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It's been a while since I've seen a flyer trading thread on here. I have a bunch of Overglued flyers left over from the Portland Zine Symposium. Who wants to trade? you can send flyers to:

Derek Neuland
6435 B NE Going St.
Portland, OR 97218

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If anyone has flyers for Click Clack Distro orders PLUS flyers for me to put on the free table at the Richmond Zine Fest please mail them in:

Nicole Harris
PO Box 35501
Richmond, VA 23235
i could do with some flyers to put in vampire sushi orders:

vampire sushi distro
67 eldon street
chatham kent
me4 4nb
united kingdom.
If anyone would like to send me some flyers to put in orders that would be great!

This Saturday Night
4535 S. Lockwood Ridge Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34231
I've got a pile of flyers for my zine that I'd love to be distributed! Get in touch! :)
If anyone is interested in helping with distributing fliers for Compilation Station please let me know. I will send some!
I'm starting up a grrrlVIRUS open studio at a local library after the new year and I'd love to have other girls' projects to share with the group! Shoot me an email at mandabrezicky (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to send something...anything promoting your project - fliers, free zines, demo CDs, whatever. I can send some of my fliers/cards and other goodies too as a thank you :)
are you guys still trading? because if you are count me interested. You can send me some flyers at

Devin Renshaw
257 E 500 N
Orem, UT 84057

I can spread them around at the local music scene places and other areas where people may be interested in zines.
I have about a thousand business cards that I got for super cheap that I need to give out. Hope you don't mind me bombarding you with some in the mail!

I can send some flyers with distro orders:

3660 Kent Rd #21
Stow, OH 44224

It's been awhile since I made photocopied fliers but I have a new one! I'll be sending some out next week.

Feel free to send fliers my way.  I send several packages out a week.

Alex Wrekk

5307 N Minnesota ave.

Portland, oregon 97217


Patrick, people make little fliers for their zines or labels or whatever and trade them with other people. Mostly they are intended for the recipient to place them in their own out going orders or trades to spread the word.  I have also seen people print them in their own zines as ads.

i send out about 40-50 parcels a week and i wouldn't mind mailing some out for people.  i just made a flyer for myself so i will be sending you guys/ gals some flyers soon too.


scotch tapes

p.o. box 86

batchawana bay, on





ps.  glad to be a new member of this site!  check out my wares at www.scotchtapes.ca  click on ECHT for zines.  more to come soon...

I have a new address:


Derek Neuland

1136 NE Lenore St.

Portland, OR 97211


I'll be sending out flyers soon!


I'm not sending any to you Derek. Let's have another lunch date soon...we can go to the Thai Food Cafe when it's actually open!

Derek Neuland said:

I have a new address:


Derek Neuland

1136 NE Lenore St.

Portland, OR 97211


I'll be sending out flyers soon!



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