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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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The East Village Inky #45

In which a 45-year-old, papier-mache-helmet-wearing guidebook author publicly trashpicks to combat expenses of orthodontic nature.

Complaint Choirs!
Make Your Own Viking Funeral!
A whole new use for Dryer Lint!

This one may have my favorite all-time Advice to the Fathers by Greg Kotis. That's all I'm saying.

40 jam-packed, fun-filled, handwritten and illustrated pages in a handy pocket-sized format. Unparalleled reading for toilet, subway, and nursing in public places.

you can get it on etsy ...or by mailing $3 to PO Box 22754, Brooklyn NY 11202

I'm usually up for a trade too...
I just finished my new issue of Oblast. It's called Tuck Turn: Adventures in Lindy Hopping.

It's about how I got into lindy hop, and the countries and continents where I've gone lindy hopping since then. It's really more of a travel zine than anything else, but it also features a piece on what lindy hop actually is (swing dancing), a map, and a pull out mini guide to lindy hop music and movies.

I'm up for trades, so let me know.
The Cenacle | 75 | October 2010
[Size = 3 MB]

Hello everyone,

The last Cenacle to issue fully from New England was issue 46 | June 2001. I can say that this new issue is a proud return to the area. Full issue contents include:

• Interview with poet Martina Newberry, & a selection of her poetry
• New poetry by Ric Amante, Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Judih Haggai, & myself
• Fiction by Horse Lampner
• My fixtion Labyrinthine
• My regular pieces “From Soulard’s Notebooks” & (newly re-minted) “Notes from New England”, plus a new chapter of Secret Joy Amongst These Times: The History of Scriptor Press
• Charles Shaw’s essay “Born Illegal: Alexander Shulgin’s Psychedelic ‘Children’”
• plus cover & interior artwork by KD & myself

We hope you enjoy this issue. Also, consider becoming a contributor--write to me at editor@scriptorpress.com

I've completed two issues of Cats Teeth recently:

#7 - Title 'Mad as Birds' - this documents my first experience of counselling, grieving for my mum, analysising my need for movement / fear of stillness, missing a relationship that was bad for me, the impact of my upbringing.

#8 - 'The Woman Issue' - a celebration of women, female desire, paganism and matriarchy, a tribute to Patti Smith, sylvia plath, the pressure of keeping up an attractive appearance, boyish girls with a sparkle in their eyes,a few reviews of lesbian film/music/literature.

See my pics to get an idea of what my zines look like.
I tend to only deal in trades (or letters, music etc)

Blimey Charlie, Beat Motel is finally out!

The juice...
Wow, we made it to the big 'one-oh'! We've been sitting on this issue for a bit longer than we intended, but after getting 'zine of the year' in Big Cheese magazine and then a nice bit of hype from The Metro newspaper we decided we probably ought to give the world what it (apparently) wants - a new issue of everyone's favourite home for knob gags and shoddy belief systems.

Buy this issue of Beat Motel and you will be treated to:

Feckin' loads of smart/ funny/ dumb columns from our talented and (mostly) housebroken contributors

More release reviews (CDs etc) than you can shake an oil covered BP branded stick at

Interviews (yes really) with The Thermals and a few other bands

These Arms are Snakes tour diary

Mum Locked in Castle tour diary

An interview with an independent horror film director

Facts about farting

Misguided and partially stolen humour

All kinds of other random bits of bobbinous stuff that you've come to love and crave like the salivating dogs that you are

So there you have it, a clear rational argument about why you should invest such a pissy amount of money to buy issue ten of BEAT MOTEL (oops, sorry for shouting). And if you buy it and don't like it then you don't stand a chance of getting your money back, but as we print using recycled paper you can at least wipe your arse with our pages without getting nasty rectal paper cuts.


Click here to buy Beat Motel #10 - http://corndog.co.uk/zine-distro/corndog-publishing-beat-motel-p-57...
i've posted this over on lj a few places so i hope you don't mind a repeat ...

basically, i'm back into making zines after a four-year hiatus. the new thing i've got going on is called recinerated, and i'm currently taking preorders for issue #1.

issue #1 (subtitled "written in reverse") is 48 black & white photocopied quarter legal-sized pages, a fairly text-heavy perzine on navigating the obstacle course called growing up, existential crises aplenty, work-related misanthropy, and assorted other mundane fits of bellyaching. probably not my best work ever, but i'm a little rusty after a four-year absence from zinedom.

an excerpt: “the way i figure it, sartre got it wrong - hell isn’t necessarily other people. hell is working in a mall and dealing with other people.”

