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Jethro said to go ahead and start a discussion to announce the Summer Vacation 2011 Collaboration Zine for our group . . . so here it is . . .


Theme: What I Did on My Summer Vacation - 2011 - This can be anything you want about something you're currently involved in this summer, real or imaginary. An account of your real vacation, the vacation you wish you could take, your summer activities in comics, covert ninja summertime ops, space alien sightings in the summer night sky, "Reports From the Patio" as you lull away the summer days in your backyard, escapades in the snow via a summer down under in Australia, a pictoral essay of what I wore this summer, the results of an unscientific telephone survey about info you just need to know from complete strangers, Gnome-On-Vacay photo journey, your adventures following the weather as a Storm Tracker, fulfilling your Huck Fin desires to "float down the river" and document your journey, photographing your weekly day-trips across your home state, eating your way through all your local ethnic restaurants, 30 days of doing something completely new and different than usual, My Summer of no TV, Minimalizing my Life via the Five-Fling Boogie - throwing out five things every day of the summer, etc. Make it about anything you see fit to print!

Size: 1/2 page zine - copy should be vertical, approx. 5" x 7" format. The actual page size doesn't matter so much, but the proportion should be correct to fit the page format.

Page Submissions: Pages can be either images or text . . . or a combination of the two.

If you are writing a story and want your photos inserted at specific points in the story, please indicate with something like this (insert photo 2 of my dog here - mydog.jpg ) and I'll digitally paste up the copy with photos, wrap text and other stuff to make it look good. If you are partial to a particular font, and editing style, please indicate it and I'll try to accomodate you if I have it on my program. You can send your text to me in a Word document and I'll copy and paste it maintaining all your own edit/format info as much as possible. Or you can send plain text format and I'll set up the fonts, justification and other encoding information. I really don't want to get into editing your copy, though, so I don't really plan on correcting spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar or anything else like that. It will be published as is.

If your page submissions are all images (such as your own comics series) that take up a full page, please be sure to number the pages in order. You'd think I'd be able to make out the proper order from reading the comic, but let's not take chances - ha, ha!

Number of Pages: You may submit anything from 1 page to 4 pages.

Images: Please submit .jpg .bmp .gif or .png image formats. If you have the software to do your own compression for web, please do it as this will save me some time. If not (or you have no idea what I'm talking about) don't worry about it. I'll take care of it when I put the zine and its .pdf together. If you want captions for your photos, please write those out and be specific as to which photo they belong with.

Color or Black & White? As this will be made up into a .pdf file and you will be printing it out on your own computer, it doesn't matter to me what type of info you send. Photos and images can be any color you want. Your text copy can be any color you want if you format it yourself and I just copy and paste. So go ahead and get crazy with it if you want. Give your headlines and other text some color, manipulate those images with color any way you want.

By Line, Author and Contact Info: Please include a blurb about yourself - how you want to be identified as the author or maker of your submission. Also your contact info if you want others to be able to contact you for more of your work. List a web page, email, or other info however you desire and I'll set up a Contributor's Page.

Submissions Accepted: Today through Friday, September 30, 2011

Submit To: Doreen Baros as a message to my Inbox here at We Make Zines or to dkbaros@hotmail.com - be sure to indicate "Summer Vacation Zine Submission" in the subject line so I will be sure to see it. I typically ignore things from people I do not know, especially if there is nothing in the subject line, or if it looks suspicious. You will also want to post here in the discussion when you send me your copy so I can be sure to check my junk folder and not miss it.

PDF Availability: I will begin work to digitally paste-up this zine as I start to receive the copy from you all. It may take a bit of time to finalize the zine once I receive all the info from everyone. At this point I don't really know how quickly that will all come together. I cannot see it taking too long as I hope it will be mostly easy copy and pasting. But since I will have to wait to see how many pages it ends up being in order to mock up and collate page numbers, we'll see how that goes. I anticipate the final .pdf will be available mid October, or at least by the end of the month.

Questions? Please post questions and comments here so everyone can see what's going on. Your question might also be on someone else's mind.

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I'm up for it, but let's see what the response it, I have to work on strengthening up my hand and wrist and making a zine seems like a good way to do it!! Life always gets int he way of zines, so don't feel bad i think it has happened to us all at one time or another.

I too forgot about this. Between personal life and BHB #3, I've been busy as all hell.


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