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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site, but was hoping to get some recommendations for laser printers for zine/ printed work. 

My background is in photography, so I would like to find a 4 color laser that has decent image quality, but do not need other bells and whistles.. Particularly I can compromise on speed. Previously I've had access to printers at school and work, but now I'm on my own and would to love to work more freely than relying on printing services. Also, through my internet searches I keep running into arguments over Inkjet, but I've used Epsons quite a bit and I'm sure that I would rather have the laser for cost and the look of the images.  (Mainly I'm looking for a laser with little to no banding.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for a laser printer, 4 color? Or know a good review site that discusses image quality over speed?

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Momma taught me to stick with what you know and for me it's HP everything and for years now. Currently I have the HP Deskjet All-In-One and it works great with photo quality. Remember to use the correct color format when editing your photos for print. The photo software is more important than the printer I hope you know. For instance if you have ever published a book using letter set, or even a print on demand, the printing service will 90% of the time require .tiff format files. Places like deviantArt and Society6 require .jpeg in a .bit format for their printers. It just depends on who and where you are publishing with. These days the competition is so great that all the printers are very cheap and they all work awesome for the diy self publisher, so I can't see you having to fret to much over this topic. Good luck!

Wait this isn't a spam post is it? No, I don't see any links, haha!

I don't own a color laser printer but I was thinking of going for a Brother printer. Brother is the most popular brand on amazon and I trust the reviews on the site.

Brother makes a great printer and at a great price, always have, so yeah, go for it.

Good Luck!



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