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Question for those of you with subscribers and apple computers.

 What program do you use to keep track of them / print labels? I have been depending on the long-since obsolete AppleWorks to keep track of East Village Inky business, but my Firewire is kaput and I have no way to connect the only computer in the joint that will run appleworks to the external hard drive on which they're stored.

there is a computer on the premises that has Numbers, and all of em have Address Book. I have my data saved as an Appleworks Text document - ergo i can see all the data, i just can't manage it.

Usually when printing, I would do a search of the Last Issue field and omit all those whose subscriptions had lapsed. But it was handy to have them there in case they did decide to reup.

(as many of them are due to the East Village Inky Resubscription Round Up - yeehaw! got me banned from sending out friend requests for a couple of days, but it worked better than a greased watermelon. As soon as they let me out of the pokey, I will continue roping em in, albeit at a slower pace: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=292989167389990 )

At this point i'm thinking of going through Address Book and reentering all the current subscribers, grouped by the issue # with which they're due to expire. It'd be a pain in the ass, but I could move em to a new group when they re-up.

Any insights you have would be helpful, particularly as a cavewoman in matters technological.

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I hope someone who actually knows the answer to this answers, but I feel like if all your info was stored in a spreadsheet, there ought to be some incredible simple way to generate shipping labels from a spreadsheet. I mean, this is something businesses need to do constantly, so the tools to do it quickly should be there.

Agreed that you should be able to export the data to CSV format or a spreadsheet and from there do upload it into whatever you end up using. I don't have any suggestions there. I'm using MS Access, which I have to remote into my work computer to use since my Mac can't read it. Maybe Zoho? https://www.zoho.com/#4

Thanks you guys. I have it saved as an ASCII text file which is what all the forums said to do - numbers can open it, but unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to translate as a data base. I'm resigned to cutting and pasting, just want to make sure I don't choose some doofy program that's going to make more work for me, or be obsolete tomorrow or something...


Cue proprietary software rant.

me too and I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about!




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