$3 stateside or $4-5 (sliding scale) to the rest of the world, postage paid. a trade is fine too.

all preorders will also receive a FREE copy of letters from the bottom of the world, a oneshot mini i made but never printed over the summer.

this is my actual first zine in about four years, a short collection of epistles scribbled out one day during the summer while i should’ve been working instead. i regret nothing.

an excerpt: "i miss when we used to talk, make plans about someday living together, discuss music and film and the little things in our lives that really matter. i miss having a best friend. i miss having a constant. i miss you.

but i don’t miss you enough to keep holding my breath and waiting for you to notice i’m here."

letters ... stands at 24 eighth legal black & white photocopied pages. one copy ships free with an order of recinerated #1, but if you'd rather have a copy all on its own, that'll only set you back a mere dollar, postage paid, shipping anywhere in the world.

distro consideration copies of both titles are also available on request.

ordering info is as follows:

paypal to inheritdark at gmail dot com; well-concealed cash can be mailed to Rae//p.o. box 8023//omaha, ne 68108-0023//usa.

and if anyone wants to trade zine fliers, that'd be cool too.

Hey everyone! My first post - I just joined last night!


The Dirty North - OHNO!THEROBOT #11
Screen-printed covers, hand-numbered out of 55.

"Beyond civilization and reason there is an area of Canada best described as The Dirty North. Comprised of a mix of farmers, trappers, hippies, cultists, half-breeds, coal miners, tree planters and park rangers, the majority of the inhabitants of The Dirty North typically worked jobs that murdered animals and ruined the earth. Even the conservation officers I had met eagerly shared stories about animals such as deer, elk and moose and “popping caps in their asses.”
The Dirty North was essentially its own country, or at least it should have been. Many of the few residents that lived above the 50th parallel operated under their own sovereignty. And the rest of the country didn’t care so long as the North stayed where it was and proper highways were perpetually delayed."

A book about mixed morality and living in constructed social codes beyond those of urbanity and reason. Also, getting really fucked up.


A manic depressive Yorkshire mans diary through watching nostalgic horror films. Obsessional, geeky, personal and humourous.

Paypal honestrabbit@hotmail.com
UK £1.50 (inc postage)
Europe £1.80
Worldwide £2.00

Happy to trade, especially in UK.

Features rantings and ravings about Deadly Spawn, The Brain, A Serbian Film, Human Centipede and much more....

Also available at Footprinters Zine Fayre, November 13th, 11am - 5pm. Leeds University, Leeds, UK.
Latest issue of Cats Teeth - 'the woman issue' - looks at boyish girls, femininity and upbringing, bits and bobs about nature and paganism,a dedication to Patti Smith, there's all sorts packed in, it closes with a few reviews of lesbian film/tv/literature.
my very first zine - a birthday present i made for myself and anyone interested :) email me at nabila.almashoor@gmail.com, and look out for a package with your zine & free goodies in your mailbox :) !

With USD $2 - You Get :
-Nail polish minizine (7cm x 11cm)
- Stickers / Postcard
- Mystery freebie

Each packaged is individually customized, crafted with love. All payments & shipping details will be emailed. Looking forward to your emails!


Not Lonely #4
A6 (quarter) sized, 40 pages

The newest issue of my perzine is loosely based around lists of 4. I write about self-esteem, liking "old lady" things, bad habits, the joys of tea, going back on anti-depressants, things I like/dislike in books (as well as a longer list of my favourite books) & pets, amongst other rants & rambles. I wrote most of the zine on an old typewriter, some parts are handwritten & it's all made in cut & paste style with pretty and/or vintage images.

Please take a look at my profile page for details on how to get a copy.
Reclusive Obscenities Issue #2 - For the Love of Zines
Quarter Size - 30 pages
$3.00 or Trade

Issue Two is a quarter page zine where I discuss my love of zines. Why they’re important to me, why I create them, how they helped me find feminism, learn to cope with my anxiety better, and how they've even saved my life.

You can order the zine at my Etsy shop or email me for trades or other payment options (well concealed cash, paypal, etc)



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