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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Late Night Thinking, Issue 4: Progression

* On The Thompson Block
* Random Photos
* The Bicycle Thief
* Oregon or Bust
* Spur Studios Interview

A second issue with a long interview, this time with three of the people behind Spur Studios, an amazingly awesome creative space here in Ypsilanti.

$2 or Trade, send me a message for more details.
I just finished the first issue of Concisely, a (maga)zine of stories under 500 words. It's got eight stories and it's 20 pages and 8.5x5.5 inches. It's $3 shipped, +$1 for copies shipped outside the United States. There's some samples and ordering info on the website: http://conciselymagazine.blogspot.com/. Submissions are also be collected for the second issue, though people should understand that it's being approached with a traditional magazine approach of only accepting a portion of what's sent in.
Hi all!!

They're not exactly new, but the selling of those zines may help in the making of my new issue of Arcane #4. There is a zine and crafts fair here in Québec on December 19 and I'really want to have it out for this, but I'm very broke (and looking for jobs, but even if I started working NOW, I wouldnt get paid soon enough!!) so if you are interested and can afford a 'buy', here is what I have available: (I love trades and will be up to do some after the holidays when I have been working a bit and I can buy stamps & stuff!!)

I have a few issues left of "Girl w/Cat" #1. The premiere issue chronicles the loss of my cat Malenikiy, who died accidentally in April 2004. The zine was done in 2006. It is in the form of a funeral prayer, with chapters: Dies Irae, Lacrmosa, Calamitatis et Miseriae, Libera Me, Requiem Aeternam (those are latin words actually used in funerals). It has photos, some song lyrics, and a lot of deep-felt writing about the grief, remembrance and recovery. I have THREE copies left!! So please send me a message here before ordering, to make sure you get your copy :)
It's 40 pages, 1/2 letter - Canada-US: 4$, International 5$, postpaid.

I got 6 issues of "Orange & Blue" #0. Even though "Orange & Blue" is out of print, the intro issue #0 is more like an introduction to my world, so it is still relevant. I give a glimpse into what it is to be a minority who speaks french everyday in the mostly anglophone world of zines and the dilemmas and choices you have to make in this perspective. It also presents many aspects of my town, Québec City/Lévis (on the south shore), my neighbourhood, my friends,my everyday life, cassette tape recording, diary writing,some Québec facts. It has nice "carbon paper" illustrations that I traced onto the pages of text. It was very well-liked when it came out in 2005! I have SIX copies left. All the text is typewritten.
It's 36 pages, 1/2 letter - Canada-US: 4$, International 5$, postpaid.

Arcane Magazine is a french-language zine from Québec City. It talks about local music & art, street art, graffiti, poverty, social injustice, punks, homeless people, the environment, movies from Quebec and elsewhere, good books, life and society in general. Each issue is 28 pages and FILLED with content!!

#2 Spring 2007:
+the Mai 2006 Quebec non-smoking in all public places law finally passed
+the alternative press in Quebec City
+movies: Délivrez-Moi, Que Dieu Bénisse L'Amérique, Le Secret de Ma Mère
+music: Isabelle Simard, Les Bouffons Psychotiques
+books: Maurice G Dantec, "Cosmos Inc."
+a reflexion on poverty across the ages
28 pages, 1/2 letter Canada-Us 4$, International 5$ postpaid

#3 Summer 2008
+after the "smashing" anti-cigarette rant last issue, I confess I have since started... smoking!! (at least I'm honest hey!)
+art graffiti & street art
+Montreal graffiti artist Peter Gibson
+urban art installation project "L'Atopie Textuelle"
+what is PUNK? It's not about spikes and green hair...
+MOVIES: Guide de la Petite Vengeance, Ma Fille Mon Ange, Borderline, La Môme (La Vie en Rose), Ben X
+reader mail
+a few pages from my novella, "Les Hommes ne voient pas les Anges" ("Men cant see Angels")
THREE copies left
28 pages, 1/2 letter Canada-Us 4$, International 5$ postpaid

MEETINGS : a one shot - with a webding theme and one of my only zine with SOME white space!! even though quite text heavy too
+tells 3 stories of how I met 3 friends
1/4 letter, 40 pages, Canada-US 3$, International 4$
FOUR copies left
40 pages, 1/2 letter Canada-Us 4$, International 5$ postpaid

I USED TO BE A MOIST GIRL : a one-shot, very thick and (I'm told) funny, with photos and translated-to-english excerpts of my diary from January 1997 when I followed the band MOIST on a cross-country tour by bus and train.
+mishaps and train delays
+losing my bank card 3000 miles from home
+string bean budget survival
+sleeping in train stations
+backstage excitement
+meeting other fans and being made the official mail-carrier to the band
+almost getting caught recording a bootleg of the show
+acts of kindness by stranger people
+my 20th birthday on the train
+mosh pit trauma
+lots of fun!
TWO copies left
1/4 letter, sideways, 76 pages, Canada-Us 5$, International 6$ postpaid

Of course if you order many zines the postage costs will go down :) Contact me with what you'd like to order!
It would help me a lot if people ordered some zines as I am still making copies at the copy shop and it's quite expensive :/
I applied at an artist collective where if I am accepted, I'll be able to make copies for cheaper so, more trades, more free zines and color covers! Fingers crossed!

