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Looking for Content Contributors to zine series & paperback titled "How to Self-Publish"

Hi Ziners, Self-Publishers, etc.,

I'm looking for contributors of content
on the ins and outs to those new
to self-publishing.
The zine will be text and illustration,
in fact it will be a zine for each section
of the table of contents below, or a zine series
on "How to Self-Publish."

If you want to contribute content (with due credit)
then let me know and then send it in when ready,
you can also add aspects not covered if you wish.

When the zine series is complete and printed and sent,
I also plan to put them together into a paperback.
I will give both the zine series and the paperback to
those who contribute as payment.

This may take several months to complete,
or it may come out in installments.

Also feel free to let me know if you'd like to
get a copy of it, the paperback will be on lulu.com
linked on my website rainflowers.org to the exact page listing,
or for the zine series you may mail $2 for the zine in
the sections series that you want to be mailed to you,
to: Donald R. Anderson
1426 Telegraph Ave. #2
Stockton, CA 95204

If you do a zine swap for one, it must be labeled with a note
so that I'm aware of it.

The sections so far are as below:


Donald R. Anderson
poetsespresso @ gmail.com

I. Choosing a Theme / Title / Judging Criteria

- A. Intended Audience(s)

- B. Intended Scope / Scale

- C. Intended Purpose

- D. Brainstorming

- E. Peer Feedback

II. Recruiting and Writing Content

III. Scales, Sorting and Choosing

IV. Selecting a Word Processor and/or a Layout Program

- A. Microsoft Word

- B. Microsoft Works

- C. Word Pad

- D. Corel Word Perfect

- E. Open Office

- F. Mac word processors

- G. Adobe InDesign Creative Suite

- H. Microsoft Publisher

- I. PageMaker

- J. Quark X-Press

- K. Others

V. Publication Type and Dimensions

-A. Zine / Mini-Zine

-B. Newsletter

-C. Book/Chapbook

-D. Manuscript

-E. Brochure

VI. Publication Format

- A. Desktop Publishing / Copier / Own Binding / Hand-Crafted

- B. Printer for Hire

- C. (Online) Print-On-Demand

- D. Submissions to Small Publisher

- E. Submissions to Big Publisher

VII. Paper Dummy/Sample: Mapping the Layout

VIII. Trying to Fit Most of the Chosen into the Layout

IX. Submission Responses & Edit Requests

X. Draft One: Obvious Mistakes

XI. Feedback / Mirrors / Reviewing

XII. Draft Two: Copy Editing

XIII. Print-Readiness / Test Run

- A. Meeting Printer Format Specifications

- B. Correcting Layout Mistakes

- C. Correcting Details: To Rush or Not To Rush?

XIV. To Print with Final Draft

-A. Double-checking

-B. Making the Deadline

XV. Distribution and Marketing

XVI. Planning the Next Publication

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