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I'm putting on a zine fair, as well as the obvious zine trading and sellling, I'm planning to have local/independent artists, record labels and other crafty sorts also selling their wares from tables, a veggie BBQ, maybe a fundraiser of sorts - raffle tickets perhaps and bands playing in the evening.

It's in Leeds and will be at The Brudenell Social Club which is amazing for these sorts of events. Any profit is going to Leeds Womens Aid, which is a domestic violence charity. It's going to be in June, but is currently TBC.

Basically, I'm calling out to UK zinesters who are interested in tabling this event. Another option is posting your zines to me, but I'm not sure how that would work and a lot of trust would be placed in me to ensure you get sent your money and/or left-over zines back. All I can offer is my good word, that it's a charity event which will be advertised loads and the fact I won't be running away anywhere. Maybe this could be worked around. Also, if anybody has zines (or even stickers, badges, anything!) you would like to donate to the fair which would then be sold for a donation to the charity, or made into grab-packs which we would 'sell' raffle tickets for to raise funds for LWA.

I appreciate anybody spreading the word about this, and it would be amazing to have support and people getting involved!! It's very early stages and thigns are gettign worked out, but I will update and add any information or ideas as and when.

Katie x

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Hi all, I'm so sorry, but I won't be going ahead with my plans for this. It's become a chore and I've lost the original enthusiasm I had for the project. I'm not sure why but I think difficulties with booking bands and stall holders has contributed to disheartening me. It's like I've lost my mojo? I'm pretty good at organising events like this, as well as gigs, but it's not working out. At least not for June 27th anyway. I've had things going on personally and I'm mentally exhausted, I just don't have the time or energy right now. I'm so sorry because a lot of zinesters have expressed interest and have wanted to book their tickets to Leeds etc. but I just haven't been able to materialise even for my own personal deadlines.

I am going to have a think and see how I feel about doing something of a smaller scale in July.

Again, I am so sorry to the people who were looking forward to this and expected it to happen. I suck. Thank you xx
Yes! I think I can be down as a Newcastle contingent and will try bring others' stuff as well as my own.
Best of luck with it,
oop, i should've read the latest comment before writing. ah well...

Hey Katie

Are you doing another Leeds zine Fair this year?




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