody wants to hear a commencement speech like that."

a copy can be yours for a mere $2 stateside or $3 elsewhere in the world. i'm also up for trades.

ordering info is as follows:

paypal to vespiaries at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

distro consideration copies are available on request!

Dear Zinesters, 


We are making a zine (anthology) about sex….and taking submissions!  If you are interested in having a piece in the anthology, please click here for details.   We will be periodically posting on that website about ppnne zine news, updates on our project, inspiration, etc

Our anthology will be published in May 2011 and we are seeking submissions until April 1, 2011

We are need content that speaks to every aspect of sexuality. For example:

Tell the story of your first period. Was sex discussed in your family? Abortion?  Adoption? Being gay? Transgender?  STD/STI scare? Erections?  What was your first gyno visit like? ANYTHING ON THE SUBJECT ON SEXUALITY AND GENDER. 

Submissions mentioning Planned Parenthood (in any way) will be given priority. Help support this important organization with an amazing artform <3


Planned Parenthood’s Obsession with this Project:
Sexuality means many things to many people. Everyone has different experiences and different beliefs surrounding it—all of which are completely valid truths.  We want this ‘zine project to flush out those truths. By creating an anthology of real stories from real people, we hope to show the world just how fluid sexuality is and, hopefully, open some minds in the process.

We want your ‘zine submissions and then we want to print them (boldly, anonymously, however you want to be acknowledged), so other people can see they are not alone, feel inspired, angered, encouraged….."



I have just finished the first issue of my new zine Printaissance : A Renaissance of Print, available here at Etsy!

The zine is a perzine from Rob Bowen, a.k.a. The Angry Hippie, where he shares random thoughts, poems (both old and new, exclusive works), and an occasional topical, insightful rant. With plenty of biting commentary and some bits of humor, Printaissance Poetry Periodicals are Rob's contribution to the zine community. The last bastion of the printed word!

Issue 1 takes a hard look at the supposed death of print, the history of zines, and has some insight into the man holding the pen. Kicking off this inaugural issue with more prose than poetry, Rob puts his ranty hat on and goes to town. And when he gets back from town boy, does he have some stories to share...sorry, though...he forgot to pick you up the fries you asked for. What do you expect, he was probably stoned.


Issue 1 (16 half-page pages - Price $3)

Just finished my new zine, Insomnia!

This has taken me a while to do, drawing comics is a lot of work.

17 pages in all, this is a detailed guide to all the ways that I personally have tried to fight off insomnia. Its called a "warriors guide" because Iv kind of done a battle theme, breaking it into three sections: Weapons (outside substances that alter your state to make you sleepy), Battlefields (your sleep enviroment) and Stratagies (methods to become sleepy).


2.50$ or trade, email me (mewkittens@hotmail.com) or message me here if interested!
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