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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Late Night Thinking 6: Place


  • Next Day of the Rest of My Life
  • Simple Awesome
  • Random Photos
  • It Gets Better Project
  • Wedding Witness
  • Almost a Yinzer
  • David Palmer Interview


My zines page will tell you how to get a copy (trades preferred!)

Happy Holidays Readers! The new issue of Musea has been mailed, stacked at certain Dallas spots, and is now available online.
Webmaster Matthew has set it up with a fun holiday backing. So see it all Under the heaading - #178 December/January Musea Issue at
This month's issue is our annual Christmas Story issue. It's the story of the Candle and Icicle Magic Spell, and how it works to save a sick child.
Here's the intro:

Lines / 
etched into his palm/ 
like a tattoo/ 
inked at birth.

"This story opens on a somewhat isolated 2 story farmhouse in December. It's twilight but the house is totally dark inside. Outside it's cold..."

Let me know what you think of it. Until next year .....

Tom Hendricks 
(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)

Mishap #30: Catalog of Happy Fun.

A fanciful collection of back issues, bumper stickers, staplers, and excerpts from the upcoming (might be a) bestseller, "Been Wrong So Long it Feels Right to Me." The most fun ever packed into a catalog! Trade or a $1 and stamps. PO Box 5841 Eugene OR 97405 usa

No new issue to report yet, but I'm going to start a zine on running. Jogging.

If you'd like to submit something, anything, to such a zine, you may do so by emailing me at kalel AT well DOT com. All contributors will get a copy.

Looking for art, poetry, personal writing, fiction, reviews, etc. But all about running and jogging.

Published three times yearly. Each issue is based around a theme. Submissions are closed for the March issue, but will include work by Jack Foley among others.


Download-able from the net to save file or print-out.


Watch this space.



your pretty face is going straight to hell #13 & #12

YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #13 & #12 (in order of appearance)

i actually finished / printed #13 THE DAY BEFORE i fractured my wrist, so the damn things have been sitting in my skates' box unassembled. which was really bloody frustrating, especially since it had taken me three, four months to put pen to paper and shit and then i couldn't share it with anyone. #13 is about the first half of 2010 which wasn't the greatest time. full of loss and grief and feeling crappy. for some reason i don't feel comfortable saying why on my blog but putting it all zine seems to be ok.

#12 is about when i fractured my wrist at roller derby and my time off and stuff. there's not much else i can say to describe it!

as you may have figured out from what i just said, #13 was written before #12. but i decided to swap the numbers around because i thought #13 appropriate thanks to the misery. who knew i'd be so unlucky the day after printing! well, what's done is done.

your pretty face is going straight to hell #13 & #12

as per usual, they're available from good old VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO.
along with a whole of new awesome zines, and the good old ones.


i probably haven't actually posted here about a new issue since.... #9 i think. & i've just been lazy and copied this straight from my blog.


First issue of Baby Brain!

This one is intirely illistrated diary entrys from me.

the cost is 1 dollar (I'm also up for trades)

1/2 size

12 pages

the front cover comes in 10 colors (tell me if you have a prefrence)

E-mail me at Browncow-@hotmail.com if you are interested.



Rockford MI (USA)

The Fury #18 is fullsized and 68 pages.....

It features interviews with: Dez Cadena of Black Flag
Nation of Ulysses(reprint)
Antioch Arrow (reprint)
Touring with Volcano! in Europe, and 97 Shiki in Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and Singapore
The punk photography of Bill Daniel
articles on Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, the CIA's promotion of abstract art, the state of the protest, writings on music, assorted stories, outdated
record reviews, and a ton of photos.

Glowing Reviews? Here and here

Questions? TheFuryZine@hotmail.com

Back Issues? TheFuryZine.livejournal.com

Orders? $4 to:
Mark Novotny
5413 6th Ave
Countryside, IL

Sorry wrong E-mail!

Correct one would be: Myles.word2@hotmail.com

Myles Leon said:


First issue of Baby Brain!

This one is intirely illistrated diary entrys from me.

the cost is 1 dollar (I'm also up for trades)

1/2 size

12 pages

the front cover comes in 10 colors (tell me if you have a prefrence)

E-mail me at Browncow-@hotmail.com if you are interested.



Rockford MI (USA)

  Sometimes I'm Dreaming #4

1/4 size, 34 pages.

This issue mostly focuses on my adjustment to moving back to my parents' house, the negative emotions that were brought on by this change and how I have been trying my best to overcome them by concentrating on creative pursuits, re-evaluating what is truly important to me and taking time to appreciate simple pleasures.

£1 (UK)/$2 (International) via paypal, or else I would be happy to trade.  Please send me a message here or email me (sometimesimdreamingAThotmail.co.uk) for more details.

The Cenacle | 76 | December 2010
Download link: http://www.scriptorpress.com/cenacle/76.html
[Size = 2.5 MB]

Cenacle 76 completes this year’s four-issue run. I remember fighting off doing
this periodical just quarterly but it was a good decision, & it
benefits from the success of doing this, no more trying & failing to
get to six issues in a year. Just doesn’t work.

The contents of this new issue include:
• New fiction by Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Horse Lampner, & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• Poetry by Tom Sheehan, Judih Haggai, & Martina Newberry
• J. D. Salinger tribute by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• Classic fiction by J. D. Salinger
• Psychedelics essay by Dave King
• Artwork by AbandonView, Iris Weinstein Haggai, & Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
• From Soulard’s Notebooks commentary

We hope you enjoy this issue. Also, consider becoming a contributor--write to me at editor@scriptorpress.com

New zine/album out called Spiritual Machines. Features original artwork, prose and music from Atlanta artist BOO (that's me). Order yours today: www.hooisboo.com. I'm also into trading (but just to let you know, I prefer zines with artwork). Also, I'm new here so if you're cool you should friend me. piece.



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