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I was thinking about doing a zine of letters- things I want to say to people that can't hear them. Dead people, people I haven't seen in years, and maybe inanimate objects.

How much info do you think can be given away here? For people that I might portray in an unflattering light I was planning on changin the names or using an initial, but I think if someone I knew read it they would know who I was talking about.

What are your opininos on this?

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I made a zine last year compiled of love letters, to and from me. I took out names and any identifying key words [for example, one of them featured a nickname that was a giveaway, and another featured the name of an event], but otherwise left them untouched.

The zine itself has garnered interest, but most people who've read it wouldn't know the people who wrote the letters anyway. Some people might get ahold of it and might work out who they are, but if they can figure it out, they probably knew the situation anyway.

I guess it's really up to you how much you want to reveal about a person. I usually use an initial or don't use a name at all if I want to keep someone's identity private.
this is the concept of my perzine, ALPOLG and what i did was never mention any names... simply addressed them as "you". but i guess it all depends on YOUR willingness, how much are you willing to share? also, you have to think of the people involved (ie people you are writing to/for)... how will it affect them if it will at all?
True. I guess the people I'm yelling at, I'll maybe make it an initial? BEcause a lot of them are linked and so it would be hard to keep them straight if they were all "you" though I like the idea.


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