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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Fanzine Ynfytyn 12

24 page quarter-sized zine 50p/$1 + postage

*An interview with myself that soon turns into book recommendations
* Haiku ode to Papa Hemingway
* Guide to collective nouns for birds
* My days of selling software to the nuclear industry
* Monthly lists of small pleasures

You can order it from my Etsy

I'm also up for trades, if you live outside the UK I'd prefer to trade multiple issues though to save on postage

Hello, We'll Never Have Paris is back. Now on issue 6. This one is called WNHP6: Now with Poetry. Here is the cover photo. Contributors include:

Lorraine Schein
Aditi Sriram
Buzz Poole
Raymond Luczak
Andria Alefhi
Cecelial Mariscal
Gus Iversen
Chris Roberts
Eric Nelson
Gillian Moragn
Tim Josephs
Jaime Borschuk

+ cover art and layout Jaime Borschuk, drawings by Gabriel Liston, interview with Raymond Luczak
Hey Pete, do you want copies of the new WNHP?

Pete Willis said:
this has been out for awhile but im just now getting round to telling people! 24 pages of drawings about football from someone who until recently knew nothing about it. it's called One Nil, costs £3 (its full colour and properly printed, hence the diy non-friendly price, sorry) and is available from MY DISTRO WEBSITE here is a picture of the inside, stolen from the review on Fecal Face:


The new issue of Lights Go Out is out now! Issue 7!
Starring interviews with The Arteries, The Dangerous Summer, Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Tony Sly (No Use For A Name), Manda Rin (bis), Hearts Under Fire & ICH.
Loads of cd reviews, gig reviews and zine reviews. Columns. Guilty Pleasures and also my own personl memories from Reading Festivals past.
Cost is £1.50 postage paid in the UK. We have a store on our ever expanding website here: www.lightsgoout.co.uk

Please do check it out and if you fancy getting a copy then please do - I also am more than happy to trade zines! In fact that would be rather awesome if anyone wanted to trade.

I will also be @ the london zine symposium in May so be great to meet you there!

Thanks, Mr. T x

I am what I don't know, issue 1

Hot off the press and available as of now.

Quarter fold sized, 24 pages (not including covers).

The zine is mostly about me trying to negotiate my identity as a queer, hard of hearing, white, and female bodied person, but this issue is mostly about being hard of hearing. The whole zine was written and drawn by the hand of yours truly (I can assure you, my writing is entirely legible). And it’s also kinda in comic form.

Trades are more fun than money.
Email me for more info:
la.ah.sur [at] gmail.com

get it through etsy

ManDuhLand: Boobs (#1)

All about my excitement at finally finding a bra that fits properly, my wavering between getting a breast reduction or not, and why you should name your daughter areola.

Half-size, 18 pages, $1 or trade at my Artfire or anspadaro at gmail dot com.
The Cenacle | 72 | April 2010
[Size = 3.1 MB]

Hello everyone,

First spring of the new decade & here arrives in good time Cenacle | 72 | April 2010! This issue features some great work, including cover art by New Jersey artist Catfishrivers; photographs from the 2010 iteration of Manifest Project; & new writing from a half dozen regular Cenacle contributors. Full issue contents include:

• Poetry by myself; Ric Amante; Joe Ciccone; & Judih Haggai
• Prose essays by Ralph H. Emerson & Joan Didion
• Fixtion by myself
• Letter by Jim Burke III
• Notes from Northwest by myself
• Artwork by Catfishrivers & AbandonView
• Photography from Manifest Project
• Photography by myself & KD

Hope you enjoy this new issue. And, for those who celebrate it, Happy 420!

Cheaptoys #5 is out.

1/4 sized 40p zine + stamped cover. half-french/half-english

stories from a tour in Italia, the riviera punk scene, connections through letterpress printing...

up for trade, or you can paypal me 2€PPD

I have a new issue of a prose zine (now with illustrations!) available for sale and trade. Check out my website for more details.

Delusion #2
Kerouac-inspired Zine calling for writers and creatives along the theme of FREEDOM.

Hi all, I really wanted to tell you all about my new Independent, Kerouac’s Dog ® it's is a brand-spanking new, independent quarterly set to form a bold and exciting creative platform for new writing, design, photography, fashion and plenty more. It’s inspired by Jack Kerouac and the 1950s Beat generation and in honour of these, will eagerly exhibit the newest and bravest work and folios, from creatives all over the world. All tied up with key themes of freedom; truth; beauty; love; travel; wanderlust; sex; taboo; and fringe. The whole thing will be beautifully designed and printed top-to-bottom in black and white (because we have a passion for all things black and white).

Issue 1 needs you – The very first Issue. ‘Freedom’ will be released as a limited print-run later in the year, and available to buy online, to a global audience. So we’re calling on creatives for submissions on this theme and this theme only. As the whole thing is in black and white, the only stipulation is that the stuff you send needs to be in – or look gorgeous in - monochrome. It can be old work, or new work, we don’t mind. We won’t be able to pay you, but we’re happy to put names and URLs with each submission used so please send these through, along with your work.

I'd also LOVE to trade with anyone, as I like collecting all sorts myself. -

P.S - Thanks for tidying things up :)
Hi there! I did a zine about the apocalypse, sort of. This Is The End covers humanity’s adventures skirting towards Armageddon, from both a personal and political perspective.

I take a look at the wild weapons of DARPA, the Large Hadron Collider, previous “end times” hysteria and a little bit of my own personal escapes into fantasy doomsday scenarios. 16 pages, digest format black and white, $2.00. I'm selling them through Quimby's, the world's best bookstore.
Issue 12 of Ice Cream For Quo is out now.

Ice Cream For Quo magazine is a friendly, non-profit-making (OK, loss-making), 40-page, A5 publication.

Issue 12 has musings on first records bought, formative musical experiences, record shops, and so on. There are also record/CD, concert (Peter Hammill, etc), and book reviews (Dylan, Joanna Newsom, NYC music), along with various other amusing bits and bobs. And haikus.

Anyway, more information here: http://www.icecreamforquo.webs.com/

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