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I read my buddy's zine, Coffee and Board Games, the other night, and in there somewhere a kid tells a story about how Columbine affected his life.  It made me think about how it affected mine.  It made me think about how certain events affect all of us.


I think I'd like to start a new zine.  Each issue would have 5-10 contributers, and each issue would focus on a different theme.  Possible themes would be Columbine, 9/11, Obama being elected, Michael Jackson passing away, Hurricane Katrina, etc etc etc....  ??  Any well known event, good or bad, that affected a lot of us.  There would be no designated viewpoint or political objective, but rather the point would simply be to hear a variety of stories and viewpoints.


Any interest in this?  If so, let me know.  It's good to document this type of stuff, I think.  In 100 years some kid will do research on school shootings, or presidential elections, and our voices will be appreciated.

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Hey I'm in Australia but follow world news, so if you want an "outsider" p.o.v I'd love to be in on this.
different themes will attract different people, which is fine! it's great, even. Columbine is the first issue. if this event/thought/concept brings up emotions or stories, then share them with us! we'll put it in the zine! if not, then maybe next issue. i'm open to any idea/event for future issues.

SP, what would you suggest for issue #2? 9/11 has been suggest, as has the war in iraq. more "world" events, though still very US-related. what would you want to write about?

PBT, if you want to contribute to this issue, that'd be great! did the columbine massacre over here in the states affect the rest of the world? i really don't know. although, when that shooting happened in finland (last year?) that certainly shook the whole world. what are your thoughts?
very cool idea.
my mind, feelings about things weren't fully developed when some of those things happened, like columbine 9/11 and hurricane katrina, those events. also im not so good at throwing down ideas.
although, the obama election i know had a huge effect on a shitload of people especially here in chicago. i remember crying, i didn't know why, probably because other people were.haha And now today, i can name a ton who hate obama now. so you can be like, what did people expect when they elected someone like obama? are things better now like they expected? it might be soon to tell, unless his progress is working really slow, or is it just messing things up?
Hey Billy,

What do you have in mind for a submission deadline for the Columbine issue?
i got busy doing a million things and forgot about this until just the other day... ha. let's say tax day. april 15th. email me a columbine story by april 15th, and i'll put it all together. email me with any other questions. blake, you should DEFINITELY contribute.
Billy Da Bunny said:
blake, you should DEFINITELY contribute.

I have drafts ready to send you, in fact!
It sounds like a great idea, I really have no viewpoint for Columbine, because I don't live in the US, but I'd certainly be interested in writing something if a theme cropped up that I could write about.



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