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I'm creating a zine for each month focused on every persons different experience of it and every day.

This month, December, is the debut issue and I'd love to hear from you: how has December been? What challenges have you faced?

Be as real as possible and this is also for my school senior year visual arts course so I'd be extremely thankful :)

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This Sunday my youth group served at a tea party. Every time a table was out of hot water, we brought then another pot. The next pot was always different to the one we'd just taken away. There was a striking blue china pot with a curved handle, a round red one that said Keep Calm and Continue Drinking Tea, a tiny purple-and-green one, and many more.

The tables were decorated with flowers and paper angels. They let us take the flowers home afterward; I tried to put one in my hair, but it didn't work. I gave it to my brother to wear instead.

Fuck December!  My cat Pip died . . . and they've increased my shock treatments . . . seriously.  F.T.W. and as the great Lee Ving of Fear said in a song, "Fuck Christmas!"

Fishspit out. 

fuck 2016...i mssed 3 cats this year joe... but 2017 will be better!you wont believe what ive got in store for you bro  keep trucking much love from your # 1 fan!

Bitterly cold.

im giving the finishing touches in a bunch of comic books by some great names from the scene! this stuff is so hot my pc was literally shot down in flames! now im working from the public library soon come with more details!:b

My grandfather died yesterday. He was 93, so I had a bit of warning. I lived with him for fifteen years, and visited him every day he was in the home. It was still a bit of a shock. I submitted my final assignment for my masters degree this week to, and signed a new work contract. I've got a big pile of happy next to a big pile of sad, so I think I break even.

Life is a bit spun out sometimes, being a grown up is super hard.


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