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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Control Freak Issue #2 is out.

Art Zine. October 2010.
Collages , photography, illustration and found photos.
Mostly dark/mystic/dadaist stuff

All art by myself, Ox
Black & White laser print.
28 pages / A5 format / Stapled.
Pages 120g + Cover: 170g glossy coated paper.
Numbered & signed.

5 Euros
Buy it here:

@Boxcutter books: http://boxcutterbooks.blogspot.com


Disconcerting 8 is out after about 7 months -
Inside-and-outside-head-thinking. 17 chapters of varying topics (if you are looking for a consistent theme you might not find it here as everything is all over the place). Includes: barista dreams, cusp of graduation, fleeting thoughts, stories of boys, past jobs worked and more.

The gist:
-76 pages
-1/4 sized
-bound with twine
-rounded corners!

You can get it here!
Note: Accepting selective trades only
janell [dot] hoong [at] gmail.com
We'll Never Have Paris new issue out Nov 10. WNHP7: Modern Fire remains true to it's mission of narrative nonfiction on the theme 'for all things never meant to be' and includes more drawings and select poetry. Find out what Modern Fire means. contact me for purchase or trade.
I just released issue 4 of Concisely, a magazine of stories under 500 words.

There are same samples up, and you can order it at, ConciselyMagazine.com
Brand new here, with a brand new zine called "Body Conscious Birth Control, an Introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method." As the name suggest, this zine is a very thorough introduction to FAM with a body-centric perspective. Really, this zine provides enough info to get started using FAM, although I highly recommend that this zine accompany one of the many awesome books about FAM.

Available as a printable .pdf (not the best quality) or request a copy by mail! I'm asking for a $2 donation, but no request will be refused!
A link to the .pdf can be found on my latest blog..

Hello! It's been a while since I've been on here. I currently have 11 issues of my comic zine Dreams of Donuts, which is a comic about my personal life. Each issue is $1 or trade. I also have recently made a mini zine/book, which is an anthology containing all of #1-10, which you can have for $5.

You can send mail to Heather Wreckage 836 57th St Oakland Ca 94608
Dear zinesters,

The latest issue of our Pez metazine, devoted this time to Japanese Zines, has been just released. You can read it online and download it from this adress (in Spanish, Japanese and English, printed copies are coming soon):

Pez n 11 - Japanese Zines

It explores the history of zines in Japan from the seventies to the present, and gives an idea of the situation of Japanese zines right know, with a profusion of interviews and adresses.

I would also like to thank zinesters Andrea and Gianni Simone, from this same forum, who helped this issue come out.



A collection of 20 collages made from vintage books and magazines. 16 Colour Pages and 4 Black and White Pages (plus a nutty introduction).

Dimensions: 147mm X 210mm

This issue focuses on Old School Hollywood Glamour - along with some snakes, sausage pie, giant moths, cacti and kippers!

Price: $8

Bonus: Each zine will come with two FREE collage gift cards


Issue 10 of Lights Go Out is out now!!!!

It’s another 40 pager of the normal Lights Go Out mayhem.

We’ve added more interviews this time as well, so you can read interviews with the following awesome artists:
The Like, The Wonder Years, John K. Samson (The Weakerthans, Propaghandi), Failsafe (off The Inbetweeners), Rolo Tomassi, Lungs, Martin Carr (The Boo Radleys), The Summer Set, Counterpunch, Damone, The Social Club (ex-Captain Everything), Anberlin, Jarrod Gorbel (The Honorary Title) and The Swellers.

Band profiles of Meet The Storm & Jackknife Stiletto.

Loads and loads of columns, music reviews, gig reviews and zine reviews. Other stuff too!

As always it’s just £1 from me in person or £1.70 postage paid in the UK via the shop on the website over at www.lightsgoout.co.uk
Or I love to trade zines....just get in touch!

Mr. T & The Lights Go Out Team

Hey everyone, I have a new issue of my personal zine "Breakfast at Twilight." It discusses moving to Baltimore, mental health issues, and wacky stories from the many day jobs I've had over the years. The bulk of the zine centers around my diagnosis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder at the age of 26, and the difference that treatment has made in my life. There are also some illustrations, and every cover is hand-colored. $1, quarter sized, 32 pages. Trades are awesome (just email or PM first), or buy a copy at my distro site.

"I like kissing. I'd like to kiss most people. I can't really do that, so instead I'm going to write a zine about it."

I Can't Read Lips Unless They're Touching Mine is my first 24 hour zine, created on October 26th between about 10am and 10pm. (So technically a 12 hour zine!) I woke up that day thinking about kissing. Why humans kiss and how they started, my first kiss and my first KISS, when I realized kissing was good and the boys I'd kissed were just bad at it, awkward kisses, kisses I will never forget, who I want to kiss in the future...

I ended up with 24 pages (quarter sized) included musings on all of the above, and also some funny facts about kissing (It's illegal in Indiana for a man with a mustache to "habitually kiss human beings!") and quotations about kissing throughout. Also a brief note on seniors and bowling- I took a break. ;)

Covers are coloured by hand in crayon- each will be different.

$1 for Canada and US, $2 if you're International. You can purchase from my etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/romannumerals) or talk to me here. I can't trade at the moment due to finances but will be able to again by late November.
I'm in the process of making a half-sheet substantially long (10-12 page) zine of creative writing, and art and hit a major block abotu halfway through. This is the first zine I ever tried to make but in the process of being completely frustrated abotu that I made a super short minizine, Fragments.
It is a letter page folded into eigths with some haikus, drawing, and well basically fragments of thoughts. It's black and white with some hand drawn color. I'm not selling but am down for any trades- will trade for any type of zine, drawing, or your own writing- or you can mail me a stamped envelope.



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