My email: izastraightshooter@yahoo.com

Postal Address:
Iza Straightshooter
PO BOX #71 Succ B
Québec QC G1K 7A1 Canada

Thank you very much!
Je parle français :)
Hello Everyone! I've been working on a new zine side project and the first issue is done! It's a series I'm calling Herb Skool, and the first issue is a one page zine all about the herb Mullein. Each issue will feature a specific herb, with medicinal info, hystory, uses, etc. It's a project to help expand my knowledge of herbal medicine, sparked by the loss of my friend Byron to cancer. So...if you would like this zine, mail me one stamp or a trade.

Heather Wreckage
631 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland Or 97520

Thanks a bundle!
Journeyman #2 is my latest zine, full of travel stories, poems, retro computing, a concert review and photography. Full details and how to order here...clicky

I hope you enjoy!
The second issue of my zine is called I'm A Transvestite. It's all about (queer) sexuality and living the way you are. It contains a short story, pictures, thoughts, etc. It's mainly in French -a few things in English. It's a 32 pages long half size/A5 split zine with my friend Will/Social Damage #2 and my cat loves it!

I'm all for trades and of any kind!
Using Space is a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.

Issue four features a visit to a squatted land project in central Amsterdam, a report from a UK national squat meet in Bristol, a rumination on social centres, a report from a large squatting action in Sweden, a fotoreport from the Dutch national squatting day and some recycled newspaper reports.

You can download it for free from zinelibrary -

Or buy it from etsy -

A5, b&w, 36 pages inc. cover
Sending out the decade in style, Candy or Medicine Volume Eight continues to captivate with 16 pages of all new artwork including “Wandering Through the Terrain” by Pat Aulisio, some office life slice-of-life by Jessica Seck Marquis, “Epicurus on God” by Cliff Lipp, another tale of love gone awry by Kevin Richardson, an obtuse toon by Mister Ben, more of the wokka wokka humor you’ve come to love from Ray N. and Josh Blair, a back page pin-up from mini-comic veteran Brad W. Foster plus a cover from the wild and crazy JB Sapienza. All new! All ages! All for a dollar!

staple it together and call it bad weather

a compilation of zine works by me! includes the best of flying w/ broken wings #1-#7, regeneration #1-#4, and various one-shots and unpublished pages from over the years. 184 content-heavy pages, half-size.

$10 us cash, us stamps, or paypal to asregeneration@yahoo.com. sorry, no trades. this one's way too big and expensive to print and mail.

ashlee swanson
8150 w 30 1/2 st. #306
st. louis park, mn 55426

I have a new issue of Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric out. It's issue #9. Quarter sized, 20 pages, b&w. It's about activist burnout, relationships (duh, it's a perzine), drugs, daddy issues, mental health, and hope. It's $2 via mail, $2.50 on the internet via paypal, or a perzine trade.
My latest issue of Glass Head is here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=37960473 Take a peek and let me know what you think. Don't give me "It's nice" I want real comments. Thanks.

Excuse the crummy cellphone pic! AMB#10 is a minizine that I made back in August for the Portland Zine Symposium -- I came back with some extra copies & then moved, leaving all those extras packed up only to be rediscovered almost half a year later.

AMB#10 is about my grandmother, a survivor of incestuous sexual abuse, & how our shared histories of sexual abuse have informed our relationship. It's 20 pages & small (maybe 4 inches by 3 inches? I don't have a ruler on hand...) You can buy a copy for 75 cents (postage paid!) via PayPal (send payments to sewtrue@gmail.com). If you're interested in trading or buying through snail mail, just send me a message or leave a comment on my page. The content of this zine is potentially triggering.

Here's an excerpt:

My grandmother is a survivor of prolonged incestuous sexual abuse. My family spends a lot of time finding ways to not talk about this, to navigate around it. Even now, I find myself thinking about striking it from the record, of saying, "Why make that a part of this?" But I've come to a point in my own life where I think it's important to dig these things up, to dust them off. To understand not to fear them.


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