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Has anyone here taken the MBTI test?


(If you don't know it, it's a popular test based on Jung's theories used for things like career guidance, it has its flaws, but a lot of people find it interesting. There's an ok free version here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp and better result descriptions here: http://typelogic.com/ You get rated on Introversion vs Extroversion, physical Sensing vs iNtuiting, Thinking vs Feeling, and Perceiving vs Judging, judging here being organised and scheduled rather than judgemental.)


Personally, I'm INTP-xNTP. N&P are strong, T moderate, I borderline.

I'm guessing there's a tendency for zinemakers to be stronger on the I.

I'm predicting there's a lot of INFx people making perzines. There's certainly a lot of Fi involved in writing a confessional perzine.

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Also an INFJ; as a kid I was an INFP as well. I wonder how many people were P as kids and become J as adults

I'm INFP, and I'm currently working on an INFP themed zine.

I am also a INFP. I prefer to let my projects take on a life of their own- and they frequently do. It bugs other people when I say I'm going to do one thing and then do something entirely different with my projects, though, so I very rarely commit to anything on a definite order or timeline. The description described me philosophically pretty well, I think.

INTJ. I looked up my type on that website and it's got about as much accuracy as a horoscope. I don't think any of our personalities can really be defined or predicted from a mere four characteristics. 



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