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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Hop A Plane (to yet another Tegan and Sara show)

1/2 sized, 40 pages, £1.

I love Tegan and Sara. I took a year off between school and university. Between August ‘07 - September ‘08 I saw Tegan and Sara play 27.5 times in 8/11 countries (depending on how you count).
I kept a diary for 22 of those shows.

This is the padded out version of that diary, complete with lovely pictures and other random things I picked up along the way.

You should get this zine if:
- You love Tegan and Sara
- You love another band and want to follow them on tour
- You love another band and have followed them on tour
- You want to see what happens when someone loves a band and has a spare year with more time and money than sense.

nicely put together, bullshit free and bluntly honest” – someone on some Tegan and Sara forums

(The printing turned out AMAZINGLY so whilst it’s very much collagey/cut+paste, everything is really HQ for a zine.)

UK: £1.75 including postage
Europe: £2.50/2.75 euros including postage
Rest of World: £3/$4.90 including postage
Paypal to distro@marchingstars.co.uk or email me for a mailing address.

Two new zines available: 50:50 Zine #2 - 50 ways to be happy, 50 ways to be sad. Single double-sided A4 sheet.

Change the World in 7 Days - 16 page A6 zine, with a 'change the world' task for every day of the week.

These two new ones, and three older ones can all be bought from rebelgrrlzine.co.uk, or contact me if you are interested in trading.

freckledgecko issue 6 is done.. it's 1/4 sized, 32 pages, black and white, mostly written word.. i would love to trade, if you're interested in buying, $2 U.S. cash is fine, or if you are in another country, hey, i'm flexible.. we can work something out.. so drop me a line.. :)

chronicles of nadia, issue 1 - 36 pages, A5, cut and paste with comics like 'amanda palmer battles monsters from space', articles about why I'm a feminist, medical dramas and strange people, and an entirely fictional letter of recommendation written for a friend's graduation, and plenty of other bits and pieces. bonus mini zine - green and clean, hair and skin care using common kitchen ingredients.

Trade, send me something else interesting if you don't have a zine. nadia.brady at gmail.com

Ashcan Magazine Issue #2 now out!!!!

This is the brand spanking new issue of San Francisco's premier urban art journal, focusing on underground and independent music, art, and literature. Featuring interviews with Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kepi Ghoulie, and Make Me. Also included are tales of South American debauchery, sexual trysts with the Zodiac Killer, reviews, comics, and a MP3 free download card!

If you want a copy, you can either private message me here or email me at: sean@ashcanmagazine.com, they're either $2 ppd or free if you wanna trade.

Be sure to visit www.ashcanmagazine.com too, our website has features from the magazine plus a bunch of new stuff only found online!

marbles (2009) is a 32-page mini-zine of exercises for chipping away at the stuckness of writer’s block. I have been writing in earnest since I was very young, and have been through many bouts of writer’s block. I gave up writing for years, thinking I would never write again. Now, I write for a living – articles, copy, research, creative non-fiction, zines – as an artist/designer. This is my personal collection of tricks that have helped me in the past. This zine is A7 in size, colour, stapled, about 10g.

AUD$3 to anywhere in the world.

It's just a half size, 12 pages (I'm sure the second one will be longer) and mostly poetry, a story, some thoughts about life, pretty pictures. But it has a penny farthing on the cover, you know you want that! And it's only $2, or trade. I'd love to do a trade with anyone! Just drop me a line- oh, and there's some sample pictures on my profile, so you can see what you're getting yourself into.
Hello everyone!

Dreams of Donuts #8 is done. D.O.D. is a comic perzine about my life, and this issue covers things like moving away from Sacramento, the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture, and more! You can order #8 ( I have back issues too!) for $1 or trade ( I prefer trades, but cash is cool too) at:

Heather Wreckage
631 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland OR 97520

Thanks a lot!

The new issue of Rebel Grrl Zine is finally available - all 64 pages of it! It's A5 size (half size??) and due to having just paid for printing, I can't afford to trade this one, so it's only available to buy from rebelgrrlzine.co.uk

It's radical and rebellious and raar. Get your copy now!


Okay, last Mongrel Zine this year. Get it now cuz you're gonna have to wait til Spring for a new issue!


October 2009, 104 pages, 6″ x 7.5″


The new Halloween issue of Mongrel Zine is full of spooky delights! Haunted George schools us on Halloween sound effects and his Garagepunk podcast Haunted Shack Theatre, King Louie charms us with tales of stealin’ Lil Wayne’s wardrobe girl and drinking with Fats Domino, Vancouver’s newest garage band Indian Wars find the best skateparks, Inservibles tell us about Mexico City’s best tacos from what is a shitty mechanics workshop during the day and taco stand by night, a rare interview with the late Billy Van from The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, vintage Halloween collector Mark Ledenbach, plus Box Elders, The TVees, Hard Feelings, HYPSTRZ, The Orpheans, Corpusse, Telekrimen, and tonnes more…

This issue includes Mongrel Zine Vol. 4 CD Comp with 28 tracks including Bloodshot Bill’s “In the Graveyard…!” written especially for this Halloween issue of Mongrel Zine! Plus songs by Snuff Maximus (Haunted George), Deja Voodoo, Hellshovel (Jeff from Demon’s Claws), Last Rapes of Mr. Teach, Pinche Gringo, and a lotta others. See the full track list here.

Mongrel Zine is a print zine with interviews, record reviews and a CD comp… based outta Vancouver. It’s edited, designed, photocopied, folded, and stapled by Janelle Hollyrock and Bob Scott. Read interviews and buy the zine at www.mongrelzine.ca

"A very fine publication." -- Terminal Boredom

"Thick as a book, tight layouts, great photos and writing, and covering great bands." -- Thrasher

"What makes this mandatory is the accompanying compilation CDR chock full of the best of garage, punk rock and rock ’n’ roll." -- Montreal Mirror
I finished my article on Everything You Wanted to Know About a Zine Fest (But Were Afraid to Ask). http://wemakezines.ning.com/forum/topics/everything-you-want-to-know

If you want a copy of the lil zine i made from it, trade me something or send a stamp or two!

Nicole Introvert
PO Box 35501
Richmond, VA 23235

Angry at the Bus Stop #5

I finished this zine a couple of months back, but I've been terrible at keeping up with the happenings on this here board so I thought I'd post a bit of info about it.

Features contributions from Andrew Culture (Beat Motel), Sam Page (Punknews), Edd Baldry (Last Hours), illustrations by Alison Hedley and some other articles by me including Gogol Bordello, Dick Lucas (Subhumans / Citizen Fish), Inner Terrestrials, Barack Obama, Mia Riddle, Propagandhi, Protesting against the BNP, Vegan Recipes and more.

Footprint said some very nice things about it after they printed it here.

It's available from the following places at the moment:
Corndog Zine Distro (www.corndog.co.uk)
Punker Bunker, Brighton
Recreation, Nottingham

...or alternatively directly from me at gigs or mail order.

If any one is interested in trading please let me know as I'm always happy to swap with other zinesters.

More info and ordering: http://angry.zinecore.co.uk




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