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I'm putting on a zine fair, as well as the obvious zine trading and sellling, I'm planning to have local/independent artists, record labels and other crafty sorts also selling their wares from tables, a veggie BBQ, maybe a fundraiser of sorts - raffle tickets perhaps and bands playing in the evening.

It's in Leeds and will be at The Brudenell Social Club which is amazing for these sorts of events. Any profit is going to Leeds Womens Aid, which is a domestic violence charity. It's going to be in June, but is currently TBC.

Basically, I'm calling out to UK zinesters who are interested in tabling this event. Another option is posting your zines to me, but I'm not sure how that would work and a lot of trust would be placed in me to ensure you get sent your money and/or left-over zines back. All I can offer is my good word, that it's a charity event which will be advertised loads and the fact I won't be running away anywhere. Maybe this could be worked around. Also, if anybody has zines (or even stickers, badges, anything!) you would like to donate to the fair which would then be sold for a donation to the charity, or made into grab-packs which we would 'sell' raffle tickets for to raise funds for LWA.

I appreciate anybody spreading the word about this, and it would be amazing to have support and people getting involved!! It's very early stages and thigns are gettign worked out, but I will update and add any information or ideas as and when.

Katie x

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I run marching stars distro (www.marchingstars.co.uk) and would be up for coming if I'm free (although my June is filling up very quickly atm)!
me too, june is a pretty crazy time but if i can make it i'll be there with my distro (dead trees and dye)
I'd love to come to this, I don't have a distro but I three or four different zines I could bring along and some crafts and cakes too. Would this be ok or are you looking for people with more stuff?

Or perhaps you could have an individual table that people bring along their zine to sell on the day?

Either, I'll definitely try and make it along to this :)
we (vampire sushi distro; http://www.vampiresushi.co.uk) would love to come up, one of my best friends had just moved to leeds from norway, that would be an excellent excuse to come up! obviously it will depend on if we are free and if we have the pennies for train/coach whatever.
I'd definitely be up for soming along - I don't have enough zines to have a table but money/date permitting I'll try and come up and support.
Dates and finances permitting I'll be there! Would like to table if possible, but keep us posted on details :)
I think there was some sheffield types that were looking at doing a zine fets, maybe you could team up with them?

I'd love to come but I'm not sure it will work out htis year with time off etc. I've helped run the Brighton zine fest though so any help you might want contacting people or general organisational things feel free to ask. People from the london zine symposium also post on here, so plenty of helpers!

I know there's also some leeds absed distros (manifesta and bald cactus off the top of my head) so they may be able to come along, in fact depending on the bands playing Andy Cactus would probably turn up anyway!

As soon as you have more details I'll happily send them round to anyone I think might be interested, we can certainly use the brighton zine fest facebook to tell people about it. Good luck with the organising!
You guys are awesome. I'll put details up ASAP, having a manic weekend and it's Easter. I will confirm a date within the next couple of days. It is going to be a Saturday or a Sunday, 27th June has been mentioned. But I'll give a proper update soon, just in a rush right now! I so hope you can all make it x
I'll be there too, uni permitting. How dare they put me on placement in the middle of summer!

I'd like to table too, just a small one for my zine and crafts. x
ooh, 26th june is my birthday, that'd definitely be a good weekend to come up to leeds ;) that's a weekend i should definitely be able to get out of work for an extra day for a long weekend.
I'd like to come/table at this too, money and dates permitting. I've not been to Leeds in years and miss it.
Hey everybody!

So! It's set for Sunday 27th June, at The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. The times are looking to be 12-5pm for the zine side of things, 6-9pm approx. for the gig!

If you're interested in tabling at the fair, whether you have one zine or ten, or if you have anything crafy (obviously your own work!), like; illustrations, brooches, screen prints, jewellery, paintings, photography etc., or if you're a small DIY record label/distro, please message/reply with your email address so I can email out details and contact you directly!

As mentioned, I'm wanting to raise funds for Leeds Womens Aid so it'd be fantastic if you could bear that in mind and maybe think about donating a percentage of your sales, however this isn't something I would dream of forcing upon you lovely people. There will be a small/nominal charge for the tables, which will be put in the pot for the charity!

Hoping to hold a veggie BBQ, sell raffle tickets with prizes donated from local buisnesses (I'm asking a local tattoo studio to donate a tattoo session !) and zine/lit packs as prizes, maybe an art workshop, all to raise funds for the charity. I have loads of ideas and would love to hear yours!

It's all very early but it will come together, I did a charity skate jam and gig last year for a youth suicide prevention charity and I can't even explain how amazing it was, here's to the zine fair being as successful...

Katie x



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