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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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POTENTIAL MODE. Red Glare, Omnipotent Mandy, Tales of North Cumberland... Issue #3 is now available! 24 pages of comics, stories, and art. $2.00 in person, $3.00 by mail, or $3.40 through Paypal (make sure you put my email as potentialmode@live.com and don't forget to include your address). Contact me for more information. LOVE TRADES!

Oh, and by the way, not suitable for babies.
hey this looks good. nice job.

Louise said:

Issue #3 of my perzine, Tempest in a Tea Cup.

Featuring tales of love, sex, feminism, porn, mental health and much more!
Printed in black and white, my half size zine is full of old vintage advert backgrounds and printed text.

Have a zine to trade? Just message me and I'll more than likely be happy to trade with you.
Or you can buy a copy of my zines from my etsy.

The second issue of my zine, The Alchemical Postmodern Theorist, is now available. It is a full-size, paste up black and white zine with a block printed logo on the cover.

This issue, "This is What We Call Family," is inspired by my frustration with the narrow-mindedness and glorified assimilation of the gay marriage debate. However, I didn't want to create a zine to bash the gay marriage campaign--after all, gay people's hearts and souls are invested in this fight. So I created a zine about the undefinable, wild, comforting, supportive, revolutionary families we already create, outside of the parameters of the State. I collected stories and articles from friends and contributors across the US about their own experiences of family, love and intimacy. Their words are reports from the love underground. They are about the ways we live our everyday radical lives: imaginatively, courageously, and together.

Buy it: http://www.alchemistscloset.org/apmt.html (scroll down for the current issue!)
I got it in today's mail! I highly recommend it! Alex is a very supportive active zinester.

No Use Crying Over Spilt Ink said:
The first issue of The Postcard Review is now done. There are only a limited number of copies and they are only available to trade. It is Quarter size (one sheet of A3 folded origami style) and features brief reviews of some zines I have read, plus how to get hold of a copy for yourself. TRADE ONLY because it is quite small and then those who trade with a zine will probably get it into the next issue.

If you want a copy just send me a message and we'll work something out.

REGENERATION #7: stories about alcohol abuse and addiction and the fucked up things i've gotten myself into as a result. starts off with a brief history, goes on to stories of being 18 and reckless, then 21 and stupid, a crazy drunken accident, getting a dwi, and the aftermath of it all. 36 pages, half-size. $2 [$3 outside u.s.] cash, stamps, paypal to the email below, or trade. there is more info and photos on my page.


ashlee swanson
8150 west 30 1/2 street #306
st. louis park, mn 55426
Musea Reader,

The New June/July issue of Musea is out. Here is the intro and an excerpt:
Pick it up at the usual spots in Dallas, or for a zine trade or SASE, or wait and it'll be on the Musea Website soon. If you like plays and the theater, get this issue!

THESE Works are all Plays!!!
This issue of Musea is a look at excerpts of my original plays. First up are 5 major size plays. That's followed by 5 Playlets. Followed by 4 that are hard to categorize. For each play there is both a summary and then a sample or slice. Theater groups -what are you waiting for? Be the first to PLAY these WORKS!!!

2. WILLIAM TELL (THE PLAY) . A group of players are acting out Shiller's, William Tell. But is it staged or real when he shoots that arrow? A drama that tests reality. EXCERPT PLEASE (curtains! lights!) The Prologue:
Cast of Schiller's "William Tell" are on stage mulling around just before their curtain comes up. The Author/Player walks on stage and the cast applauds. He bows and quiets them down. Lights on the cast dim. Spotlight on Author/Player.

I am a player. I play this plays author,
who wrote this piece with a part by Pirandello
and William Tell's playwright, Germany's Schiller
who both though not living, live on in their work.
Celebrated playwrights - talented men,
All 3 of us gifted now ... and back then.

We together present a play in a play,
or should the word 3 times be said:
Audience here's a play's, play's, play,
And the audience not audience but players instead.
"I think therefore I am', no pretending for me
And the players on stage - not staged but REAL! ...

(He does the ending dramatically and slowly. Then sweeps his hand across the cast. Lights come up and the action of the play starts.)

And for an ending to our "All Works and All Plays" issue, I quote the last lines from "The Wandering Students"

We leave you then with our last couplet rhyme.
If you choose to applaud .... NOW IS THE TIME!

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)
Just finished Beauty of Women A-Z

A fun and educational read for all!!

A is for attitude
B is for bodies
C is for courage
D is for desire

Just like the ABC books we read as children, but focused on the beauty of women!

Get yr hands on one for $5.00 at www.blambert1.etsy.com

I've recently finished issue 6 of Cats Teeth. (I haven't got a photo up yet but it's quartersize and full of dark imagery). It's called 'Without Dead Time' taken from the quote "live without dead time, indulge untrammeled desire" . This issue is all about communication and a sense of urgency, the fear that we don't really know people but only know their personas, that we all put up defences, and that consciousness is isolated behind a physical wall, it contains unsent confessions to friends, lots of quotes, it mentions drug abuse and feeling disconnected from yourself, and the sinister underbelly of life versus the everyday facade!

I mainly deal with trades (not strictly limited to zines), if you're interested email me: wintermuse@gmail.com


Not Lonely #3 is now available!

Issue 3 is about the fine line between fact and fiction, not throwing things away, being pestered by dodgy men on public transport, (somewhat comically) failing at interviews, insomnia, the reality check of life after university and alternative menstrual products. It's part-handwritten, part-typed and made in a cut-and-paste style with lots of pretty backgrounds and vintage images.

I love trades! Or the price is £1 UK / £1.50 Europe / £2 Elsewhere. Please contact me via my page on here or email not_lonely_zineATyahoo.co.uk if you'd like a copy.

$4 by mail, $5 by Etsy...http://www.etsy.com/shop/RipItOut. Email me for snail mail address: imustbedelirious@yahoo.com. 25 cents from every zine sold goes to Ronnie James Dio's Stand Up And Shout cancer fund.

Here's the zine I made for my second year of the 24hr zine challenge (I did it early, because I'm going to be insanely busy in July). You have to make 24 pages in 24 hours, with no pre-planning allowed. It's about the best gigs I've ever been to, my best bargains at charity estate sales and crosswords. 24 pages.

24 pages, 1/6th size $0.75 plus postage
(outside the UK postage is $3 for as many zines as you like- it's essentially a flat rate for me to send them)

Check out my etsy for all my zines.

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I've finished my first zine. It's called Peach, Plum, Pear and it's a perzine dealing with mental health issues including suicide and self-harm.
It's black and white, half-size, 26 pages and zigzag stitched together with my lovely Bernina sewing machine. There are a few photos of it on my page.
They're £1.50 each or for trade :)


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