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Has anyone got any tips or advice on how to make a zine using photoshop? I have created templates but am swimming in pages and confused by page numbers, intimidated by my multiscreens and frankly i am white in the face.

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InDesign retails for 700 big ones, I'm using the free trial. But if your serious about your Zine, it's occurred to me having a job that pays decent dough is important, 2 bucks a ditto, no matter how genius it is, will not suffice. Good luck, and God speed.

i use this all the time, but also do a mock up of a real zine (for page number purposes). that means i fold little scraps of paper into pages like as if it was a zine.
as for making sure the content fits on said page, when i am editing it in word, i means out the page width and count the lines that will make it on each page. then i can count how many 'pages' i will need.

one small word of advice, i recently used InDesign and it works way better. you click and drag your text from page to page and it formats it for you. plus you can add in page numbers. its way easier. i use photoshop b/c i dont have access to Indesign. and the kicker, photo shop is for pics so text looks grainy as it is being read as a photo (this also means its file size it enormous). Indesign deals with text, so the words are clearer (the file size is way smaller).

thats my thoughts. good luck with the layout. the more you do it, the easier it is.



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