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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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24 page full colour zine- 10cm/4" square pages
This time I've concentrated on pictures.

Longing for spring
Pic n mix sweets

$2 USD + postage





Also, I've got a new place to do printing (whoo, go Brighton Resource Centre) so now I can afford to sell all my b&w zines at $1, as opposed to the $2 it was before, with super packs for $7 . They will also be on coloured paper. I've changed the etsy prices, but I haven't redone the photos yet. The postage prices have changed and simplified here in the UK, so I've also changed the postage on Etsy accordingly. It's now $1 UK, $3 Int for as many zines as you want. Check out my Etsy for what I've got available.

Not Lonely is a perzine and #1 has a a mental health emphasis - ramblings about the medications I have taken and why I've decided not to take them any longer, what it feels like to have lived in 5 different places by the age of 25, how I always procrastinate instead of getting work done, how I never seem to say the right thing and a few other wee rants and thoughts.

Please PM me or email not_lonely_zine @ yahoo.co.uk (without the spaces) if you would like a copy, it's £1 plus postage or we can discuss trading.

This is the first zine I've done in about two years and it's a split zine. It is seperated in two parts, my story first and then Cheo's. I write about my own existence and my conflicts with it. The writing isn't very definitive, everything is open ended and reaches to a conclusion of trying to be more capable and carry out existence.

excerpt: "I want a change to happen within the minute. Why do I lack this patience? Is that immense amount of technology booming? People are constantly on their cell phones, checking status messages, portable screens, media, and there is a lack of heart-to-heart conversations that isn't about being plastered to the floor by your drug of choice. The more I critique this, it seems that I'm guilty of this too. I'm guilty for blurring the lines of technology and reality for enjoying drugs to enhance my thoughts and actions, for wanting a quick fix."

The second part is called, "Moving Forward through Time and Space (Or How I got from point A to point B in only 34 Steps)" and Cheo seperated it into three parts, past, present and future, which describes his state of being during those times. Cheo manages to give you a taste of what his life means, how random everything seems to be and how he's viewed it in a few pages.

excerpt: "I am out here out of pure chance, in this life, on this planet. It's the tiniest rock. On this rock, I am alive and so are all of us, floating in space, taking life far too seriously because we can think. All this surrounding us in our consciousness, accepting information through our eyes and ears. It's an unusual thought but we are all just here taking the burden of life, being held down by gravity, inhaling all these toxins, staring at clouds, hoping there's a god that cares, slowly dying every day and then not existing. We will all die. It's all just one big random mess that we've been forced to deal with. If it's all I see and all that is, then why take it so seriously?"

The zine is illustrated by Cheo and inspired by conversations, space and existence.

$1.00 1/4 sized 22pgs

You can get it at Gimme Brains Distro or pay pal me at youreinsanehoney at gmail dot com


Interviews with Sammy Winston (Grace Alley), Ben Artman (Much Worse), Adam Schwartz (Desensitized Records), and Adam Harris (Neurons). Also includes the first installment of a new story (Freedom: Fucked) and a couple of poems. 100 printed.

Darlene rock-n-roll Fanzine #4 out now.

stories about being a hermit living in Northern Idaho and attempting to stay connected to the urban world of punk rock. Interviews with Zeke, Andrew WK, Javelina, Red Fang, Rev. Norb. I love trades, but a simple request will get you one.

darlenezine@yahoo.com Randy Spaghetti POB 3331, Hayden, ID 83835

Disconcerting 7: Oct 09 - Feb 10

#7 is about rebooting our lives, missed and unmissed connections, compulsory responsibilities, observing people and why they laugh, being 22, and dreams of winning the lottery.

The gist:
-60 pages
-1/4 sized
-handcut window on deep blue cover
-6 chapters
-bound with twine

Loserdom #20 d.i.y. punk zine out now!


60 Pages long featuring:

Classy double-sided screen-printed cover

Interviews with:
Cécile of La Fanzinothèque,Poitiers, France
Darcy about FOMACS and digital storytelling
Skub of Sadness of Noise Records

The French Punk Paradox
Co-op 'Boycott Israel' Debate
Loser in School

Seven Inch Report
Paranoid Visions play the 'borough review!
Kidd Blunt tribute
Winter swimming!
Zine reviews and more!

€3 or €4 postpaid.

Available in Ireland from:
Freebird Records (Wicklow St.)
Squarewheel Cycleworks (Temple Bar lane)
City Discs City Discs (Temple Bar lane)
Connolly Books (43 East Essex Street)
Comics Store (Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2)
Dublin Food Co-op (12 Newmarket, Dublin 8)

Solidarity Books 43 Douglas Street, Cork.
More Poetic: February 2010

More Poetic, a monthly zine about art and life.

In this issue:
Book Report...thoughts about the state of book publishing, books I've read, female authors.
Recipe...Cottage Pie and a yummy dessert.
Film Reviews...and some TV.
Ragged Philosophy...what I've been thinking about.

*Special full color art zine insert called BY HAND with printed artwork by author.
1/2 size, b&w. 20 pages.

$3.00 at www.morepoetic.etsy.com
technicolour wonder zines

I've got a new (excellent and cheap) printing place, so I've reprinted back issues of all my zines on recycled coloured paper (except for the purple stuff). (The red looking one is actually pink, and the lime looking one mint green too, I should add too, the tungsten wb on my camera doesn't seem to like those shades)

They're all $1 / 50p + postage, and you can get them on my etsy or by paypalling me directly.

I can afford to do trades again now, for international trades I'd prefer to swap several issues at once, because the postage is the same for 1 or 5 copies now.

Also, to anyone who ordered zines in the last few weeks, thanks for your patience. I was away from home more than expected, and got a surprisingly large amount of orders, so I built up a backlog. It's all sent out now, but thanks again for your patience.

Issue #5 of AGCR is out now and in other news, on Sunday evening, April 4th, American Gun Culture Report, the region's only independent gun politics magazine, is sponsoring an evening get together with shooting groups active in Portland.

Participating organizations include the Portland Pink Pistols, local chapter of the national gay gun club, Reed College's gun club, the Reed Shooting Sports Kollectiv (RSSK), and the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) whose founder Kevin Starrett will be appearing. There is no admission, but donations for the Oregon Firearms Federation's Legal Defense Fund are encouraged.

The Plan B Bar in SE Portland is our hosting venue and this event kicks off at 7pm. Each group will present on their activities as well as offering tabling and information sharing. Later in the evening, we will turn this gathering into a dance party with DJ No. 6 playing a setlist of gun themed music. 

So, mark your calendar and get ready to tip back a few beers and dance to Tom Waits, Johnny Cash
and The Clash with the rest of
Portland's shooting community. 

Plan B is located at 1305 SE
8th Portland OR 97214
another issue of Gut Feeling is out. its a collaborative art zine that i make with my friends. consists of whatever art has been sent to me within the month so if you ever want to contribute, please do.
they are free for online download. you can print them out yourself if you want or just browse it with the internet.
i definitely make real copies and ill definitely trade or send them to you for postage cost.
check them out!

Interviews with Justin Pearson, Jordan Darby (Dry-Rot), Sami Begloo (Judas), Joe Harder (Pressvre), Alex Pulisci (At Our Heels), Evan Chambers (Pagan) and a surprise interview. Writings from Cassandra Salazar and anonymous writers. Photography from Melissa Vazquez. 100 printed.



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