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Hey y'all, I am curious to your thoughts on this - I recently made an art zine which was a limited edition of 25 for a fundraiser for the zine shop I volunteer at.

The 25 were made to be a bit special - printed on nice recycled paper and hand collaged and coloured with bits of paper and tape and markers and nail polish and lipstick and other cool and fancy bits, so they are each individual, and priced at $6.

I would like the zine to reach a wider audience as I'm quite proud of it - I'm considering making an unlimited run of a 'basic' version which would just be black and white, no frills, plain paper, half the size and with none of the extras of the limited edition versions - with all of the same content but priced at $2/$3.

In your opinion is this an ok thing to do, or if something is limited edition should that mean there is no other versions of it made? 

Thanks for your help,

Gemma x

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Just call it a limited special edition release for the first 25, then do the rest however you want! :)


I agree with Nicci. The first 25 should be limited like you originally intended, and the rest can just be plain. I think it's a perfectly okay thing to do, so don't worry about it.

Yup, what they said.  Just be clear of what it is.  When I do limited editions, I hand number them.  1/25, 2/25, 3/25, and so on.  Then with the reprint, if possible, just add one or two sentences.  "A limited edition of 25 was originally released in _____.  This copy is a no frills reprint."



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