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I'm a military wife, and we're stationed at a training base. And. There's nothing here. I mean. There's nothing here. No poetry groups, no art stores (except over an hour away),no interest, and the comic shops have nothing in them. And don't get me started on the sexism, which is so bad if you have a pair on your chest instead of between your legs you're not even worth talking to if you walk into a game shop wanting to buy a Magic card. (Literally.) Your husband has to do the talking for you. (The only shops remotely nearby have lost my business, needless to say.)

Anybody else in a Nothing Hereville? In our case, if my husband doesn't re-enlist we're going home in a couple of months to... another Nothing Hereville. LOL. But it'll be MY Nothing Hereville. And there are a couple of real friendly places there, and maybe I can convince the indie bookstore to start a zine section.

How about you guys? How's it for you?

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I'm sorry you're stuck in the middle of nothing! Do you make a zine? I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and created my zine out of creative frustration and a lack of anything better to do. I'm in a big city now, though.

Hey there!  I create a mini-comic, does that count? I've also started a small distro but I'm keeping that one small for now. I have a good reputation with folks, right? Don't want to get in over my head and ruin said rep.

I actually grew up in the middle of nowhere, too. That really did help me to turn into an author cuz, well, that's what I did for fun.

I have been wondering if I can get the on base library to take zine donations.

Do you still do your zine?

Kari Tervo said:

I'm sorry you're stuck in the middle of nothing! Do you make a zine? I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and created my zine out of creative frustration and a lack of anything better to do. I'm in a big city now, though.

As far as I'm concerned, anything you publish yourself counts! I know there is a great debate about whether a mini-comic is a zine, but I say you're in.

If you want zine donations for your base, check out my volunteer project, Zines for Troops! http://wemakezines.ning.com/profiles/blogs/zines-for-troops-donatio... If you sign up for Operation Paperback (operationpaperback.org), I will probably be the one to get the request.

Yes, I still do my zine! My humor zine, Shards of Glass In Your Eye!, is currently being advertised over there on the sidebar! ----->

Let me know if you want to trade!

Hehehe! You know I put your Zines for Troops down in my distribution list so if anyone gives to the Minibook Exchange you're on it. :-) I think I have over 20 places collected on my list so far.

I'd love to trade! I've been looking at your zine, as a matter of fact, because I like the title! I'd love to trade to see it in the dead tree flesh!

You know I used to do a magazine that got reduced to a zine called Kinships. Kind of miss it! Maybe I'll start a new zine about model horses. Kind of a way to keep my hobby groove going on. I'll need to research if there's too many of them first, though!!

Yay, thanks for putting Zines for Troops on your list! Writing about model horses sounds like a unique topic. I bet it would be one of the only ones, if not the only one. Niche zines are cool.

Message me your address or post it here and I'll send you a copy of Shards!  I'm at:

Kari Tervo

POB 7831

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Well after lots of research - yeah it would be the only one where there once were lots. Just about everything has went online. So I'm gonna do it, I think. I'll put out a call for submissions - but I'm not gonna worry about how many articles or what have you. It's going to be a potluck affair.

I'm at

Katrina Joyner

595 14th Ave

Glenmora, LA  71433

Can't wait to see your zine!

I've decided to call it Horseshoe. :-)

Hey Katrina--Thinking about your nowhere-ville blues. Does your base have a library? I've been getting requests from base libraries for my Zines for Troops project. So, I'm sending them seed zine libraries from the donations. Do you think your base librarian would be interested? If so, I can put them in touch with the right people and send you guys a shipment. And you'd get to read the zines too (a great collection so far)! It's really easy--let me know if you/they are interested.

P.S. Just saw about Horseshoe! Can't wait to read it.

Yes, we have a very tiny library.. both on base and here in the neighboring town where we now live. I haven't been to base to approach the library since we moved because of work, but I'm going to go as soon as I can. Maybe there's a flyer or something you can send me so that I can show them? This base is pretty big on showing paperwork. The last base I was at was even worse, though.

And yes, the first issue is begun! But no one wants to contribute, so I suspect each issue will be slow in the making. Not a big deal because it's only a hobby for me though!

Your return package is on its way, btw!

All the info is here, in the FAQ: http://wemakezines.ning.com/profiles/blogs/zines-for-troops-donatio...  I'll send a package if they're interested. Can't wait to get your stuff in the mail. :)


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