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I was at the big "Occupy Philly" gathering and march in center city Philadelphia Saturday. The size of the event had to rival what's been happening on Wall Street in New York. Are the days of apathy over?

I was disappointed not to see any zine tables among the tables at the Philly City Hall gathering site.

Once, underground writers-- who were once all zinesters-- were at the forefront of activism and cultural change.

If people are fighting plutocracy in the economy, they should also be fighting plutocracy in the culture.

In recent years the hobbyists have dominated underground publishing. The activist wing of the movement has all but vanished. Is it time for this to change?

Anyway, to see how big the Philly protest was, check out the photos I've posted at my blog,



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I'm sure as hell not the 1%, but the rallying cry of "You are part of the 99%!" is distastefully presumptuous and patronizing in the extreme.  *I* am *not* a part of *your* 99%, and have no desire to be.  I have *no* "solidarity" with *your* 99%.  There are *all kinds* of perspectives and strategies *other than* the Occupy or Tea Party movements.  They're for *thinking* people, not envy-heads, greed-heads, authoritarians and crypto-authoritarians.  Maybe *you* are part of the *98%*, and a tiny minority of of us are part of the *other* 1%.


I think you are assuming an awful lot James. The 1% and 99% are based on income levels solely. You are in the 99%, it implies nothing more. No need to distance yourself from protesters you may have nothing in common with, and no need to add in false assumptions or a plethora of quotes and asterisks, that just makes you look a little crazy.


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