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I read my buddy's zine, Coffee and Board Games, the other night, and in there somewhere a kid tells a story about how Columbine affected his life.  It made me think about how it affected mine.  It made me think about how certain events affect all of us.


I think I'd like to start a new zine.  Each issue would have 5-10 contributers, and each issue would focus on a different theme.  Possible themes would be Columbine, 9/11, Obama being elected, Michael Jackson passing away, Hurricane Katrina, etc etc etc....  ??  Any well known event, good or bad, that affected a lot of us.  There would be no designated viewpoint or political objective, but rather the point would simply be to hear a variety of stories and viewpoints.


Any interest in this?  If so, let me know.  It's good to document this type of stuff, I think.  In 100 years some kid will do research on school shootings, or presidential elections, and our voices will be appreciated.

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I think that this is a great idea and would love to be involved depending on the theme (for example, Michael Jackson's death had no effect on me what so ever so I really wouldn't have anything to write).

I love your idea of a kid 100 years down the road finding it and getting to read people's personal reactions to these historical events.
That sounds like a nice idea, although I don't know if I'd personally have anything to contribute on any of those themes.
I think it's a great idea. I'd like to contribute
Wow! replys in the first 6 hours! Cool, let's do it. a new zine just.....vvvvvvvPOP!ed into existence.

well, The Columbine Massacure gave me the idea. How about use that as the first theme? I'll type up a short one page explanation of the event, then also write an article about how it affected me personally. Anyone else who wants to contribute, please do! Dave, you're in, perse, i'm putting you as a maybe. email me the text, i'll format it. if anyone wants to add photos or illustrations, let me know, we'll work it out.

deadline? how about the end of march? that gives us all just over a month. plenty of time. ok, ready? GO!

ps, i'm also open to suggestions for the title
Billy - i think this is an excellent idea. With you heading it up... i feel it'd be a compilation that actually comes to fruition with an actual final product.
sounds like an interesting idea! i might buy it when it's done.

i see the themes are specifically USA-based, no problem with that, of course! except that i won't be able to submit any texts since they are issues that didn't/don't affect me directly :p
well, maybe the Columbine massacre brings a couple of things to my mind, but it's nothing that i can develop to make a coherent text.
9/11 was an event that crossed US borders, it shocked people all over the world. i remember i as in the kitchen having lunch and the TV news were on, they were showing the first plane... and i was like "WTF??!", and then spent the rest of the day watching the news... But, again, i don't think i could write much more than this about it.

anyway, good luck for the project ;D
well, i just named a few off the top of my head. Would be open to any suggestions. The War in Iraq? That was a worldwide event. Could write about berlin wall coming down, though that was a bit before me, i don't remember a whole lot. where are you from? what would you suggest?

first one is columbine. issue #2 up for a vote!
Hey Billy. I'm digging this idea too. What do you believe the format will be? 1/4 letter? 1/2 letter? Should we be working on copy-ready material or just sending you text that you'll incorporate into your own format?
subject suggestion for issue 2: September 11th
i think maybe 1/2 legal size, but haven't decided. either that, or just half size. if you send me the text, i'll format it. if you send me photos/illustrations, i'll work them in. i think i'd rather put it together myself, but if anyone really wants to, that's fine! i'm just not 100% sure on the size yet.
I would have loved to participate in this, if it hadn't been for the fact that I live "on the other side of the pond" in Norway. The only thing that I think I could have contributed to, is something more universal, like Michael Jackson's death.
thats a great idea... and i def want to be a part of it... HOWEVER, i think the theme has to be chosen carefully, else it will limit who can contribute... i.e. if the events happened in a specific country or affected only a specific group...



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